Miles Davis – Vienna, Austria (07/05/85)

Miles Davis
Vienna, AUT
Festival Pavillion
Blue Danube Jazz Festival 1985

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Human Nature
Medley: MDI/Something’s On Your Mind/MD II
Time After Time
Ms Morrinsine
Code MD
Prelude (during that Miles points out the band members wordless)
Katia Prelude

Miles Davis: Trumpet, Keyboards
Bob Berg: Tenor & Soprano Sax
John Scofield: Guitar, Musical Director
Bobby Irving: Keyboards
Darryl Jones: Bass Guitar
Steve Thornton: Percussion
Vincent Wilburn. Drums

FM>MCA(Sony TCD 5 MP)> CAS (PB: Nakamichi LX-3)>Marian Marc 2 (Setting: 24 bit/ 64 Khz)>HDD>Remaster with WaveLab 7.0, using Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction at highest solution, and other 32 and 64 bit plug ins, down sampling to 16 bit/44.1 khz, normalisation to -0.01 db>CD WAVE (tracking)>FLAC Frontend

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