Elmo’s World: All About Animals

elmos world

I grew up watching Sesame Street. Oddly enough I don’t remember watching it at all, but I do have distinct memories of watching Mr. Rogers’s Neighborhood.

When my daughter was born Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was no longer on the air (well, there were reruns but in my town, they came on really early), but Sesame Street was still in full swing. My daughter loved it. I loved it. Still do, though the daughter is too old to watch and thus it doesn’t get much airplay anymore.

Obviously, Sesame Street is designed for little ones. But it also works well for adults. They have some very clever gags, and they love pop culture. They’ve made some great spoofs (one of my favorites is a Middle Earth parody called Lord of the Crumbs), and they often invite celebrity guests to do little skits. I especially love when a singer comes on and sings one of their songs but with slightly altered lyrics. Norah Jones once sang “Don’t Know Y” and I still regularly play Feist turning her song “1,2,3,4” into a counting song.

During those days that my daughter watched Sesame Street every day I requested a few of their DVDs and did some reviewing for Cinema Sentries. You can read my review of Elmos World: All About Animals here. Spoiler Alert: Despite me praising the show in the last several paragraphs I found this DVD to be a bit grating. But that’s because it is just the Elmo’s World section of the show and nothing but the Elmo’s World section of the show. And that gets tiresome fast.

6 thoughts on “Elmo’s World: All About Animals

  1. Sesame Street was a classic, i have been known sometimes during my episodes of depression, or just for chuckles to revisit Johnny Cash singing along Oscar the Grouch, Robin Williams etc. Yet even beyond the big name artists, just checking out what trouble Ernie is giving Bert is such a nice way to spend ten minutes!

  2. For the record (see what I did there?) I have several Sesame Street LP’s that were sort-of aimed at adults in that they were chock-full of great SS rock ‘n’ roll parodies written by the amazing Christopher Cerf with titles like “Letter B”, “Count It Higher”, “Born to Add” (Born to Add album jacket is a take-off on Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run cover with Ernie taking The Boss’ place and Coolie Monster as the stand-in for Clarence Clemons) well, you get the idea. Since my kids are all 30+ years old now apparently I missed later classics like “Beginning Middle and End” sung to the tune of “And She Was”…

    • I love that Born to Run parody cover. Every now and again my wife will search for Sesame Street Parodies on Youtube because I know they’ve done some cool stuff since my daughter outgrew it. And no doubt there are hidden gems from before she was born. What a great show.

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