Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Southern Mountain Reggae – European Summer Tour 1978

bob Dylan - 1978 European Tour poster 2

Bob Dylan
Pink Panter Records

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Statistics for this compilation (yes, lies, damn lies & statistics masquerading as facts)

59 ball-tearing, sensational tracks
47 different songs
11 concerts are represented here (from the total of 19 concerts)
4 hours & 33 minutes of music
1 bob

Earls Court
London, England
17 June 1978

01.Simple Twist Of Fate

Taper: Nigel Simms;
Remaster: Pb

Earls Court
London, England
20 June 1978

02.Love Her With A Feeling (Tampa Red)
03.One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)

Equipment: Master R2R > MC(2) > CDR(1) > EAC(secure) >
remastering with SoundForge 8.0 > FLAC(level8) > Dime

Feijenoord Stadion
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
23 June 1978

04.A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
05.You’re A Big Girl Now
06.Blowin’ In The Wind
07.I Want You
08.The Times They Are A-Changin’

LB-2115; xref-01722;
Rotterdam ’78 (Street Legal / 001-002)

Nurnberg, West Germany
1 July 1978

09.Mr Tambourine Man
10.Shelter From The Storm
11.It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
12.I Donít Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
13.A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)
14.Love Minus Zero/No Limit
15.A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
16.One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)
17.You’re A Big Girl Now
18.One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)
19.SeÒor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
20.Masters Of War
21.All Along The Watchtower
22.All I Really Want To Do
23.It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
24.Forever Young
25.I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
26.The Times They Are A-Changin’

Eric Clapton (guitar) on:
I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight,
The Times They Are A-Changin’.

Only vocal performance of A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall during the 1978 World tour.

Trainload Of Fools (Rattlesnake / RS 085-86)

Pavillon de Paris
Paris, France
3 July 1978

27.Oh, Sister (Bob DylanñJacques Levy/Bob Dylan)

Taper: Legendary Taper A (LTA);
Equipment: Sennheiser MKE-2002 Binaural Microphones >
Uher 4200 Report Stereo IC > 2 BASF 13cm/5in reels

Pavillon de Paris
Paris, France
4 July 1978

28.My Back Pages
29.I Shall Be Released
30.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
31.It Ain’t Me, Babe
32.The Man In Me
33.I Want You
34.Just Like A Woman
35.We Better Talk This Over
36.I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight

Remaster: JTT;
Equipment: Reel to Reel Master (Taper Unknown) > DAT >
DVD Data Disc (FLAC) > Wave > Soundforge 8 (Clean Joins, New Track Marks) >
FLAC Level 6 Align on Sector Boundaries

Pavillon de Paris
Paris, France
5 July 1978

37.She’s Love Crazy
38.Tangled Up In Blue
39.Like A Rolling Stone
40.Gates Of Eden
41.Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
42.Changing Of The Guards

Remaster: JTT;
Equipment: Reel to Reel Master (Taper Unknown) > DAT >
DVD Data Disc (FLAC) > Wave>Soundforge 8 (Clean Joins, New Track Marks) >
FLAC Level 6 Align on Sector Boundaries

Pavillon de Paris
Paris, France
6 July 1978

43.Ballad Of A Thin Man

Border Beneath The Sun: Definitive Edition (Thinman / 012-013);
Lineage: Original Thinman silvers >
WAV (EAC v0.99 prebeta 5 – secure, Offset “actual”) >
FLAC (flacfrontend, level 6) > You

Pavillon de Paris
Paris, France
8 July 1978

44.My Back Pages
45.Baby Stop Crying
46.Love Minus Zero/No Limit
47.Maggie’s Farm
48.Going, Going, Gone
49.True Love Tends To Forget
50.Blowin’ In The Wind
51.To Ramona

Remaster: JTT;
Source: reel to reel master

Gothenburg, Sweden
11 July 1978

52.Girl Of The North Country
53.Is Your Love In Vain?


Blackbushe Aerodrome
Camberley, England
15 July 1978

54.Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
55.Simple Twist Of Fate
56.Is Your Love In Vain?
57.Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat)
58.The Long And Winding Road (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
59.Gates Of Eden

Transfer: JTT;
Equipment: First Generation Tape (Master Cassette) >
Maxell C90 Cassette (DolbyB) > Pioneer 609 (CDR) > EAC > SHN

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Eric Clapton – Los Angeles, CA (05/01/90)

eric clapton - 1990 los angeles - george harrison - crossroads-in-la-front

Forum, Los Angeles, Ca.
From silvers “Crossroads in L.A.” Blackie 06

Download: FLAC/MP3

Bad Love
Before You Accuse Me
Old Love
Tearing Us Apart
A Remark You Made
Instrumental Jam (with George Harrison)
Crossroads (with George Harrison)

