Miles Davis – New York, NY (01/03/59)

Miles Davis 01/03/59
Birdland, New York, NY

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Bags’ Groove (M. Jackson)
All of You (C. Porter)

Miles Davis All-Stars

Miles Davis (tpt); Julian “Cannonball” Adderley (as); John Coltrane (ts); Wynton Kelly (p); Paul Chambers (b); Jimmy Cobb (d); Guy Wallace (ann)

Miles Davis – New York, NY (10/xx/57)

Miles Davis Quintet
New York, New York

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Project ID – LL97

Source: FM Broadcast
Lineage: AFRS radio broadcast > ?? > cd (Peter Losin’s Archive) >
cd duplicated (burner to burner) > eac > flac (lvl8)

Miles Davis (tpt); Bobby Jaspar (ts); Tommy Flanagan (p); Paul Chambers (b);
Philly Joe Jones (d)

disc 1

d1t01. Introduction
d1t02. All of You
d1t03. Four
d1t04. Nature Boy
d1t05. A Night in Tunisia


  • This source has a steady static to it, but is the complete recording for the date.
    The previously released LL38 was missing two tracks.
  • This source does not fade in and out between songs as the previously releases LL38 did.
  • Thanks to Peter Losin for supplying this source.
  • “I’m unsure of the exact date of this recording. Davis was out of commission
    during September 1957 following surgery. Ken Vail has the Davis Quintet with
    Sonny Rollins, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, and Art Taylor at CafÈ Bohemia for
    four weeks (August 31-September 27), but the first post-surgery engagement was
    apparently at CafÈ Bohemia in mid-October (October 11-16), followed by a
    two-week stay at Birdland, (October 17-30). Thanks to Chris DeVito for help with
    this date.” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • “Sonny Rollins left the Quintet to form his own band, probably during Davis’s recovery.
    Soon thereafter Davis fired Taylor and Garland. For replacements he found Bobby Jaspar,
    Jimmy Cobb, and Tommy Flanagan. Cobb soon left, to be replaced by Philly Joe Jones.
    These tunes, originally issued on an AFRS transcription, were probably recorded
    sometime during the two-week stay at Birdland.” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • “According to Chris Sheridan, Cannonball Adderley replaced Jaspar in the Quintet
    in early October, and he was in place for the CafÈ Bohemia and Birdland dates
    (see above). It’s possible that Adderley replaced Jaspar during one of these engagements,
    but the saxophonist here is definitely Jaspar. Sheridan also claims that Adderley
    joined the Davis group for a one-night performance at Philadelphia’s Convention Hall
    (October 19). The Davis Quintet (with Adderley), along with groups led by George
    Shearing, Gerry Mulligan, Chico Hamilton, and Helen Merrill, then participated in the
    “Jazz for Moderns” tour which lasted until late November. Some of the venues: Carnegie
    Hall, New York (Nov 2); Kiel Opera House, St. Louis (Nov 12); Kansas City Auditorium
    (Nov 13); Huff Gymnasium, Urbana-Champaign (Nov 14); Orchestra Hall, Chicago (Nov 15);
    Masonic Auditorium, Cleveland (Nov 16); Masonic Temple, Detroit (Nov 17); Carnegie Hall,
    New York (Nov 22); National Guard Armory, Washington (Nov 23).” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • QC done by Bgreen

Miles Davis – New York, NY (05/02-03/52)

Miles Davis And His All-Stars
New York, NY
1952-05 (02-03)

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Mega-rare restored LP – speed-corrected and rejoined – featuring Don Elliot on vibes – great stuff!

Another great one from the Boris Rose collection. This album is bebop played at such breakneck speed that you need repeated listening just in order to figure out what’s being played. does not indicate another release for this date, so with fingers crossed, here we go again!

I’ve been asked who Boris Rose is. Was actually (1918-2000, RIP). He was a die-hard fan, recorder and collector mainly known for priceless unreleased early live jazz which he either taped off the radio or got handed the acetates pre-air as they were going out. He managed to worm his way into every environment during bebop’s golden age. He was also a consummate bootlegger, producing hundreds of bootleg LPs during the 1960’s to 1970’s of mostly country and jazz concerts. He was widely known for what he did, but was mostly tolerated rather than prosecuted. Most of his recordings do not exist in any other form. It was said (but I can’t verify) that the records he produced from his acetates were done prior to their beginning to deteriorate, and that they are the best representation of what he made available to the public.

A bit of a scoundrel in relation to his recordings, to create confusion he deliberately spread some concerts over different record labels (ie most of the recording would be on the Alto label, but some would also be on the Ozone label. This even though there was plenty of room to include the whole thing on one disc) almost never indicating where and when they were recorded.

As of a couple of years ago, his widow still owned all (over 10,000) live recordings and was trying to sell the collection (now in very fragile condition) without success.

This recording is also sourced from acetate, and the first portion appears to have been taped from off the air. The second portion may or may not be pre-air, it sure sounds good though. The entire set required major speed correction. I had some trouble to identify the song titles as the cover and label are both wrong. I now believe this to be the correct order:


Miles Davis tp
Jackie McLean as
Don Elliot vib, mel
Gil Coggins p
Connie Henry b
Connie Kay d



Wee Dot
The Chase
It Could Happen To You
Out Of The Blue


Out Of The Blue

Lineage: Ozone 8 LP ->Sound Forge ->click and crackle removal ->speed-correction (different for the two dates)->FLAC via TLH level 6, sectors aligned and verified, FLAC integrity checked.


