Bootlegs of the Day: May 21, 2023 – Billy Joel, Bob Marley & Charles Mingus

Billy Joel – 1977-1978 – 52nd Street and The Stranger Demos

Billy Joel – 1977.12.11 – Uniondale, NY

Billy Joel – 2008.07.16 – Flushing, NY – w/John Mayer, John Mellencamp and Don Henley

Bob Marley – 1973.07.11 – Boston, MA

Bob Marley – 1975.06.27 – Boston, MA

Charles Mingus – 1959.07.04 – Newport, RI

Charles Mingus – 1964.04.10 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Charles Mingus – 1965.05.13 – Minneapolis, MN

Charles Mingus – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (04/10/64)

Charles Mingus Sextet
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

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SBD > Bootleg CDs > ? > WAV > Flac (Level 8)

8 Flac files at 593MB

  1. Parkeriana 21:18
  2. So Long Eric 22:14
  3. AT-FW-YOU 4:51
  4. Orange Was the Color of her Dress, Then Blue Silk 13:51
  5. Meditations 23:01
  6. Sophisticated Lady 5:34
  7. Fables of Faubus [Part 1] 23:08
  8. Fables of Faubus [Part 2] 7:11

Johnny Coles: Trumpet
Eric Dolphy: Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute
Clifford Jordan: Tenor Saxophone
Jaki Byard: Piano
Charles Mingus: Bass, Vocals
Dannie Richmond: Drums, Vocals

I am using the corrected track titles, not the ones listed on the bootleg covers. Mingus himself announces some of the
tunes with different names, but he would do that a lot, so to keep things simple I’m sticking to the most commonly used
titles of these tunes.

The original bootleg CDs had tracks 1-4 on Vol. 1, and the rest on Vol. 2. The show as presented here is not in the correct
running order. Surely, the first track played that evening was “AT-FW-YOU”, the second probably “So Long Eric.” But without
me knowing for sure, I have left the running order the same as the original 2 bootleg CDs.

Charles Mingus – Newport, RI (07/04/59)

Freebody Park
Newport, RI (USA)
July 4, 1959
(“Newport Jazz Festival”)

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Richard Williams (tp)
Leo Wright (as,fl)
Booker Ervin (ts)
Roland Hanna (p)
Charles Mingus (b,announcements)
Dannie Richmond (dr)

  1. Intro by Willis Connover – 1:58
  2. Intro by Charles Mingus – 0:40
  3. BOOGIE STOP SHUFFLE (announced as “Shuffle stop boogie”) – 10:03
  5. DIANE – 10:55

Lineage: Radio broadcast > r-t-r tape > CD > flac > HD

Sound quality: A –

Charlie Parker – Bird 53 Plus 50

Charlie Parker
July 26, 1953 (20 items; TT = 66:50)
Open Door, New York NY
Private recording (Tape)
Jam session

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Charlie Parker (as); Benny Harris (tpt); Al Haig (p); Charles Mingus (b); Art Taylor (d)

First set
1 Out of Nowhere (E. Heyman-J.W. Green) (incomplete) 3:02
2 Star Eyes (D. Raye-G. DePaul-P. Johnston) (incomplete) 3:53
3 Cool Blues (C. Parker) (incomplete) 4:41
4 East of the Sun (And West of the Moon) (B. Bowman) (incomplete) 3:24
5 The Song is You (J. Kern-O. Hammerstein) (incomplete) 6:07
6 52nd Street Theme (T. Monk) (incomplete) 2:33

Second set
7 Ornithology (C. Parker-B. Harris) (incomplete) 3:18
8 Scrapple from the Apple (C. Parker) 3:30
9 My Old Flame (A. Johnston-S. Coslow) 4:13
10 My Little Suede Shoes (C. Parker) (incomplete) 2:11

Third set
11 I Remember You (J. Mercer-V. Schertzinger) (incomplete) 3:01
12 All the Things You Are (J. Kern-O. Hammerstein) [Bird of Paradise] 4:12
13 Just You, Just Me (R. Klages-J. Greer) (incomplete) 2:00
14 I’ll Remember April (D. Raye-G. DePaul-P. Johnston) (incomplete) 4:15
15 Hot House (T. Dameron) (incomplete) 3:16
16 52nd Street Theme (T. Monk) (incomplete) 2:58

Fourth set
17 I Cover the Waterfront (E. Heyman-J.W. Green) (incomplete) 2:26
18 This Time the Dream’s on Me (H. Arlen-J. Mercer) 4:14
19 I’ll Remember April (D. Raye-G. DePaul-P. Johnston) (incomplete) 2:37
20 52nd Street Theme (T. Monk) (incomplete) 0:34

The tape, made by Chan Parker, is edited to some themes and Parker solos only. There are no Bud Powell solos, although Parker can be heard announcing him.

