Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia & Friends – Washington, D.C. (12/09/71)

jerry garcia 1971

Jerry Garcia & Buddy Cage
December 9, 1971
Jetty’s theater Music Hall

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 6609

The date of this show is in dispute.  See comments below.

My attempt at a setlist:

1. unknown (Garcia & Cage duet)
2. Runnin’ Back To You ( G&C no vocal)
3. unknown (G&C)
4. noodle (G&C)
5. Take Me Home Country Roads (G&C Marmaduke and others on vocals)
6. jazz riff (Cage)
7. Long Black Veil (G&C McDuke on vocals)
8. Anybody Goin’ To San Antone (G&C plus McDuke)
9. unknown (Jerry out? – he mentions having to get to hotel at the airport)
10. unknown
11. equipment fu
12. unknown
13. Seasons// (Weir on vocal)

From the original uploader:
Picked up something I haven’t seen elsewhere.
This single sbd CD features Jerry Garcia & Buddy Cage jamming and
noodling with a few Marmaduke vocals and a Weir vocal (Seasons).
Someone (Marmaduke) picks up a bass halfway through)
Very interesting artifact, not from the vault. Session runs until reel
runs out (47:30)

Here’s what I have on this:

Jam Session Info
Here’s the note from James that came with the show:
Now, to the other goody I sent you. Here’s the story on that. A friend of
mine who does sound and production work here in St. Louis was taking slide
guitar lessons and went through the archive of open reel tapes they had
there and found the one in question. He asked to borrow it and took it home
and did a 24 bit digital transfer from the mono 7″ open reel. This hasn’t
been heard by many more people than Brad, myself and a few others in 30
years!!! I was pretty damn excited about the discovery and glad that I was
only the second person that had heard it counting Brad after he mastered the
tape. As far as I know at this point it’s Jerry Garcia, Buddy Cage and other
members of NRPS. Other than that that’s all I know right now. The Grateful
Dead’s archives don’t even have this tape. Pretty fun stuff to listen too
even though it’s a lot of noodling and such. I kinda like it myself.
Everything was plugged straight into the open reel deck. So the source would be:
7″ mono open reel > 24 bit transfer > resample > CD-R

shns from RowJimmy Kelly on 8/30/01

Track 1 is Workin’ Man Blues
Track 3 is Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)
Track 6 is How High the Moon
Track 10 is Take Me Back to Tulsa