A DoinkerTape

Miles Davis – New York, NY (06/30/50)

Birdland All-Stars
New York, New York

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Project ID – 84

Source: Audience Recording

Lineage: Audience Recording > ?? > cd (Peter Losin’s Archive) >
cd duplicated (burner to burner) > eac > wave > flac (lvl 8 )

Miles Davis (tpt); Theodore “Fats” Navarro (tpt); J.J. Johnson (tb);
Charlie Parker (as); Milton “Brew” Moore (ts); Tadd Dameron (p);
Walter Bishop, Jr. (p); Dillon “Curly” Russell (b); Art Blakey (d);
Roy Haynes (d); Chubby Newsome (voc); Pee Wee Marquette (ann)

disc 1

d1t01. Band warming up
d1t02. Wee
d1t03. Ow/
d1t04. Band warming up
d1t05. September in the Rain
d1t06. Embraceable You
d1t07. Introduction
d1t08. Chubby’s Blues
d1t09. For You My Love

disc 2

d2t01. Band warming up
d2t02. Max is Making Wax
d2t03. /Hot House
d2t04. 52nd Street Theme
d2t05. Conception/Deception
d2t06. Eronel
d2t07. 52nd Street Theme/


  • d1t03 is cut at the beginning of the track
  • d2t04 is a short teaser of 52nd street theme
  • d2t07 is cut at he end of the track.
  • The quality is what you would expect from an audience recording from 1950. It is plauged
    with static and distortion is definetly present, especially up to d1t03. It
    improves on/after d1t03.There is another step up in quality on/after d1t06. The sound
    on/after d1t06 is very pleasing.
  • “Parker plays only on the closing chorus of “Conception.”- Credit to Peter Losin,
  • “There is a lot of uncertainty about the dating of this music. The Miles Davis-Stan
    Getz Sextet was booked at Birdland for a week in February (Feb 9-16), and some
    broadcast recordings have been issued.” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • “Davis’s own sextet, with Brew Moore replacing Getz and occasionally joined by
    vocalist “Little” Jimmy Scott, remained at Birdland (opposite Ella Fitzgerald and the
    Bud Powell Trio) through July 6th.” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • “In the notes to the JMY CD, Enrico Merlin argues that these tunes are all from a
    single night, June 30. Ken Vail (Miles’ Diary) claims that broadcast recordings were
    made over several nights during this period:
    • May 17 (Wed): Max is Making Wax; Chubby’s Blues; Conception/Deception
    • May 18 (Thu): Hot House; 52nd Street Theme (Davis was in Columbia’s 30th Street
      Studios with Sarah Vaughan and the Jimmy Jones Octet for sessions on May 18 and 19.)
    • May 20 (Sat): ‘Round Midnight; Embraceable You; Wee
    • May 21 (Sun): Ow; For Now My Love [sic]; September in the Rain; Eronel; 52nd
      Street Theme
    • May 29 (Mon): 52nd Street Theme
    • May 30 (Tue): Wee; Chubby’s Blues
    • June 30 (Fri): Hot House; Embraceable You; Eronel; 52nd Street Theme
      (Walter Bishop, Jr. replaces Tadd Dameron)

Vail’s source is probably Boris Rose’s “log,” which lists many of these tunes with the
titles under which they were first issued — “Poobah,” “Moo,” “Mile’s Midnight Breakaway,”” “Overturia,” “Rambunctious Rambling,” etc.

  • Credit to Peter Losin,
  • “A second trumpet is audible on several tunes — “Hot House,” “Conception/Deception,”
    “Eronel,” and the long “52nd Street Theme” — and this is usually identified as Fats
    Navarro, who died of tuberculosis on July 7. He’s in sad shape here, and seems especially
    lost on “Conception/Deception.”” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • “”In favor of the June 30 date, however unlikely it may seem given Navarro’s death on
    July 7, Dan Morgenstern writes in the Columbia liner notes that “Ira Gitler, who saw
    Fats at Birdland in 1950, recalls him as a shrunken, pitiful figure, racked by coughing
    and playing feebly. But available clues have been checked and rechecked, and June 30 is
    the date that comes up.” On the other hand, writing about some other recordings of Navarro,
    Gitler remarked, “I question the May 1950 dating of records made of his broadcasts from
    CafÈ Society… His playing seems… too alive for the man who would be dead of
    tuberculosis on July 7″ (Jazz Masters of the Forties, p. 101.” – Credit to Peter Losin,
  • QC done by Bgreen

Charlie Parker – New York, NY (05/29/53)

Charlie Parker
Birdland, New York City, NY
Sound Improved Pitch Fixed !!

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uploaded to Dime 2012 january 31 by u014945

a Flambay – u014945 production

The Sound was pretty good
Just a bit ‘dusty’ so I used 3 CEP utilities to remove pos and clicks and
after that I had only to remove very few clicks

The right channell needed normalization too

I have also divided Mc intro from tracks so that those ,
(like Myself) who don’t like
listening to people shouting before tracks ,
can leave such things out.

Dime > > Cool edit Pro (click/pops elimination) > Audacity (noises cutting and volume adjusting) > TLH ( SBE – Flac 8) > dime

01 Moose the Mooche 05:07
02 Intro to 00:18
02 Cheryl / Lullaby Of Birdland 07:46
TT 13:14



below the original tom Shyman’s notes:

WJZ broadcast > ? > “The Bird You Never Heard” (Stash STCD 10) > EAC > FLAC (secure mode) + checksum by amellowsoul

01 Moose the Mooche 5:08
02 Cheryl / Lullaby Of Birdland 0018 + 7:51 (8:09)
TT 13:19

Charlie Parker – Alto sax
Bud Powell – Piano
Charles Mingus – Bass
Arthur Taylor – Drums
Candido Camero – Conga
Bob Garrity – Announcer