31 Days of Horror: Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

happy birthday 2u poster

This sequel to the surprisingly good Happy Death Day (2017) starts off doing something really interesting and then falls into the same groove as the original and becomes, well not bad, but just a little disappointing when you consider how good it could have been.

The original was basically a slasher movie take on Groundhog Day (1994). Tree Gelbmon (Jessica Rothe) is a superficial Mean Girl college girl who gets murdered by someone wearing a freaky big baby mask on her birthday. She wakes up on the same morning and keeps getting murdered until she solves the case (and gains a little maturity in the process).

I don’t want to spoil anything about the sequel (as it is a film definitely worth not knowing much about when you go into it) but for the first fifteen minutes it starts down a road that I found really interesting and I was excited to see where it took us. But then it more or less becomes the same movie as the original but with some tweaks.

It is still a lot of fun and the cast is great (Rothe should really be a bigger star by now). The film has a lot of fun providing lots of calls backs to the first one. The two films really go well together in fun ways. But it is never really surprising. I wish it had been a little more daring in where it took the story. But if you like the first one (and what’s not to like?) then it is very much worth watching.

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