Steve Earle – Alexandria, VA (08/27/95)

Steve Earle
The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA
August 27, 1995

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01 Mystery Train
02 Hometown Blues
03 Sometimes She Forgets
04 Tom Ames’ Prayer
05 Angel Is The Devil
06 Sailor Man
07 Devil’s Right Hand
08 I’m Looking Through You
09 Goodbye
10 South Nashville Blues
11 Now She’s Gone
12 My Old Friend The Blues
13 Someday
14 I Ain’t Ever Satisfied
15 When Will We Be Married *
16 Rivers Of Babylon *
17 I’m Nothin’ Without You *
18 Northern Winds

19 Ben McCulloch
20 White Freightliner Blues
21 Copperhead Road
22 Guitar Town
23 Down The Road
24 Goodnight Irene *

  • w/ Siobhan Kennedy (then Maher)

Lineage: (Bootleg) aud > ? > cdrx > eac(secure) > wav > flac16

An early Train A-Comin’ gig, with Steve in a particularly jovial mood and a lively audience. A great, fun bootleg with good sound quality. The gig includes relatively rare performances of Sailor Man and Goodnight Irene. Another highlight is a set of duets with Siobhan Kennedy (then Maher).

(Bootleg filler not included here).

Steve Earle – Alexandria, VA (07/25/93)

Steve Earle
The Birchmere
Alexandria, Virginia
25 July 1993

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01 I Ain’t Ever Satisfied
02 Angry Young Man
03 My Old Friend The Blues
04 Someday
05 Angel Is The Devil
06 Hometown Blues
07 The Devil’s Right Hand
08 Fearless Heart
09 The Unrepentant
10 Hurtin’ Me, Hurtin’ You
11 “House lights, please”
12 When Will We Be Married? (Trad.)
13 Guitar Town
14 “Lightnin’ Hopkins and Mance Lipscomb”
15 So Different Blues (Lipscomb)
16 Limousine Blues (Hopkins)
17 Regular Guy
18 Copperhead Road

19 Close Your Eyes

Source: Realistic ECM > Sony WM-D3 > Soundforge > CD Wave > FLAC

Recent upgrade (made available by the original taper in May 2005) of what was previously described here as, “A very rough bootleg, both in terms of sound quality and performance”. This recording is significantly better; for a start, it’s complete and lacks the drop-outs that afflicted the other source.

Despite the declaration “It’s time to make another record. Vacation in the ghetto’s over.” Steve’s next album and tour weren’t to materialise until 1995, and listening to this it becomes clear why. You’ve got to admire the fact that he’s even able to take the stage. Raw and powerful stuff, but his voice is shot to hell and every song sounds like a colossal effort. A fight breaks out in the audience after Hurtin’ Me, Hurtin’ You and Steve has to halt proceedings temporarily to try and restore some sort of order. According to another attendee, the interruption was caused by Steve’s heading out into the crowd to “deal with” somebody who had shouted a comment about him using.

Some comments from a guy who was at the gig:
“It’s pretty amazing Steve, in his condition, was even standing upright. And yet, I’ll tell you, I had never heard the guy before, didn’t care, got dragged by a friend, and waited while he was about two hours late showing up and YET, it was a real powerful concert. I was very impressed with him.Whatever else was going on with him (that’s pretty much the world’s biggest euphemism? Right?), I had a great time and my friend proved herself right that he was a superb talent. Even on THAT night, if you were there, and had never seen him before, whatever it was STILL came shining through all that damage, and the lateness and the fight in the audience.He took no prisoners that show, I’m telling you. See someone at their absolute WORST and become a devoted fan? It doesn’t happen that often. He absolutely won me over with his talent.

I remember the fight [“House lights please”] now. It was toward the back of the club but I now recall it was bad enough that I remember I said to my friend “Should we LEAVE?” and she said, “Nah, just a bunch of cowboys.” But this was not a shoving-match type thing, I seem to recall like, a chair being thrown quite aways, it wasn’t a little dust-up. I’ve worked in nightclubs and seen a few and honestly thought when this one started, maybe head for the door? Which is not my usual response to that crap, this one was fairly dramatic. Don’t remember ANYTHING about what Steve was up to at that point, I’m sure Steve doesn’t remember ANYTHING either… I’d be surprised if Steve remembers he even played that gig.”

Tony Rice & Alison Krauss – Alexandria, VA (10/07/88)

Tony Rice Unit
The Birchmere
Alexandria, VA
October 7, 1988

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Disc 1 53:18
1st Set:
1. Likes Of Me
2. Little Sadie
3. A Song For Life
4. Band Intros
5. Cold On the Shoulder
6. Blue Railroad Train
7. Nine Pound Hammer
8. Song For A Winters Night
9. Ginseng Sullivan
10. Shadows
11. Why You Been Gone So Long?
12. New Camptown Races
13. Early Morning Rain
14. Goldrush
15. Sixteen Miles

Disc 2 66:53
2nd Set:
1. Age
2. St James Hospital
3. Ten Degrees
4. Fare Thee Well
5. Cry, Cry Darling
6. Cricket
7. Moviní Out
8. ñ Enter Kevin Church –
9. Ainít Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone
10. Blue Night
11. Wayfaring Stranger
12. John Hardy
13. Bitter Green
14. Me and My Guitar
15. goodnight

Source: Soundboard Master Cassette > DAT from Sean Hawkins
Transfer: Panasonic SV-3700 > M-Audio 24/96 > @ 24 Bit to Wavelab >
to 16 bit CD WAVE > FLAC
Transfers and Seeded to by Bill Koucky December 16, 2006

Tony Rice – Guitar and Vocals
Alison Krauss – Fiddle and Vocals
Jimmy Gaudreau – Mandolin and Vocals
Wyatt Rice – Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Mark Schatz – Bass

Kevin Church ñ Banjo and Vocals