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I started this blog in the Autumn of 2004. That was when blogs were first becoming a very big thing. In those days it seemed like everyone had a blog. There were music blogs and movie blogs, political blogs, and book blogs. There were blogs about just about anything you could imagine. But mostly, people were just blogging about their lives. They’d share pictures of their families and pets, and they’d talk about their everyday happenings. Then Myspace happened, and then Facebook and social media took over. There was no reason to blog about your life when you could just post things to your social media of choice.

Blogs are still around, of course. But they mostly seem to be about something, people don’t blog so much about their personal lives but about their hobbies. When I started this blog I was journaling the year my wife and I spend in France. Eventually, I started writing reviews of movies, music, and books. By the time we came back to the States, I was a full-on pop culture blogger. Every day I would talk about various artistic endeavors that I had enjoyed (or not enjoyed as the case may be) but I was also finding odd little things on the Internet and blogging about them. Whether it was the world’s highest bridge or what Michael Jackson would have looked like without plastic surgery, I was regularly posting all sorts of stuff.

Eventually, that included writing about bootlegs and then sharing them. Over time that overtook pretty much everything else and for years that’s all I did. I loved sharing all that great music with you all.

Then Amazon Drive told me they were shutting down a few months ago and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this site ever since. Truth is I think I’d like to go back to those old days.

The thing is I haven’t really used Facebook in ages. I gave up on Instagram a couple of years ago. Up until recently, I’ve been a big user of Twitter, but there has been a big dustup in ownership over there and things are becoming a lot less fun. Especially since most of the cool people I followed over there are jumping ship. There are a few sites that are vying to be the new Twitter but the thought of moving to a new platform and trying to build a following just sounds exhausting.

But here I am with a blog that already has something of a following. Why not treat it like my own personal social media site?

Here’s my idea:

I will still post music. I’m still holding off until April when my Amazon Drive account will deactivate and I’ll hopefully have all my shows listed and sorted (I’m doing good on that front and I think I’m still in line to complete that project in April). But when that time comes I’m thinking about once a week I’ll do a post where I’ll share a bunch of shows from a tour or a venue or something. I’m not quite sure how the post will look but hopefully, you’ll have a way to both look at setlists and sources and then download what you want.

I’ll post movie reviews and continue to do things like the Friday Night Horror. I like the idea of doing daily posts about interesting things. I could link to other blogs and sites that put up download links to music, but also link to interesting articles and setlists, kind of like Expecting Rain does now.

But then I also might post a picture of a beautiful sunset that I took that morning or be excited about some TV show I just got into, tell a funny story. This will become my personal space. Hopefully you all (and others) will enjoy it too.

That’s the idea anyway. Truth is I’ve had this thought rattling around in my head for weeks and I’m just now posting about it. Actually doing this is another thing altogether. I have to get into a groove in order to post random things every day. I don’t know if I’ll find it again. Maybe I’ll just write the odd review now and again until I start posting live music again. Maybe once I do, I’ll wind up just posting music and nothing but music.

Or maybe this idea will take off. If it does then you are now forewarned that I’m gonna be posting all kinds of stuff, whatever floats into my brain as interesting.

5 thoughts on “Bloggy Blog

  1. Hunter’s Trix GD matrix series just ran a similar idea at Mr. Seamons posted his latest run of concerts he’s calling “Winter ’81 – The Midwest Tours” where he torrented each show on its original calendar-month date. Usually he just upps whatever his latest completed matrix project happens to be.

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