The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)

the man who knew too much

I suppose for those who are not Alfred Hitchcock aficionados the version of The Man Who Knew Too Much they know is the one with James Stewart and Doris Day. That’s a fine film in its own right, but most people don’t realize it is a remake of a film from 1934. Both films were directed by Hitchock making him one of the few directors to ever remake themselves.

The earlier film was from the director’s British period and stars Peter Lorre in his first English language movie. It is an excellent film and a few years ago Criterion gave it a humdinger of a Blu-ray release. I reviewed it for Cinema Sentries and you can read that review here.

5 thoughts on “The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)

    • It doesn’t happen very often. I think there are a few other examples. I know Michael Haneke remade Funny Games, though the original was in German I think and the remake was in English. I think most of the examples would be something similar. Or maybe a director makes a film with a very low budget and then later gets the chance to basically make it again with a bigger budget.

    • I’ve only seen the English language version of Funny Games too. That was a film where I got what it was going for (yes it is disturbing that as an audience we are rooting for violence) but it also felt very self important and tedious.

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