Lost – Season 3 Finale – “Through The Looking Glass”

3×22_jack_hospital_hamill.jpgI know it has been a long time since I wrote about TV and I am a week late in talking about the Lost season finale, but it was so good and there is a funny story involving the lateness, so here we go.

My wife and I have been diligently watching this season of Lost since it started. Every Wednesday we make sure we are home so we can catch it first thing. Well, this past Wednesday we were invited over to some friend’s house for dinner after church.

The debate began shortly after. In my head I believed that there was in fact another episode after that week, so it wasn’t finale time, but close to it. We thought about declining the offer and going home to watch Lost. Then we thought about going home to record it and then coming to dinner. Lastly we knew ABC would be showing the episode on their website and we could watch it there.

Of course it is rude to decline a dinner invitation for a television show, but we did consider it. But seeing as we had just dropped the China bomb, it felt especially rude. I knew that if I ran home to tape it, I would just wind up staying there as I was tired. Quite tired, actually. I’ve watched episodes online before, and they always worked out well, so we decided on that option.

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Lost – “Left Behind” Easter Eggs


Lost Easter Eggs has been doing a fantastic job of giving the masses screen caps for Lost.  For the most part, we’re not talking abou the ghost of Three Men and a Baby here, but there are some nice details of things you might have missed.  If you’re a fan and conspiracy theory nut, you ought to love it.  But  if you’re a casual viewer (how can that be?) or have never watched it, you might want to read a magazine while waiting for this week’s Random Shuffle.

Working Man

So, I like totally got a job!  Have I mentioned this here?  No?  Well, after six long months of unemployment, I have finally reentered the workforce.  I was hoping this wouldn’t interfere with my blogging, but as you can see from yesterday, sometimes it just is.

This is ok though, because, well I needed the job, and I’m still cooking on some ideas to make this a much better place to stay.

The TV Diary is pretty much dead, by the way.  Once I decided to stop writing about every episode, the need to watch every episode completely dissipated.  I still watch Lost and the Office, but once again, once I stopped writing about them, I stopped taking notes, and by Saturday all is forgotten. I may periodically write a little something about an episode, but for the most part, TV is gone.

I still plan to keep up Random Shuffle, and Fresh Tracks, and hopefully I’ll start doing Bootleg Country regularly.  That’s three weekly articles, plus the random movie and music review, and cool links.

See, Brewster’s Millions is totally awesome!

Televison Diary: February 18, 2007

Ok, I’m sorry. I forgot this was due yesterday. Can’t say that I was busy then, mainly just sat around the house too afraid to step outside into the cold misery. Really, I did forget and I said I’m sorry, what more can you want? Blood? My soul? Ok, ok, you can have those too, just let me write this dern thing.


The Simpsons – “Little Big Girl

This episode went back to straight story telling, and on the surface, the episodes looks like it could be classic. Bart’s prank of using all the school’s fire extinguishers as a means to propel himself inadvertently puts out a massive fire. As a reward he gets his driver’s license.


However, Homer uses this as an excuse to make Bart his personal chauffer, and fleeing that hassle he drives to North Haverbrook where he meets the 16 year old Darcy (Natalie Portman.) They date, she proposes marriage due to being pregnant (from another boy) and Bart agrees (!) They rush to Utah where a lad so young can marry, but are saved by both sets of parents.

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The Television Diary: The Super Bowl, Studio 60, Lost, House, And The Office

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m trying to cut back on all the TV posts I have been writing this season. The idea here is to have some sort of weekly TV Diary, briefly documenting my television watching. I hope to supplement this with periodic full posts on an especially interesting episode of whatever, but we’ll see. I will also be experimenting with the titles of these things, as titles are what bring traffic. With my TV articles bringing in something like 70% of my total traffic, I’m about to shoot myself in the foot. Stay tuned.

This week, being that I did episode guides for the first couple of days, will be a little odd. Doubly so as I’m figuring out what the crap I’m trying to do.

Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday and so all normal programming stopped for a silly little ball game. We invited a friend over and played games, however we did catch the last few minutes of the game. Not. Impressed.

The downstairs neighbors certainly were though, for they hooped and hollard every time the Colts did anything good. They even kept it up for hours after the game was completed, and kept me up very late.

