Casino Royale (2006)

casino royale

One of the fun things about going through my old Cinema Sentries reviews is reading some of my old work. Ok, sometimes it is less fun than it is cringe-inducing, but I still enjoy reading what I wrote many years ago. I wrote a review of the first of Daniel Craig’s James Bond outings back in 2012. Truth be told I have no memory of writing this review. I thought I had only written a review of Octopussy for the Cinema Sentries Bond-a-thon, but I guess I wrote this too.


Sometimes reading my old reviews sends me back to when I wrote them, but not this. It is literally completely lost to my mind. But hey, you can read it now too, if you like. Just click here.

4 thoughts on “Casino Royale (2006)

  1. Absolutely brilliant re-boot. One of the rare later movies that hold up to the old Connery classics.
    Amazing to think that there was so much controversy about the “blonde Bond” at the time.
    It took the lead from the Jason Bourne series – far grittier as a result … and more balanced in the area of gender without thrusting it’s virtue in your face. It was Craig who suggested she stay clothed in the famous shower scene and it was so much better as a result. Great movie in its own right, not just a great Bond movie.

      • Yes – they were spotty after that.
        QoS was awful and so disappointing after CR.
        Skyfall was very good. A little long and self-important maybe.
        Spectre was terrible (after an absolutely fantastic opening sequence) and the last one showed that the franchise was, once again sorely in need of a re-boot in order to keep up with the times.

        • They all get mixed up in my mind. I remember hating Quantum. I think I was disappointed in Skyfall but that was probably because I didn’t see it in theaters and it had been hyped to death by that point. I don’t remember Skyfall but I did enjoy the most recent one. Or maybe I have that backwards.

          I kind of wish they’d lean a little more into the cheesiness factor that the old ones had.

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