David Grisman – Unknown Location (xx/xx/75)

Unknown Venue
Circa 1975

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

David Grisman – Mandolin
Tony Rice – Guitar (D28 Martin)
Darol Anger – Violin, Mandolin
Todd Philips – Mandolin
Joseph Carroll – Bass

  1. Cedar Hill (fade in)
  2. Swing 42
  3. Battle Of New Orleans
  4. O’Banion’s Wake
  5. Red Headed Lad
  6. Dawgology
  7. Minor Swing
  8. Limehouse Blues
  9. Ricochet (3 Mandolins)
  10. Swing 51
    (tape flip)
  11. 16/16
    12.band intros
  12. Waiting On Vassar
  13. EMD
  14. Opus 12
  15. Devlin
  16. Pneumonia (3 Mandolins)
  17. Thailand (fade out)

Unknown origin (gift) > Maxell UDXL II 90 minute cassette (with Noise Reduction-most likely Dolby B in 1982) > SONY Stereo Cassette Deck TC-FX170 (Noise Reduction OFF) > PC > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (Hiss Reduction, Speed Adjustment and minor editing) > CD Wave Editor (Track Splitting) > TLH flac level 8 > TLH (torrent)

This is a December 2020 transfer.
The cassette was given to me as a birthday gift from a friend in 1982 or 83.
The label contains a couple of obvious mistakes and naming errors:
1 – It identifies the group as a Quartet but the band intro lists a Quintet.
2 – The date says “circa 1972” but the David Grisman Quintet doesn’t form until 1975.
The cassette is labelled “YES” for Noise Reduction. I had to make the choice between playing it back with NR on or off. If OFF there was a lot of tape hiss but if ON there seemed to be a slight dropoff in audio quality. So I went with the hiss and spent much time attempting to reduce it. I did as much as I thought was reasonable without overdoing it and am pleased with the sound as-is.
Yes there is some hiss still, especially noticed between some songs. There are so many sound samples to choose from. Included is a sample of the original transfer file played with NO Noise Reduction, before editing.
Some songs were speed adjusted slower because they sounded fast to my ear (Cassete deck? Multi Generations? Who knows?) Others may think the speed of the finished product is off.
If someone sees the need and is motivated to improve these files please have at it. I would even volunteer to send the original raw transfer file privately. Or if someone is SUPER motivated we can discuss snail mailing the original cassette for an additional transfer. Yes this show is THAT good.

Unknown Date and Unknown Venue for this show…but…TONY RICE plays guitar.
Nearly every song is a gem. So sorry it took so long to get this show out there. I’ve enjoyed it since the 80’s.
According to the timeline chart on Wikipedia’s David Grisman Quintet page (see attachment in comments), Bass player Joseph Carroll was the first bass player in the band and only played with them in 1975 and maybe for a very short time in 1976. He is announced for this show.
Grisman intros Red Headed Lad as being on Tony Rice’s new album (on the Rebel label). The album is California Autumn, released in 1975. The song on the album is listed as Red Haired Boy.
Also, Grisman says that Waiting On Vassar is “scheduled for release later this year”. The album is The David Grisman Rounder Album released in 1976. I found one release date of January 1, 1976.
Todd Phillips plays mandolin in this show (2nd to Grisman). He switches to bass sometime in 1977.
These are the clues I have found regarding the potential date of this show. The earliest Grisman shows I found online were in 1976. Again, check the timeline.
Am very surprised this show was not found on any of the torrent sites I looked at. Any info regarding this would be appreciated.

4 thoughts on “David Grisman – Unknown Location (xx/xx/75)

    Unknown Venue
    Circa 1975

    I can’t help with the venue / date, but here’s one correction:
    Lion House Blues should be Limehouse Blues

  2. Hi Matt, the DGQ is playing a tune called “The Eighth of January” on track 3. This traditional tune was later used by Jimmy Driftwood for the “Battle Of New Orleans”. Driftwood wrote the lyrics, not the tune. Grisman and Rice recorded this on the Dawg and “T” (Live At Acoustic Stage) Acoustic Disc CD.

    Bob W.

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