Miles Davis – New York, NY (07/13/57)

Miles Davis 07/13/57
Cafe Bohemia, New York, NY

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Bye Bye Blackbird(Henderson – Dixon)
It Never Entered My Mind (Rodgers – Hart)

Miles Davis (tpt); Sonny Rollins (ts); William “Red” Garland (p);
Paul Chambers (b); Arthur Taylor (d); Guy Wallace (ann)

Miles Davis – Paris, France (12/07/57)

MIles Davis
December 7, 1957 (1 item; TT = 3:38)
ORTF Studios, Paris (France)
ORTF TV broadcast (C+)
RenÈ Urtreger Quartet with Miles Davis

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Miles Davis (tpt); Barney Wilen (ts); RenÈ Urtreger (p); Pierre Michelot (b); Kenny Clarke (d)

1 Lady Bird (T. Dameron) 3:38

1 Lady Bird
CD: Rare Live Records RLR 88665

This item was recorded for a December 25, 1957 television broadcast from ORTF, Au clair de la lune. Besides Miles Davis, the 20-minute show featured at least four other artists, including Juliette GrÈco. There are photographs in the ORTF archives (two of which are published in the December 2009 issue of Jazz Magazine) in which the Davis/Urtreger group is playing in front of television cameras, in the midst of a fake lunar landscape: Davis, Michelot, and Clarke in one crater, Urtreger and Wilen in another. These photos are dated December 7, 1957, so this may be the recording date. Thanks to Pascal Rozat for sharing with me the results of his research in the ORTF archives.

Included here twice, once in original form I received it, once remastered as best I could.

Miles Davis – New York, NY (10/xx/57)

Miles Davis Quintet
New York, New York

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Project ID – LL97

Source: FM Broadcast
Lineage: AFRS radio broadcast > ?? > cd (Peter Losin’s Archive) >
cd duplicated (burner to burner) > eac > flac (lvl8)

Miles Davis (tpt); Bobby Jaspar (ts); Tommy Flanagan (p); Paul Chambers (b);
Philly Joe Jones (d)

disc 1

d1t01. Introduction
d1t02. All of You
d1t03. Four
d1t04. Nature Boy
d1t05. A Night in Tunisia


  • This source has a steady static to it, but is the complete recording for the date.
    The previously released LL38 was missing two tracks.
  • This source does not fade in and out between songs as the previously releases LL38 did.
  • Thanks to Peter Losin for supplying this source.
  • “I’m unsure of the exact date of this recording. Davis was out of commission
    during September 1957 following surgery. Ken Vail has the Davis Quintet with
    Sonny Rollins, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, and Art Taylor at CafÈ Bohemia for
    four weeks (August 31-September 27), but the first post-surgery engagement was
    apparently at CafÈ Bohemia in mid-October (October 11-16), followed by a
    two-week stay at Birdland, (October 17-30). Thanks to Chris DeVito for help with
    this date.” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • “Sonny Rollins left the Quintet to form his own band, probably during Davis’s recovery.
    Soon thereafter Davis fired Taylor and Garland. For replacements he found Bobby Jaspar,
    Jimmy Cobb, and Tommy Flanagan. Cobb soon left, to be replaced by Philly Joe Jones.
    These tunes, originally issued on an AFRS transcription, were probably recorded
    sometime during the two-week stay at Birdland.” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • “According to Chris Sheridan, Cannonball Adderley replaced Jaspar in the Quintet
    in early October, and he was in place for the CafÈ Bohemia and Birdland dates
    (see above). It’s possible that Adderley replaced Jaspar during one of these engagements,
    but the saxophonist here is definitely Jaspar. Sheridan also claims that Adderley
    joined the Davis group for a one-night performance at Philadelphia’s Convention Hall
    (October 19). The Davis Quintet (with Adderley), along with groups led by George
    Shearing, Gerry Mulligan, Chico Hamilton, and Helen Merrill, then participated in the
    “Jazz for Moderns” tour which lasted until late November. Some of the venues: Carnegie
    Hall, New York (Nov 2); Kiel Opera House, St. Louis (Nov 12); Kansas City Auditorium
    (Nov 13); Huff Gymnasium, Urbana-Champaign (Nov 14); Orchestra Hall, Chicago (Nov 15);
    Masonic Auditorium, Cleveland (Nov 16); Masonic Temple, Detroit (Nov 17); Carnegie Hall,
    New York (Nov 22); National Guard Armory, Washington (Nov 23).” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • QC done by Bgreen

