Bob Dylan: The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration

bob dylan 30th anniversary celebration

In 1992 Columbia Records put together a massive collection of artists to celebrate Bob Dylan’s recording career. As I say in my review, at the time it must have seemed like a capstone to a long career. One that seemed like it was dying (I rather like some of Dylan’s output in the 1980s, but from a record company standpoint it certainly wasn’t his strongest decade).

The concert is pretty great, even if I haven’t listened to it since writing this review in 2014. You can read all of my thoughts from back then here.

2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan: The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration

  1. Mat – I lived in NYC then and saw that show. It was pretty amazing. Perhaps the biggest moment of the night was seeing George Harrison perform…obviously…!! And also – Neil’s Watchtower was one of those top 10 concert moments I’ve ever experienced. After the show, I got backstage and was standing with a small group of people including Neil and Tracy Chapman and were just about getting around to thinking about possibly saying something to him (what, I have no idea) when a security guard busted us and kicked us out…! Cheers!

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