Miles Davis – New York, NY (10/xx/57)

Miles Davis Quintet
New York, New York

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Project ID – LL97

Source: FM Broadcast
Lineage: AFRS radio broadcast > ?? > cd (Peter Losin’s Archive) >
cd duplicated (burner to burner) > eac > flac (lvl8)

Miles Davis (tpt); Bobby Jaspar (ts); Tommy Flanagan (p); Paul Chambers (b);
Philly Joe Jones (d)

disc 1

d1t01. Introduction
d1t02. All of You
d1t03. Four
d1t04. Nature Boy
d1t05. A Night in Tunisia


  • This source has a steady static to it, but is the complete recording for the date.
    The previously released LL38 was missing two tracks.
  • This source does not fade in and out between songs as the previously releases LL38 did.
  • Thanks to Peter Losin for supplying this source.
  • “I’m unsure of the exact date of this recording. Davis was out of commission
    during September 1957 following surgery. Ken Vail has the Davis Quintet with
    Sonny Rollins, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, and Art Taylor at CafÈ Bohemia for
    four weeks (August 31-September 27), but the first post-surgery engagement was
    apparently at CafÈ Bohemia in mid-October (October 11-16), followed by a
    two-week stay at Birdland, (October 17-30). Thanks to Chris DeVito for help with
    this date.” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • “Sonny Rollins left the Quintet to form his own band, probably during Davis’s recovery.
    Soon thereafter Davis fired Taylor and Garland. For replacements he found Bobby Jaspar,
    Jimmy Cobb, and Tommy Flanagan. Cobb soon left, to be replaced by Philly Joe Jones.
    These tunes, originally issued on an AFRS transcription, were probably recorded
    sometime during the two-week stay at Birdland.” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • “According to Chris Sheridan, Cannonball Adderley replaced Jaspar in the Quintet
    in early October, and he was in place for the CafÈ Bohemia and Birdland dates
    (see above). It’s possible that Adderley replaced Jaspar during one of these engagements,
    but the saxophonist here is definitely Jaspar. Sheridan also claims that Adderley
    joined the Davis group for a one-night performance at Philadelphia’s Convention Hall
    (October 19). The Davis Quintet (with Adderley), along with groups led by George
    Shearing, Gerry Mulligan, Chico Hamilton, and Helen Merrill, then participated in the
    “Jazz for Moderns” tour which lasted until late November. Some of the venues: Carnegie
    Hall, New York (Nov 2); Kiel Opera House, St. Louis (Nov 12); Kansas City Auditorium
    (Nov 13); Huff Gymnasium, Urbana-Champaign (Nov 14); Orchestra Hall, Chicago (Nov 15);
    Masonic Auditorium, Cleveland (Nov 16); Masonic Temple, Detroit (Nov 17); Carnegie Hall,
    New York (Nov 22); National Guard Armory, Washington (Nov 23).” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • QC done by Bgreen

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