Miles Davis – Paris, France (11/30/57)

Rene Urtreger Quartet with Miles Davis
November 30, 1957
Olympia Theatre, Paris (France)
ORTF radio broadcast (complete)

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Miles Davis (tpt);
Barney Wilen (ts);
RenÈ Urtreger (p);
Pierre Michelot (b);
Kenny Clarke (d)

1 – Bags’ Groove (M. Jackson) 6:53
2 – Tune Up (M. Davis) 4:17
3 – Four (M. Davis) 5:57
4 – Walkin’ (R. Carpenter) 7:26
5 – No Moe (S. Rollins) 7:20
6 – ‘Round Midnight (T. Monk) 5:12

Workflow: Audacity – set up track markers, adjusted speed. Right hand channel was 9 samples ahead of left. Removed these and suddenly a more balanced mono sound appeared!

1,2 – removed whistle at 3300Hz
4 – lowered whistle at 5900Hz
5 – reduced 3110Hz buzz
6 – reduced whsitle at 3020Hz and 6000Hz

RX3: Left hand volume down 4db on all but final track.
Worked through removing whistle slightly more in areas, on track one in particular.
Listened through and declicked/crackled where appropriate. Many are left intact as they’re either not intrusive or too much a part of the music to remove.

Two digital artefacts were found and removed.

Levels double checked – Round Midnight brought into line with other tracks (was louder). Exported as individual flacs from Audacity.

Sept. 2013

Miles Davis – Stuttgart, Germany (12/18/57)

Erwin Lehn Orchestra with Miles Davis
December 18, 1957 (6 items; TT = 13:27)
Beethovensaal, Stuttgart (Germany)
S¸ddeutscher Rundfunk (SDR) TV broadcast (B-)

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Miles Davis (tpt); Horst Jankowski (p); Peter Witte (b); Hermann Mutschler (d)

1 Yesterdays (J. Kern-O. Harbach) 2:36
Splice in Davis solo at 0:50

2 ‘Round Midnight (B. Hanighen-C. Williams-T. Monk) 4:45

3 Walkin’ (rehearsal) (R. Carpenter) 0:55
With voiceover: Unknown announcer (0:06-0:21), RenÈ Urtreger’s wife talking about Davis’s 1957 visit to Europe (0:21-0:55)

4 Walkin’ (fragment) (R. Carpenter) 1:56
With voiceover: Mrs. Urtreger continues (1:35-1:56)

5 Walkin’ (fragment) (R. Carpenter) 0:58
With voiceover: Unknown announcer (0:53-0:58)

6 Walkin’ (incomplete) (R. Carpenter) 2:17

Present here are 1,2 and 6

1 Yesterdays
CD: Jazz Unlimited JUCD 2050, Storyville STA 130467
2 ‘Round Midnight
CD: Jazz Unlimited JUCD 2050, Storyville STA 130467
3 Walkin’ (rehearsal)
Video: Treffpunkt Jazz
4 Walkin’ (fragment)
Video: Treffpunkt Jazz
5 Walkin’ (fragment)
Video: Treffpunkt Jazz
6 Walkin’ (incomplete)
CD: Jazz Unlimited JUCD 2050, Storyville STA 130467

This concert was scheduled at the end of Davis’s European sojourn. It was broadcast on SDR-TV’s Treffpunkt Jazz. There is a lot of overlap among the fragments of “Walkin'” listed above. None is close to complete, and even when pieced together we have just an opening chorus and some of Davis’s solo.
Listed in the SWR Stuttgart archives are the following titles:
Probe (rehearsal) (Davis, Jankowski + Erwin Lehn Orchestra) (5:55)
Tune Up (Davis + Jankowski Trio) (3:35)
But Not for Me (Davis + Jankowski Trio) (3:00)
Yesterdays (Davis + Jankowski Trio) (2:30)
Bags’ Groove (Davis + Jankowski Trio) (3:15)
‘Round Midnight (Davis + Orchestra) (4:41)
Walkin’ (Davis + Orchestra) (2:53)
My Funny Valentine (Davis + Orchestra) (2:45)
Several of these titles are lost. Additional titles were performed by the S¸dfunk-Tanzorchester conducted by Erwin Lehn, and the Johannes Rediske Quintet with Ingrid Werner (voc).
Davis returned to the U.S. in late December, and a sextet with Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Garland, Chambers, and Jones began a two-week engagement at Birdland (January 2-15, 1958).
Thanks to Alexander Keth for the details of what’s in the Stuttgart archive.

