Peter Gabriel – Brighton, England (09/19/77)

Peter Gabriel
Brighton, UK
19th Sept 1977

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Here Comes the Flood
Moribund the Burgermeister
Modern Love
White Shadow
I Heard It Through the Grapevine
Excuse Me
Waiting For the Big One
Solisbury Hill
Down the Dolce Vita
On the Air
All Day and All of the Night
Here Comes the Flood
Back In NYC

So….Im not great with all the technical stuff I’m afraid.
This is from an old tape I got around 1979. I copied the tape back then, and now I’ve bumped it to my PC and given it a bit of a tidy in Goldwave.
The tape has “Excuse Me” cutting out about 20 secs before the end to have it picked up again at the start of the second side. I’ve tried my best to cut these two tracks together.There’s also a little cut after Solisbury Hill between tracks.
Sorry for lack of info – I’ll tell you a story instead.

Riiiiight back when I first started getting interested in bootlegs I was working in someplace called a “record shop” that made good business selling “vinyl”.
If you don’t understand that last bit – ask your dad about it. Anyway, I was only 13/14 and working with 2 or 3 great guys, older than me, all into different types of music.
Boots were far more “deviant” and hard come by in those days…and more exciting I guess. I approached my wiser colleague John “Sniff” S-son one day and asked if he had any “bootleg recordings” he might like to …just give to me…for free!!…to make copies of!!
This sort of request , back then, would usually be met with the arched eyebrow and masonic bootleg stare…or some demand for quite a lot of money. Ten quid even.
To my surprise John showed up the next next week with a bag of tapes for me!
These were probably some of the first ever bootlegs I heard and, as I’m sure is the same with you all, I listened to them so much I know every snort and cough!
Feelgood Story #2

John was a massive PG , and Genesis , fan. He told me this story about going to see Gabriel on his Gabriel III – Intruder – whatever tour.
He and his friends travelled all the way down from Leeds to the Hammy Odeon, London, to see a show on the tour.
Getting there mid afternoon they just parked themselves on some benches near the hall to wait for the evening ( probably in the days when British pubs shut in the afternoons -remember that!)
To their disbelief who should walk by but Mr Peter Gabriel himself! They trotted over to chat to him and get their heads signed and stuff and he said “Fck off kids – I only do this for the money and I don’t give a fck about the world….or STing…or Bono even!!”
………oops….wrong story…he said – “go round the back door and I’ll let you in”. So , incredulous, thats what they did. They waited…and they waited….obviously it was all a bit of bravado on Pete’s part and he’d forgotten them …and then a head pops out of a door – not just any head – PG’s!!

“Pssst! this way!!!!!” And they follow him into the hall.

Well, for those who saw that tour, and I’m not one and I’m jealous, it was the one where they used torches a lot – coming through the audience at the start with flashlights. My friend got to sit in the front row in and empty Hammersmith Odeon while the band ran through a full dress rehearsa shining spots in their faces and generally making them feel like the luckiest kids on earth!!

Peter Gabriel – he’s one of the god guys.

No idea what generation it is, but it’s pretty listenable, please enjoy PG at his best!

“Where’s Rael!!!!!!”

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