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Lost: Season Three, Episode Seven – “Not In Portland”

3×07.jpgLost has returned, but does anyone still care? During the hiatus, I kept wondering if Lost would survive. The 3rd season has heretofore proven lackluster, and creating a gigantic volcano in the middle of it may prove disastrous.

What was a brilliant mergence between mystery, thriller and romance for two full season, had now completely lost its edge. The long hiatus seemed like a death nail. Stopping a failing show mid-season for a long break might just mean no one comes back.

They gave us a cheerleading pep-rally of a review show, but I was all yawns.

I gotta admit, though, this episode kicked me in the shins.

When last we left the lost Losties, Jack had Ben in a surgical headlock, and Kate and Sawyer are poised to escape.

Escape they do with a gnarly little fist fight, but the soon find that they aren’t where they thought they were. Remember island number two? Well it really exists, and they really are there. Bad guys creep in, but Alex saves them with a secret underground trap. She says she has a boat, but will only let them use it if they save her boyfriend.

Boyfriend is in a bunker, locked in a room where the Others seem to be going all Clockwork Orange/Fight Club on his arse. Escape comes, boat obtained, but here comes another Other. Juliette kills him, allows Sawyer, Kate and boyfriend to leaves, but Alex must stay.

Yeah, this is the Lost I remember.

Why did Juliette help, you ask? Let’s back up. Back in surgery, Juliette first plays the tough guy and tells Tom to go all killing on Kate and Sawyer, but Jack throws out that Juliette had the original kill Ben plan. Tom kicks out Juliette, but Ben awakens and brings her back. In secret he tells her to save the kids. Do this, and he says Juliette can leave the island.

Episode ends with Jack still in captivity, but Kate, Sawyer and boyfriend in boat, headed towards island number 1.

The flashback concerned Juliette and it was killer. Turns out she’s a pretty nifty medical researcher who is doing some mean testing on impregnanting the previously unpregnatable (such as a male rat, and her seemingly cancerous sister.) Of course, not all is well with Juliette as she has a really nasty husband. Secret boys court her for special research job in Portland, but she has to decline because of the hubby, whom she jokingly says only being hit by a bus would stop him.

Later, husband is hit by a bus right in front of her eyes.

Did I mention Lost is so totally back?

Creepy job guy brings Ethan with him and suddenly knows about the bus and pregnant sister and offers job again. But it’s not in Portland.

Whoa. Juliette was brought to the island for research, but was forced to stay. Ben is still alive and stable and in control.

Lost has returned, but does anyone care? Yeah, I kinda do.

Lost: Season 3, Episode 6 – “I Do”

idolost.jpgThe Revelations:

  • Jack decides to operate on Ben
  • Kate learns about the two islands
  • Locke sees “Lift up your eyes and look north” written on Eko’s stick.

The Plot: The episode focused mainly on Jack, Sawyer and Kate, but we did catch a quick flashback of Eko’s funeral. Just prior to the funeral Sayid and Locke have discussion about the Big Black Smoke thing.

While Kate and Sawyer are working, Alex comes running out with a slingshot and makes the most of it before she is captured.

Jack tells Ben he will not operate on him and that he’ll enjoy watching him die, and that will be right soon. Pickett begins eyeing Sawyer again, and Juliet tells Kate that unless Jack operates, Sawyer will die. She then leads Kate to Jack, and there is a nice reunion before Kate begs for Sawyer’s life. Jack again refuses.

292778214_b675894a6c.jpgEmotional Kate climbs over to Sawyer’s cage and admits she loves him and they sex it up.

Jack hears a voice on his intercom and finds his door open. Down the hall another door is open leading to the video chamber, which happens to have a monitor on the naked Sawyer and Kate. Ben comes in and Jack says that he’ll operate for his freedom.

During operation, Jack slices into Ben’s liver giving him a hospital hostage of sorts. He uses this leverage to free Kate and Sawyer.

The Flashback: Kate marries a Miami police officer and tries to have a normal life. She even calls the US Marshall to beg for her life. The Marshall says she can have it, but only if she stays put. She can’t stay put and winds up admitting everything to the husband before drugging him and running.

292778215_89bac673ec.jpgThe Review: **1/2

The flashback was totally pointless. It was boring and didn’t add much to Kate’s character. The only thing to really gain from it was that she can’t stay still and truly trust anyone, well until she gives herself to Sawyer.

