Jerry Garcia Band – San Rafael, CA (01/07/76)

Jerry Garcia Band with James Booker
Club Front
San Rafael, CA

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Disc One
Tico Tico (piano) ->
Tico Tico (organ)
Don’t Try To Be Your’s Brother’s Keeper Banter
Don’t Try To Be Your’s Brother’s Keeper
Something You’ve Got ->
Just a Closer Walk With Thee->
Goodnight Irene  ->
Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Total Time 47:29

Disc Two
Goodnight Irene
Goodnight Irene
United, Our Thing Will Stand
Classified ->
Right Place, Wrong Time
Right Back Together

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This version should be compared to the previously circulating
version to be understood. This one is slightly more complete
(the two takes of Goodnight Irene, here laid out at the start
of disc two, are absent from the other version). It also has
slightly clearer lineage, at least in terms of the analog-to-
digital transfer (John Kahn’s cassette to Ryan Shriver’s DAT).

In terms of sound quality, it seems a bit of a toss-up. The
other version had some noise reduction and other work done in
Sound Forge, and actually seems to have considerably more high
end than this version, which is considerably flatter and bassier.

d2t01 & t02 both cut in

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shnid: 4466

Lineage: The person who I traded with to get this show only knows the following: he thinks it’s a SBD>CAS (a few gens)>SoundForge>CDRWIN.

I was delighted with the sound quality considering the dodgy lineage. This rehearsal is a wonderful glimpse into the genius of New Orleans piano king James Booker, bringing a new (Orleans) dimension to the JGB sound.

Seeded by Dave Kingston

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The Jerry List describes this as ” A studio rehearsal, most likely at Club Front but not for sure.” It was a rehearsal for some Palo Alto club dates later that week.

James Booker was a one-eyed New Orleans piano wizard in the Professor Longhair style, but much more melodic. He had some classical training, also played a B-3 and improvised endlessly. He recorded briefly in the 50s, put out some fantastic Rounder albums in the 70s, had a weekly gig at the Maple Leaf Club in NOLA that resulted in some posthumous releases from soundboard cassettes after his death in about 1980. He got some well-deserved exposure at Jazz Fest. Not quite sure how he connected up with Jerry, but I’m sure there’s a story there.

This is not the complete rehearsal. The single disc I’ve got gets off to a slow start with an instrumental but Jerry and Booker quickly get in the groove right after that. Booker isn’t hesitant to offer Jer suggestions. Some cassette hiss. To me, this is the ultimate fly-on-the-wall session featuring two unique musicians.

Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – San Rafael, CA (06/01/87)

Grateful Dead & Bob Dylan
June 1, 1987
Club Front
San Rafael, CA

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01 The French Girl/Blues Stay Away From Me
02 Conversation
03 John Hardy [John Hardy Was A Desperate Man]
04 Conversation
05 Instrumental Jam
06 I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry/Blues Stay Away From Me
07 The Times They Are A-Changin’
08 When I Paint My Masterpiece
09 Man Of Peace
10 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
11 The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
12 I Want You
13 Ballad Of A Thin Man
14 Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
15 Dead Man, Dead Man
16 Queen Jane Approximately
17 The French Girl
18 In The Summertime
19 Man Of Peace
20 Union Sundown
21 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
22 Joey
23 If Not For You
24 If Not For You
25 Slow Train
26 Tomorrow Is A Long Time
27 Walkin’ Down The Line
28 Gotta Serve Somebody
29 Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking
30 Maggie’s Farm
31 Chimes of Freedom
32 All I Really Want To Do
33 John Brown
34 Heart Of Mine
35 Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
36 John Hardy [John Hardy Was A Desperate Man]
37 The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest
38 John Brown
39 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
40 Don’t Keep Me Waiting Too Long [Go Ahead, Baby]
41 Stealin’
42 I Want You
43 Oh Boy
44 Tangled Up In Blue
45 Simple Twist Of Fate
46 The Boy In The Bubble
47 Heart Of Mine
48 Pledging My Time
49 Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
50 The Wicked Messenger
51 Watching The River Flow
52 Under Your Spell
53 I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
54 Blues Stay Away From Me
55 If Not For You
56 The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest
57 Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
58 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
59 I’m Free
60 They Killed Him
61 Pledging My Time
62 Oh Boy
63 Introduction by David Gans
64 Gans interviewed by Gary Lambert
65 All Along The Watchtower
66 More Gans interview
67 Stealin’
68 Gans
69 Oh Boy
70 John Brown
71 Folsom Prison Blues
72 Gotta Serve Somebody
73 Hideaway/C C Rider
74 Gans conclusion

Notes from original uploader:
Complete rehearsals for the summer ’87 tour when Bob
Dylan sang as part of the Grateful Dead.

There are some real gems here. Many of these tracks are duplicated and/or superfluous (unless you’re a completist), but the performances are different enough in either band quality or tape quality to not warrant skipping over *too* much….although there are some real head-scratchers here…hey, it’s a rehearsal bootleg, so…

Just a few of the many highlights:
– the Dead bringing to life that forgotten Shot of Love track Dead Man, Dead Man. I’ve never heard it like this before, *yow*!
– you wanna talk Basement Tapes? The French Girl!
– Joey – totally passionate.
– Jer on the banjo for Rollin’, John Hardy, Oh Boy, and a couple others. So much fun!
– TANGLED UP IN BLUE. Faaaaaack – this is just downright *funk-a-delic*. Ever hear outright danceable Dylan? Not until you’ve heard this mother – crankkkkkk it up! The Wicked Messenger follows a bit later in this same, totally groovy vein.
– Bob sings the Boy in the Bubble, Jerry sings the (2nd) Senor.
– Around Under Your Spell the tape quality actually does take on more Basement Tapes-like sound – a bit ragged, but still listenable.
– Kristofferson’s They Killed Him. Absolutely devastating stuff. Another lost-in-the-80s track.

These rehersals seemed more focused and energetic than the release, or any of the other tapes that exist. Get it!