Miles Davis – Paris, France (11/30/57)

Rene Urtreger Quartet with Miles Davis
November 30, 1957
Olympia Theatre, Paris (France)
ORTF radio broadcast (complete)

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Miles Davis (tpt);
Barney Wilen (ts);
RenÈ Urtreger (p);
Pierre Michelot (b);
Kenny Clarke (d)

1 – Bags’ Groove (M. Jackson) 6:53
2 – Tune Up (M. Davis) 4:17
3 – Four (M. Davis) 5:57
4 – Walkin’ (R. Carpenter) 7:26
5 – No Moe (S. Rollins) 7:20
6 – ‘Round Midnight (T. Monk) 5:12

Workflow: Audacity – set up track markers, adjusted speed. Right hand channel was 9 samples ahead of left. Removed these and suddenly a more balanced mono sound appeared!

1,2 – removed whistle at 3300Hz
4 – lowered whistle at 5900Hz
5 – reduced 3110Hz buzz
6 – reduced whsitle at 3020Hz and 6000Hz

RX3: Left hand volume down 4db on all but final track.
Worked through removing whistle slightly more in areas, on track one in particular.
Listened through and declicked/crackled where appropriate. Many are left intact as they’re either not intrusive or too much a part of the music to remove.

Two digital artefacts were found and removed.

Levels double checked – Round Midnight brought into line with other tracks (was louder). Exported as individual flacs from Audacity.

Sept. 2013

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