TT 67.30

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Eric Clapton – Philadelphia, PA (09/07/88)

eric clapton - philadelphia 1988 its-a-guitar-thing-front

Eric Clapton (with Mark Knopfler)
Philadelphia, Pa.
“It’s a Guitar Thing” (3BR 151) *Hot SBD*
3BR Records – 3BR 151 – SB 6 (Scale 1-6)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1:

1. Crossroads
2. White Room
3. I Shot the Sheriff
4. Lay Down Sally
5. Wonderful Tonight
6. Tearing Us Apart
7. After Midnight
8. Can’t Find My Way Home
9. Motherless Children

Disc 2:

1. Same Old Blues
2. Cocaine
3. Layla
4. Money For Nothing (Mark Knopfler)
5. Sunshine of Your Love

Band Lineup:
Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
Mark Knopfler Guitar, Vocals
Nathan East Bass, Vocals
Steve Ferrone Drums
Jodie Linscott Percussion
Katie Kissoon Backing Vocals
Tessa Niles Backing Vocals

Geetarz Comments:

The 1988 Tour celebrated Clapton’s 25th Anniversary in the music
business, and coincided with the resurgence of classic roots rock
and blues in the public eye. The tour was received warmly, and the
crowd in Phildelphia was off the hook, which really took the energy
level of the band up a notch as well.

Sourced from a low generation copy of a pro-shot Video in wide
circulation among collectors – then remastered by the 3BR team.

Great, crisp soundboard recording. The mix, in particular, is very
up-front and close-miked.

IMO, this is superior to the Tarantura release “Vivela Slowhand”,
which apears to have been sourced from a lower quality, higher-
generation source and suffers from a bit of VHS tracking noise.


3BR Original (Directly from Igor and The Professor) > LiteOn iHAP
322 (UL 18 Firmware) > EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 5 (Secure Mode, Offset
Correct @ +6, 0) > FLAC

Artwork, checksums (ffp, MD5, ST5), info file, and EAC extraction
logs provided.

Enjoy … and PLAY IT LOUD!

May, 2010

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Eric Clapton – Tucson, AZ (08/17/75)

eric clapton - tucson - 1075

Eric Clapton
August 17, 1975 (1975-08-17)
Community Center
Tucson, Arizona

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1 [59:12]
01) [07:41] Layla
02) [08:19] Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
03) [08:44] Carnival
04) [06:02] Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
05) [07:16] Can’t Find My Way Home
06) [08:00] Further On Up the Road
07) [13:10] Little Wing

Disc 2 [33:34]
01) [10:15] I Shot the Sheriff
02) [10:27] Badge
03) [07:50] Steady Rollin’ Man >
04) [05:02] Crossroads

Total [1:32:46]

Lineage: soundboard > ? > trade cdr (in 2005)

EAC > Flac (8) > you !


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Derek & The Dominos – The Last Sessions

derek and the dominos - the last sessions

Derek and the Dominos
“The Last Sessions”
Olympic Sound Studios.

Download: FLAC/MP3

Work in progress instrumentals, except for track #12
which features Rene Armando on vocals. Excellent soundboard recording. I was
told these tapes were obtained from Jim Gordonπs apartment when he sought
money for a lawyer after he murdered his mother. Yikes!

1. Sick At Heart
2. Is My Love
3. Mean Old Frisco
4. Evil
5. Snake Lake Blues (minor key)
6. Snake Lake Blues (major key)
7. One More Chance
8. Got To Get Better In A Little While
9. High
10. Untitled instrumental #1
11. Untitled instrumental #2
12. Devil Road

Eric Clapton-guitar & vocals
Bobby Whitlock-piano
Carl Radle-bass
Jim Gordon-drums

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Eric Clapton – Inglewood, CA (08/14/75)

Eric Clapton - Los Angeles - listen to dis jimmy - 1975

Eric Clapton
The Forum
Inglewood CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Further On Up the Road
Knocking On Heaven’s Door
Can’t Find My Way Home
Tell the Truth
Stormy Monday
Keith Moon Interlude
Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?*
Teach Me to Be Your Woman*
Eyesight to the Blind*

Band Lineup:
Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
George Terry Guitar
Carl Radle Bass
Dick Sims Keyboards
Jamie Oldaker Drums
Yvonne Elliman Backing Vocals
Marcy Levy Backing Vocals

* with guest appearances by Carlos Santana, Keith Moon and Joe Cocker

Source 1:
“Listen To Dis, Jimmy”
Tarantura Records
Aud?>>CDR>>eac>>wave>TLH (flac8)

Source 2:
Antrabata – LAFORUM1/2 – Aud 6 / SB 5
Lineage: EAC v 0.99 (Prebeta 4, Secure) > FLAC (Level 5) > You!

