Listen To Bob Dylan Covering “Truckin'” In Tokyo (04/11/23)

Bob Dylan’s setlists have remained pretty static for years now, especially so on his recent Rough and Rowdy Ways tours. Last night he changed things up and covered the Grateful Dead’s “Truckin'” for the first time ever.

I haven’t seen the bootlegs yet, but Ray Padget has a stream up of this song over on his wonderful Flaggin’ Down the Double Es Substack (I highly recommend subscribing to it, for it is full of wonderful Dylan thoughts.)

It is a nice recording and a pretty great version of the classic.

9 thoughts on “Listen To Bob Dylan Covering “Truckin'” In Tokyo (04/11/23)

  1. That was quite unexpected, but great nonetheless! Keep trucking on Bob, the road goes on forever! Has Dylan covered any other dead songs? Have a great day Mat, and thanks

    • He’s covered Friend of the Devil a few times, including once last year. He’s played Alabama Getaway before as well. I’m sure there are others, but I can’t think of them at the moment. He’s played tons of songs not written by the Dead that the Dead also regularly played. And Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter cowrote a couple of songs with Dylan. Them being Sylvio and Ugliest Girl in the World.

  2. That’s quite something. I just finished his book The Philosophy of Song. He writes short essays about various songs from the last 100 years. Truckin’ is one the 66 essays in the book. he gave it extraordinarily high praise.

  3. First, can’t wait to hear this Dylan cover. Bob’s the toppermost of all artists for me.

    Second, nice shout-out to Ray Padgett and his wonderful Dylan blog. I am super stoked to say that I am actually currently designing a book of the best content on that site, for Ray – plus lots of exclusive content never shared yet – in his book about Bob Dylan. You can pre-order it below. Coming out in the next few months and it’s going to be amazing.

    Check it out:
    Pledging My Time: Conversations With Bob Dylan Band Members
    by Ray Padgett

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