Miles Davis – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (12/08/57)

Miles Davis
Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Concertgebouw
December 8, 1957

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Miles Davis – trumpet
Barney Wilen – tenor saxophone
RenÈ Urtreger – piano
Pierre Michelot – bass
Kenny Clarke – drums

  1. Woody ‘n’ You (Dizzy Gillespie) 4:58
  2. Bags’ Groove (Milt Jackson) 7:05
  3. What’s New (Bob Haggart) 3:35
  4. But Not for Me (George Gershwin) 6:41
  5. A Night in Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie) 7:18
  6. Four (Miles Davis) > The Theme (Miles Davis) 4:25
  7. Walkin’ (Richard Carpenter) 6:37
  8. Well, You Needn’t (Thelonious Monk) 5:27
  9. ‘Round About Midnight (Thelonious Monk) 5:28
  10. Lady Bird (Tadd Dameron) > The Theme (Miles Davis) 5:40

TT: 57:18

halowdance & goody notes
“Amsterdam Concert” is a rare live Miles Davis recording from 1957.
This album, one of the least known recordings of Miles Davis, was recorded at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on December 8, 1957, a couple of days after the recording of the movie soundtrack “Ascenseur pour l’Èchafaud.” On this concert, Miles didn’t play with his regular quintet, but with the same line-up he used for the recording of “Ascenseur pour l’Èchafaud.” It features Barney Wilen on tenor saxophone, RenÈ Urtreger on piano, Pierre Michelot on bass and Kenny Clarke on drums.

This recording was 20-bit remastered in 2005.

As always, you’ll download also the complete artwork in JPEG format! (However, the track times in this edition do not match up with the ones on the original artwork. – Goody)


Pitch was approx. 47 cents flat.

Goody’s additional lineage:
dBpoweramp (WAV) > Cool Edit Pro (Pitch Bender +47 cents) > Trader’s Little Helper (FLAC, ffp)

ubu note

In addition to the notes above: Miles already performed in Europe in November 1956 with the same trio plus Lester Young and the Modern Jazz Quartet.
He travelled alone, without his band, on both occasions.

losin note

Davis and the RenÈ Urtreger Quartet made this trip to Amsterdam during the otherwise-uninterrupted stay at Club St. Germain in Paris. The Celluloid LP and CD notes do not list either version of “The Theme.”

December 8, 1957 (10 items; TT = 57:17) [timings reflect as was BEFORE speed fix!]
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
VARA radio broadcast
RenÈ Urtreger Quartet with Miles Davis

Miles Davis (tpt); Barney Wilen (ts); RenÈ Urtreger (p); Pierre Michelot (b); Kenny Clarke (d)

First set
1 Woody ‘n’ You (D. Gillespie) 5:11
2 Bags’ Groove (M. Jackson) 7:10
3 What’s New? (J. Burke-B. Haggart) 3:42 Wilen out
4 But Not for Me (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin) 6:56
5 A Night in Tunisia (D. Gillespie-F. Paparelli) 7:20
6 Four (M. Davis) 4:20
7 The Theme (M. Davis) 0:18

Second set
8 Walkin’ (R. Carpenter) 6:43
9 Well, You Needn’t (T. Monk) 5:31
10 ‘Round Midnight (B. Hanighen-C. Williams-T. Monk) 5:44
11 Lady Bird (T. Dameron) 5:17
12 The Theme (M. Davis) 0:20

Release info for all tracks (all bootlegs!)
12″ LP: Celluloid 6715-16, Jazz O.P. OMS-7003
CD: Celluloid 668232, Lone Hill Jazz LHJ 10141

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to OBNOXIUs for posting the picture from the concert, now added to this edition.

