Queen – Essen, Germany (11/29/80)

Essen, Grugahalle
November 29, 1980

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01.Intro / Jailhouse Rock / We Will Rock You (fast)
02.Let Me Entertain You
03.Play The Game
05.Death On Two Legs
06.Killer Queen
07.I’m In Love With My Car
08.Get Down Make Love
09.Save Me
10.Now I’m Here / Dragon Attack / Now I’m Here (reprise)
11.Fat Bottomed Girls
12.Love Of My Life
13.Love Of My Life (cont.) / Keep Yourself Alive
14.Instrumental Inferno
15.Flash’s Theme / The Hero / Brighton Rock
16.Crazy Little Thing Called Love
17.Bohemian Rhapsody
18.Tie Your Mother Down
19.Another One Bites The Dust
20.Sheer Heart Attack
21.We Will Rock You
22.We Are The Champions / God Save The Queen

TT 98:21

LDB Special Series #360 (RLR collection)

Out of my 7,000+ shows and radio broadcasts, I have many concerts that were special for some reasons: the setlist, the
musicians, the venue or unexpected events. These are the ones I’d like to propose you. Most of these come from my
cassettes collection, so they will be released at a slower pace than my Master Series! But you won’t be disappointed!
I will try to gather the most unusual things I have in my collection and, as always, your feedback and comments will be my
reward for all the work involved in this project.

DO NOT share this music on mp3, just convert it for your own use. Sharing mp3’s is the right way to make me stop sharing
music here.

I think I have something really special to share with all Dimers, but first a bit of background. RLR has been a very active
trader back in the early 80´s with very wide musical tastes: he could go from Kiss to Joni Mitchell; from Genesis to Deep
Purple, Queen, Simple Minds, The Who, Springsteen and many more. In the past I could access his enormous collection to get
many U2 tapes some of which I have been sharing with you folks.

RLR had all sorts of tapes in his collection, traded not long after the show happened so most of them are low generation, in
particular tons of shows recorded in Italy which to me are some of the most interesting. Some of them, I had never seen
circulating in the trading circuit. Unfortunately he did not care about generation so this info, except for the shows he
has as masters, is not available.

RLR has kindly given me access once again to his collection. It was like a “kid in a toy shop” situation: it was hard to
select tapes and at the end I came home with some 250 tapes to listen and eventually to transfer in the digital domain. Some
of them will be shared here, possibly the most interesting ones.

I am ok with blogs and sites to re-post my seeds – provided they are in lossless form – however I ask you to keep intact the
infos of the concert including that this is part of LDB series.

And I am referring to (and not only):

Last but not the least, a very important message: I will not be uploading anymore @ Dimeadozen. TTD will be my new home
from now. If you want to download my shows please subscribe here and not re-upload @ Dime. Stay tuned because I have more and
more shows coming up!

Lineage: Unknown recording device > 2nd generation tape > Aiwa Tape Deck TC-WE475 > Audiophile 2496 Soundblaster > HD >
SoundForge 7.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Freddie Mercury (lead vocals, piano, tambourine, acoustic guitar)
Brian May (electric guitar, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, piano)
Roger Taylor (drums, backing vocals),
John Deacon (bass guitar, electric guitar)
Morgan Fisher (keyboards, piano)

Another one from the Queen vaults, this time from the 1980. This sounds good although the sound is not as crisp as I would
have liked. This comes from a 2nd generation copy from RLR collection. RLR had a special connection to Germany, so he was
trading with quite a few german traders back then. Good one with some interesting Flash Gordon tracks.

Hope you will enjoy it!


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