Sherlock Holmes FAQ

sherlock holmes faq

While I am a big reader of mystery novels and detective fiction, I’ve never cared that much for Sherlock Holmes. I don’t dislike him, but from what I’ve read his stories are all too often simple setups for the detective to show how brilliant he is with deduction. I like my detectives more hard-boiled, I want them to stumble, to get stuck in the muck, and to solve cases by hard work, not superhuman brain power.

Admittedly, I haven’t read that many of his stories, and I really did enjoy The Hound of the Baskervilles. So consider my judgment reserved.

I do, however, often enjoy the movies that were adapted from the Sherlock Holmes stories.

This leads to me Sherlock Holmes FAQ, a book I reviewed for Cinema Sentries back in the day. My review is favorable which slightly surprises me as I’ve never enjoyed the FAQ series all that much. Maybe I was being generous, or maybe it really is a good book. I really don’t remember. Anyway, my review can be found here.

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