Miles Davis – St. Louis, MO (02/23/57)

Miles Davis
February 23, 1957
Peacock Alley
St. Louis, Missouri

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Recording: KSTL AM radio broadcast, mono Sound B.
notes: sometimes misdated 56Jul21

Performers: Miles Davis Quintet

Miles Davis – trumpet
John Coltrane – tenor saxophone
William “Red” Garland – piano
Paul Chambers – bass
Philly Joe Jones – drums
Radio Announcer – Spider Burks

  1. Two Bass Hit (5:16)
  2. Well You Needn’t (7:39)
  3. Billy Boy (4:23)
  4. All of You (11:03)
  5. Oleo (6:07)
  6. Airegin / The Theme (7:01)

This is a liberated boot. VGM-SOU 1997
I only dig Miles when he played jazz. Here is a classic show.


Miles Davis – St. Louis, MO (02/16-23/57)

Miles Davis
St. Louis, MO
February 16 & 23, 1957

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Taken from the Bootleg CD: Miles Davis Quintet “Live in Saint Louis 1956”. Actually these shows aren’t from 1956, but from 1957. I checked it on the databases from “Miles Ahead” and ” Kind of Blue”.
Also checked if these shows were officially released. They aren’t, In that way also thanks to the Dime Mods.
I made the MD5 and this textfile and added the tracklist as it is on the CD. Track 1-6 & 13 come from the 1957-02-13 show and tracks 7-12 come from 1957-02-23.

Lineage: KSTL-AM radio broadcast > CD > EAC > FLAC
The info below is added from Peter Plosin’s “Miles Ahead”.

Title: Live in St. Louis 1956
Label: Jazz Factory JFCD 22879 (CD)
Number of Tracks: 13
Details: February 16, 1957; February 23, 1957

Note: Only tracks on which Davis is present (73:53) are displayed below.

1 Announcement [Spider Burks] [Feb 16, 1957] 0:41
2 Ah-Leu-Cha (C. Parker) [with introduction] [Feb 16, 1957] 5:53
3 A Foggy Day (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin) [with introduction] [Feb 16, 1957] 5:19
4 All of You (C. Porter) [with introduction] [Feb 16, 1957] 6:35
5 Woody ‘n’ You (D. Gillespie) [with introduction] [Feb 16, 1957] 5:13
6 Walkin’ (R. Carpenter) [with introduction] [Feb 16, 1957] 7:27
7 Two Bass Hit (J. Lewis-D. Gillespie) [with introduction] [Feb 23, 1957] 5:16
8 Well, You Needn’t (T. Monk) [with introduction] [Feb 23, 1957] 7:39
9 Billy Boy (Traditional) [with introduction] [Feb 23, 1957] 4:23
10 All of You (C. Porter) [with introduction] [Feb 23, 1957] 11:02
11 Oleo (S. Rollins) [with introduction] [Feb 23, 1957] 6:07
12 Airegin – The Theme [with introduction] [Feb 23, 1957] 7:02
13 Announcement – The Theme [incomplete] [Feb 16, 1957] 1:16

February 16, 1957
Miles Davis (tpt); John Coltrane (ts); William “Red” Garland (p); Paul Chambers (b); Philly Joe Jones (d); Jesse “Spider” Burks (ann)

February 23, 1957
Miles Davis (tpt); John Coltrane (ts); William “Red” Garland (p); Paul Chambers (b); Philly Joe Jones (d); Jesse “Spider” Burks (ann)

Pete Seeger – Chicago, IL (10/13/57)

Mandel Hall
University of Chicago
October 13, 1957

I no longer have this show, sorry.

Lineage: fm (Onkyo TX8511)>SoundBlaster (Live! 24 bit External)>wav(CD Wave Editor @ 16bit)>flac
This sounds like the first set.

1. Roll On Columbia (Woody Guthrie) 5:35
2. Reuben James (Woody Guthrie) 2:50
3. Clean-O (Woody Guthrie) 2:06
4. The Ladies Auxiliary (Woody Guthrie) 2:26
5. The Butcher’s Boy (trad) 5:09
6. Tina Singu (trad) 5:58
7. The Demi Song (composer unknown) 2:34
8. Queen Anne Front (Robert Schmertz) 4:24
9. Twelve Gates to the City (trad) 3:36
10. Kumbaya (trad) 4:47
11. Hey Zhankoye (trad) 2:37
12. Los Quatros Generalas (trad) 3:00
13. Green Corn (trad) 1:35
14. Bourgeouis Blues (Hudie Ledbetter) 3:12
15. Careless Love (trad) 4:25
16. On Ilkley Moor Baht At (trad) 4:16

Total Time: 58:36