Van Morrison – Rosemont, IL (07/08/08)

Van Morrison
Rosemont Theater
Rosemont, Illinois July 8, 2008

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive


disc 1

  1. Wild Night
  2. Tupelo Explain
  3. In The Midnight
  4. Keep It Simple
  5. Tha’ts Entrainment
  6. Help Me
  7. Comfortably Numb
  8. Wavelength

disc 2

  1. Ballerina
  2. The Way Young Lovers Do
  3. School Of Hard Knocks
  4. Behind The Ritual
  5. In The Afternoon
  6. Burning Ground
  7. And The Healing Has Begun
  8. Madame George

source : Sonic DSM6P > Sony D-100

Sarah Jory, steel guitar, dobro acoustic guitar,
John Platania, guitar
Paul Moore, bass

Paul Moran, keyboards + trumpet
Tony Fitzgibbon, fiddle, mandolin

Bobby Ruggiero, percussion
Neil Wilkinson, drums

Katie Kissoon & Vanessa Haynes, background vocals

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