Most of the episode was pretty dull. It only got interesting when Jack sliced into Ben, and that was the last quarter. I did dig the note on Eko’s stick and am anxious to see where it leads.

Admittedly I was thoroughly distracted during this episode. My parent’s came home in the middle of it and asked me a ton of questions. They don’t watch but decided to start quizzing me on it while it was airing. Then my cousin came by and kept asking about my notebook (which I write my show notes on.)

From the Alex show, there were some cryptic conversations that make it sound as if she made it to the second island on her own. Seemingly there is another way across other than by boat or the submarine. Perhaps Kate and Sawyer will find the way.

I suspect Locke will indeed look North and find the island. If they realize what they are up against, perhaps they will revolt and get somewhere.

This was the last episode until next year. The interim show, Daybreak looks interesting. If it is I’ll keep up with it here.

Lost: Season Three, Episode Five – “The Cost of Living”

286465900_dcaaf66e4d.jpgThe Revelations:

  • Desmond understands that the Pearl station can be used to communicate with the Others
  • It was Ben’s spinal x-ray in the previous episode
  • The whole purpose of capturing Jack was so that he would operate on Ben
  • Mr. Eko is one bad mother, until he dies.

The Plot: Mr. Eko awakens from his coma to find his dead priest of a brother telling him to confess. He rushes through the jungle to find him, or rather the body in the plane, only to find it empty. He is looked upon by the big black smoke but it runs away when Eko flashes his knife. At least for a moment. Eko eventually catches up to his spirit brother only to say that he will not confess. He feels everything he has done has been for a purpose and he does not feel guilty.

286465898_0b9e8e93b91.jpgThe big black smoke appears again, and beats the living crap out of Eko, eventually killing him. While doing so the smoke appears kind of like a big animal which leads to questions about the smoke possibly having formed into Eko’s brother and perhaps other mysterious animals on the island.

Meanwhile the Others are playing nice to Jack, but Jack isn’t quite ready to accept them as pals. It starts with a stroll with Ben to Colleen’s funeral, and ends with Ben admitting that Jack’s capture was all a ruse to get him on their side so that he would be willing to operate on his spinal tumor.

286465905_06bb02c671.jpgLater Juliet talks with Jack asking him to please do the operation all the while a video tape plays with her holding up signs reading her displeasure with Ben and that Jack should operate, but only to kill him.

The Flashback: Keeping with the Eko-centricity of the episode, the flashback gave further details of Eko’s past. Mainly Eko involving himself in terrible deeds to help his brother and feeling no remorse for it.

The Rating: ***1/2
The flashbacks, though important to understanding Mr. Eko, were kind of boring. Watching him kill the gangsters in the church was cool, but overall the back story was way too long and only served to say that Eko isn’t sorry for the life he has lived.

286465902_1a461601e8.jpgThe long trek to Pearl was also dull. However, the second half of the show really kicked into high gear. Who the crap is the guy with the patch? Are all the mysterious things we’ve seen thus far really the big black smoke in disguise? Will Jack make friendly with Ben and save him? Or will he hook up with Juliet and kill? Or is the whole murder plot just another Other misdirect? Very cool stuff and super exciting.

An Unfortunate Lost Occurrence

I had to tape tonight’s episode of Lost, and unfortunately the tape cut off the last ten minutes or so.  Therefore, my review won’t be seen until I can run down what exactly happened.  The tape stopped as they began watching the training video in the Pearl station, so if anyone has a synopsis after that I would greatly appreciate it.

While I am doing site maintenance, I will notify you of my time in Oklahoma.  As I mentioned in the last post, I am visiting my parent’s for the next few weeks.  This may screw up my blogging during this period, or it may enhance it.  We shall see.

It has definitely post poned this week’s Random Shuffle, as I do not have all of my music here.  I hope to continue with my TV reviews and may get to see a movie as well.

That is all.

Lost: Season Three, Episode Four – “Every Man For Himself”


New Revelations:

  • Desmond sees the future
  • Sawyer did time in prison
  • Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are on a second, smaller island


Desmond is the new Locke.

At the beginning of the episode we see him approach Claire and tell her that she needs to move while he fixes her roof. Claire and Charlie look at the roof but see no problems with it. Desmond then borrows a golf club from a character we haven’t seen before and creates a big giant pole with it. The club is at the top has an electrical wire attached to it, stretching to the sand below.