Geetarz Comments:

This is probably one of, if not the, most oft-booted Clapton shows ever, and it’s dizzying trying to keep track of all the different versions, remasters, etc. Rather than tell you which version I think you should listen to, I prefer just to put ’em up and let YOU decide.

There are debates as to the lineage of this recording – some sources list it as a soundboard, others as an impeccable audience recording. I tend to believe it is the latter, but even if I am wrong, does it really matter? If I feed you something you think is chicken, as long as it tastes like chicken, you’re full and who cares? Just enjoy the meal.

For me personally this is the 2nd official ROIO I came across of this performance, and the Slowhand Masterfile, although a bit dated now, has always stood the test of time in my opinion as a very worthy collection.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Eric Clapton – Brisbane, Australia (04/14/75)

Eric Clapton - Brisbane, Australia - 14.04.75 - F

Brisbane, Australia
April 14th 1975

“Low Generation Tape Transfer, JTT”

Download: FLAC/MP3



SOURCE: Low Generation Cassette > Akai GX95 (Playback) > Soundforge 9 >
FLAC Frontend Level 6 Align on Sector Boundaries

Edit at 06:00 in Let It Rain

Transfer & Artwork by JTT, March 2009

1. Intro
2. Badge
3. Milk Cow Blues
4. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
5. Steady Rollin’ Man
6. Can’t Find My Way Home
7. Teach Me To Be Your Woman
8. Let It Rain

Disc Two
1. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
2. I Shot The Sheriff
3. Layla
4. All I Have To Do Is Dream
5. Little Wing
6. Little Queenie

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Eric Clapton – Memphis, TN (07/28/74)

eric clapton - 1974_07_28_cant hold out front - memphis 1974

Eric Clapton
“I Can’t Hold Out”
Liberty Stadium
Memphis, Tennessee
July 28, 1974 SBD

Download: FLAC/MP3

Set List
1) Smile
2) Easy Now
3) Let it Rain
4) Willie and the Hand Jive / Get Ready
5) Badge
6) I Can’t Hold Out
7) Tell the Truth
8) I Shot the Sheriff (fade out)
9) Layla (fade in)
10) Crossroads


This was an outdoor show that featured Ross, Foghat, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Eric Clapton.
The version of Crossroads here is very unusual, even for this tour.

This show was included in inferior quality on the 3CD boot “Three Smiles”. The version
on that set is 4 minutes longer only because the tape runs slow.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Eric Clapton – Tempe, AZ (07/18/74)

eric clapton - smiling away - tempe 1974

Eric Clapton
“Smiling Away”
AZU Stadium
Tempe, Arizona
July 18, 1974
Fire Power – FP-06 – SB 5 (Scale 1-6)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Track List:
1) Smile
2) Can’t Find My Way Home
3) Layla
4) Willie and the Hand Jive / Get Ready
5) Have You Ever Loved a Woman
6) Badge
7) Presence of the Lord

Band Lineup:
Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
Jamie Oldaker Drums
Dick Sims Keyboards
Carl Radle Bass
George Terry Guitar
Yvonne Elliman Backing Vocals

Geetarz Comments:

Definitely one of the more “focused” of EC’s 1974 shows – in less polite terms, this is one of the ones where he was not drunk!

An excellent, very crispy soundboard, instruments and vocals are all very clear with good seperation, and very little hiss, you can
even hear EC’s amplifier buzz a bit in quieter passages.

Well-done mix, although the B3 is a tad too prominent, otherwise excellent. Recommended.

Trade CD-R > Plextor PX-712a – EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 4 (Secure) > FLAC (Level 6) > You !

Artwork, info file, checksums (FFP, MD5, and ST5), and EAC logs included. Please note, a “whole-torrent” MD5 is also included, which will verify that all the contents remain unchanged.

Reseeds are welcome, and encouraged – please share the tunes!

May, 2010

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Eric Clapton – Denver, CO (07/12/70)

eric clapton - memphis 1975

Eric Clapton
July 12, 1975 (1975-07-12)
Denver, Colorado

Download: FLAC/MP3

01) [13:26] Stormy Monday
02) [05:34] Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
03) [09:27] Badge
04) [06:43] Can’t Find My Way Home
05) [07:33] Carnival
06) [08:17] Key to the Highway
07) [07:58] Teach Me To Be Your Woman
08) [12:28] Blues Power
09) [11:41] Little Wing
10) [05:34] Tell the Truth // cut

Total [1:28:41]

Lineage: soundboard > ? > trade cassette (in 1990)

Sony TC-WE475 > Sony DTC-ZE700 > E-MU E-DSP Soundcard > 16/48 wav > Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > you !