Jackson Browne – Los Angeles, CA (08/15/99)

Jackson Browne
Live On “Folkscene”
Los Angeles, CA
15-August 1999.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Man of constant sorrow
  3. Conversation
  4. Barricades of heaven
  5. Conversation
  6. The crow on the cradle
  7. Conversation
  8. The next voice you hear
  9. Conversation
  10. World in Motion
  11. Conversation
  12. For every man
  13. Conversation
  14. Something fine
  15. Closing comments

Iris Dement – Los Angeles, CA (10/09/94)

Iris Dement
Folkscene, KPFK Studios
Los Angeles, CA
October 9, 1994

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01 intro
02 Let the Mystery Be
03 talk
04 These Hills
05 talk
06 Mama’s Opry
07 talk
xx Our Town (omitted as officially released)
09 talk
10 Sweet is the Melody
11 talk
12 Big City
13 talk
14 I Won’t Even Try
15 talk
16 You’ve done Nothing Wrong
17 talk
18 My Life
19 outro

source: fm

Tom Waits – Los Angeles, CA (07/23/74)

Tom Waits
KPFK Folkscene Radio Show
Los Angeles, CA

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Intro/Better Off Without A Wife
“It’s goog to see you”
Foggy Night
“You’re working on your second album”
The Ghost of Saturday Night
(Looking For) The heart of Saturday Night
“That’s such a fine song”
Semi Suite
“Let me ask you something”
Drunk On The Moon
“I wonder”
Depot Depot
“For those that may have just joined us”
Diamonds On My Windshield
“That’s great”
San Diego Seranade
“What are you plans now?”
“Forthose of you…”
Fumblin’With The Blues

Tom Waits – Los Angeles, CA (08/12/73)

Tom Waits
Folk Scene
KPFK-FM Studios
Los Angeles, CA

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Virginia Avenue
San Diego Serenade
Ol’ 55
Semi Suite
Fumblin with the Blues
Depot, Depot
I Hope I Don’t Fall in Love w/ You
Heart of Saturday Night
Ice Cream Man
Big Joe & the Phantom 309

Lucinda Williams – Los Angeles, CA (04/14/85)

Lucinda Williams
Folkscene, KPFK-FM
Los Angeles, CA

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All I Want
In My Girlish Days
Six Blocks Away
Sharp Cutting Wings
This is Not My Town
Malted Milk Blues
Lover of the Hour
I Just Want to See You so Bad

Sound is pretty good. FM source and it sounds like the original tape wasn’t taken care of real well. It is still quite listenable, but there’s a bit of tape noise.