Tom Waits – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (11/19/04)

Tom Waits
Koninklijk Theater Carre
Amsterdam, NL

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Taper: Sven Schlijper
Position: Near center, balcony
Equipment: DAB>DA-120F>MD-MT99
Conversion: MD-MT99>Gold RCA Cable>Audiophile 2496>CoolEdit pro 2.0>WAV
Editing: Very minor limiter/expander to slightly reduce loud crowd cheers
EQ: None
Tracksplit: CoolEdit pro 2.0
Encoding: FLAC Frontend > FLAC [level 8]

01.Make It rain
02.Don’t go into That Barn
03.Lost At The Bottom Of The World
04.Hoist That Rag (w. Sullivan Waits)
05.Sins Of The father
06.Straight to The Top
08.God’s Away On Business
11.Misery’s The River Of The World
12.Come On Up Tp The House
13.Metropolitan Glide
14.Walk Away
15.Day After Tomorrow
16.Shake It

Encore [on piano] :
17.Invitation To the Blues
18.Johnsburg, Illinois
19.House Where Nobody Lives


  • Just before the encores there is a small amount of crowd cheers missing, however, the performance is complete here.
  • The tracks are not split to disc format, to allow you to cut the show to disc to your own liking.

This recording is brought to you courtesy of Remco Wetzels, Sven Schlijper & Melvin Wevers.

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