Towards the end of the episode, Hurley and Desmond are talking, and Desmond asks Hurley to step back just as storm hits. Claire, Charlie and baby are soaked under the roof and a bold of lightning strikes the golf club, causing damage to itself but no one else.

I say again, Desmond is the new Locke.

The second island is the new hatch. Each season there is a single mystery that captures our attention for the duration. Last season it was the hatch and those numbers, this season it will be the second island.

In captivity we see the Others dragging a very injured Colleen past Sawyer and Kate. Sawyer uses this distraction to plan a means of escape. He uses his odd ball food distributor to create a puddle of water outside the cage, hoping someone will step in it allowing him to use the electrocution device to knock out an Other and him to escape.

Ben, having watched this plan on the video, comes to Sawyer, allows him to try the plan, but the electrocution has been turned off. Ben then beats Sawyer and drags him away. Inside several Others strap Sawyer down and stab a needle into his heart.

When Sawyer awakens Ben shakes a rabbit to the point of death. He tells Sawyer that the rabbit had the same heart injections, which stops the heart beating when it gets to excited. Sawyer now has a heart monitor and is told that if his rate goes above 140 he will die. It is also threatened that if Sawyer tells Kate about any of it, she will be given the same treatment.

Meanwhile Juliet asks Jack (who is forced now to watch cartoons) to help with Colleen, as she is dying. Jack tries to heal her, but she is too far gone, and without a defibrillator, he can do nothing but watch her die.

This displeases Colleen’s husband, Pickett, who rushes outside and beats Sawyer to a pulp. He repeatedly asks Kate is she loves Sawyer and only stops the beating when she admits she does.

Inside Jack is handcuffed to the table holding the dead Colleen until Juliet frees him. While there, Jack asks about the x-rays he saws on his way in. It appears this person’s spine has a large cancer on it, and Jack asks who it is he is supposed to save. (In next week’s preview, it appears it will be Ben.)

Outside, Kate learns that she can escape her cage by climbing through the bars at the top. She does so against Sawyer’s wishes and then attempts to free Sawyer. He begs her not to, and tells her to run. They argue over the Kate’s “love” while Sawyer continues to refuse to tell her what happened to him. In the end Kate climbs back into the cage.

Later, Ben takes Sawyer to the top of a mountain where he explains to Sawyer that the heart problem was a lie conceived to make Sawyer obedient. He then takes Sawyer to the top of the mountain and shows him another island. That island is the one where all the survivors are, while he is being held on this smaller “Alcatraz.”

The flashback sequence consisted of Sawyer being in prison for one of his cons. While there a woman shows up claiming she has had Sawyer’s child. Sawyer feigns disinterest, but later proves he has a heart.

Sawyer also learns another convict has ten million dollars stashed away. Sawyer earns this man’s trust enough to learn where the money is, and then uses this information to buy his way out of prison. By telling the feds where it is, they release him early and apparently give him part of it in return. This money he has deposited into a band for his daughter.

Rating: ****

The Sawyer heart injection was some of the most intense moments of the series. This season they’ve been making the Others out to be decent, if terribly mysterious folks and this moment put them right back to total evil territory.

I was quite relieved when it turned out to be fake as I was already tiring of the monitor. It was a good gag to have the warning beep go off when Kate was changing clothes, but then to have the monitor register the same amount when Sawyer was getting beaten was ludicrous. I began to fear they would be using this device continuously through the series, and I knew that would be quite irritating.

Desmond becoming some sort of mystic psychic is quite interesting. I hope it doesn’t diminish Locke’s role as the same, but his character could prove to be quite fascinating.

Jack starting to help the Others as doctor could go either way for me. It kind of ticked me off at first, because I felt that Jack would be so pissed off at them by now that he’d use it as a bargaining chip. But the doctor in him seems to be winning, and perhaps he is beginning to feel no other choice but to cooperate. We’ll see how it goes in the upcoming weeks.

I was reminded during the preview that they have actually only been on the island for two months. Being the third year for viewers it is easy to forget the actual time line is much shorter, making the situation slightly less desperate.

Overall I am still growing tired of the constant tension and begin to wish there was a conclusion coming. However, the show still has me hooked and the tension sure is exciting.