October 23, 1950 (15 items; TT = 48:11)
Pershing Hotel Ballroom, Chicago IL
Private recording (Tape)
Charlie Parker Quintet

Charlie Parker (as); Unknown (tb); Earl Lavon “Von” Freeman (ts); George Freeman (g); Chris Anderson (p); Leroy Jackson (b); Bruz Freeman (d); Unknown (voc)

First set
1 Indiana (J.F. Hanley-B. McDonald) 5:51
2 I Can’t Get Started (V. Duke-I. Gershwin) 2:47
3 Anthropology (D. Gillespie-C. Parker) 5:18
4 Out of Nowhere (E. Heyman-J.W. Green) 2:46
5 Get Happy (H. Arlen-T. Koehler) 5:34

Second set
6 Hot House (T. Dameron) 5:00
7 Embraceable You (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin) 2:00
8 Body and Soul (J.W. Green-E. Heyman-R. Sour-F. Eyton) 2:15
9 Cool Blues (C. Parker) 3:14
10 Stardust (H. Carmichael-M. Parish) (incomplete) 0:56
11 All the Things You Are (J. Kern-O. Hammerstein) [Bird of Paradise] 3:07
12 Billie’s Bounce (C. Parker) 3:08
13 Pennies from Heaven (J. Burke-A. Johnston) (incomplete) 3:18
14 Pennies from Heaven (J. Burke-A. Johnston) (incomplete) 2:57

From a tape made by Donald Coy. Edited to Parker solos and exchanges. The tape was recorded off a dressing room speaker, and parts of some items (“Embraceable You” through “All the Things You Are”) are marred by conversation. It’s unlikely that the titles from this session and the next one are all from the same date, but they’re probably from the same gig.

Charlie Parker – New York, NY (05/29/53)

Charlie Parker
Birdland, New York City, NY
Sound Improved Pitch Fixed !!

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

uploaded to Dime 2012 january 31 by u014945

a Flambay – u014945 production

The Sound was pretty good
Just a bit ‘dusty’ so I used 3 CEP utilities to remove pos and clicks and
after that I had only to remove very few clicks

The right channell needed normalization too

I have also divided Mc intro from tracks so that those ,
(like Myself) who don’t like
listening to people shouting before tracks ,
can leave such things out.

Dime > > Cool edit Pro (click/pops elimination) > Audacity (noises cutting and volume adjusting) > TLH ( SBE – Flac 8) > dime

01 Moose the Mooche 05:07
02 Intro to 00:18
02 Cheryl / Lullaby Of Birdland 07:46
TT 13:14



below the original tom Shyman’s notes:

WJZ broadcast > ? > “The Bird You Never Heard” (Stash STCD 10) > EAC > FLAC (secure mode) + checksum by amellowsoul

01 Moose the Mooche 5:08
02 Cheryl / Lullaby Of Birdland 0018 + 7:51 (8:09)
TT 13:19

Charlie Parker – Alto sax
Bud Powell – Piano
Charles Mingus – Bass
Arthur Taylor – Drums
Candido Camero – Conga
Bob Garrity – Announcer

Charles Mingus – Minneapolis, MN (05/13/65)

Charles Mingus
Tyrone Guthrie Theater
Minneapolis, MN

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Cleaned LP > unknown transfer > WAV > EAC > FLAC

01 So Long Eric
02 Medley
a) She’s Funny That Way
b) Embraceable You
c) I Can’t Get Started
d) Ghost Of A Chance
e) Old Portrait
f) Cocktails For Two

Charles Mingus – Bass
Lonnie Hillyer – Trumpet
Charles McPherson – Alto Sax
Jaki Byard – Piano
Dannie Richmond – Drums