Phil Lesh – San Mateo, CA (04/04/59)

San Mateo College Jazz Band with Phil Lesh
San Mateo College
San Mateo, CA
April 4, 1959*

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  1. Finnegan’s Awake, 4:13
  2. Wail Frail, 4:42
  3. I’ll Remember April, 4:16
  4. unknown, 4:20
  5. unknown, 3:06

remastered by Monte Barry on March 14, 2010
upgraded using Samplitude Pro ver 7.22

happy 70th birthday Phil – March 15, 2010

I downloaded Duane’s pitch-corrected tracks 1 and 2 from his item on The Archive, desribed below as source 2. Then I downloaded the other 3 tracks from item 16866 on The Archive. These tracks — 3, 4, and 5 — were pitch-corrected all the same way. All 5 tracks were dehissed. I removed the dead-spots from the ends of tracks. Track changes are seamless.


pitch correction algorithm for tracks 3, 4, 5
— resample mode
— old BPM = 120, new BPM = 110
— pitch reduction = -1.51 half steps
— time factor = 1.0909

dehisser level parameters for all 5 tracks
— reduction = -25 db
— absorption = 60

track level fixes
— on tracks 3, 4, and 5, I matched the left and right channels


Monte the Taper — have you downloaded my old tapes?

source 1

Source: AUD(?) > ? > CDR
Encoding: EAC(secure) > Cool Edit > CDWAV > mkwact(seekable)

Thanks to Patrick Hayes for the disks

Part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2003


  1. I’ll Remember April
  2. Wail Frail
  3. Finnegan’s Awake
  4. unknown
  5. unknown

Deadlists COMMENTS:
RECORDINGS 20 A?. Differences from song-to-song in recording quality and tone suggests this material spans more than one date.

source 2

*per deadlists: “Differences from song-to-song in recording quality and tone suggests this material spans more than one date.”

Source: AUD(?) > ? > CDR
Encoding: EAC(secure) > Cool Edit > CDWAV > mkwact(seekable) > ProTools LE 6.2.3 > .wav > xACT > .shn


  1. Finnegan’s Awake
  2. Wail Frail

Audience recordings of the San Mateo College Jazz Band.
Both tracks composed by Phil Lesh, who also plays lead trumpet on track 1.

Earliest recorded music from any member of the Grateful Dead.


These 2 tracks are pitch-shifted (and otherwise cleaned up) versions of two tracks 2 and 3 on the original etree distribution encoded by Matt Vernon. Details and upload info for the original versions of these tracks can be found at:

I did not attempt any remastering on the other three tracks as those were not Phil Lesh compositions, and therefore they were of less interest to me.

phil1959-04-05dd-d1t01.shn is entitled “Finnegan’s Awake” and the corresponding file on the earlier upload was Track 3, phil59-04-05d1t03.flac. This track was lowered 3 semitones, and I resynched the left and right tracks to reduce a funky flanging sound. Phil plays lead trumpet on this track.

phil1959-04-05dd-d1t02.shn is entitled “Wail Frail” (per Dennis McNally’s book) and the corresponding file on the earlier upload was Track 2, phil59-04-05d1t02.flac. This one was lowered about 1 semitone and the left and right tracks resynched. According to the spoken introduction, Phil does not actually play on this track, choosing to sit out so he can listen to this debut performance.

Both tracks are now in the key of B-flat, a favorite key of many brass players. I am not sure that this is the correct key, but the announcer on the two tracks now sounds like the same person, a human male who has not just inhaled a large quantity of helium.

I did not do any hiss reduction or EQ on the tracks, but they would probably both benefit from such processing.

  • Duane

Grateful Dead – San Mateo, CA (11/06/68)

Grateful Dead
Pacific High Recording,
San Mateo, CA

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Reel> PCM > DAT

Transfer: SBD DAT from the collection of Todd Evans –
DAT > TASCAM DA-20 (spdif out) -> Apogee Wide Eye spdif interconnect ->
Lynx Two Soundcard (spdif in) -> Wavelab 6.0 February 3, 2007

Editing and Mastering in Wavelab 6.0 by Jamie Waddell February 5, 2007 SBE FREE 16/44.1

A **GEMS** Production

1. …Lovelight
2. Dark Star>first notes of St. Stephen
3. St. Stephen attempt into William Tell Transition
4 St. Stephen attempt into William Tell Transition
5. St. Stephen attempt into William Tell Transition
6. St. Stephen>
7. William Tell> fast aborted Eleven.
8. Jerry Describes William Tell transition.. “kind of soundslike a BagPipe….”
9. Burp! (sounds like Phil)…Jerry plays the Drums to Show Billy Triplets… “ya come up with yer right hand here..see”!
10. St. Stephen(cut attempt)
11. St. Stephen – starts with “lady finger…”
12. “you’ll tell by this lick…2-3-4” Garcia
13. Stephen Verses explained by Garcia
14. St. Stephen “OK, from the top..2-3-4”-Garcia (aborted)
15. “hey could we have some more monitors please…more monitor..turn the monitors up”- Weir.
16. 2-3-4…. St Stephen (complete)>
17. William Tell(complete finally) > The Eleven
18. “every time..bullshit.. every time..It happens every time man?” Bob and Jerry gets a lesson from Phil.
19. Tuning stuff
20. last notes of Stephen > transition work into The Eleven. Ends with, îthats the trouble with having schitzophrenic drummersî- Garcia
21 The Eleven Practiced.
22. Garcia is NOT giving up!
23. Phil says… îon the subdivisions of the Eleven, we are dropping ONES all over the place..we are dropping the beat.î They practice.
24. ìso play yer lick, play yer whole lickî Garcia…Eleven Practiced. Garcia says,” Im sorry; you got it right..I’m fucking up”
25. Phil Leads The Beat with a thumping Bass. Big.. ìawwww fuckî from Garcia.
26. Band discusses the practice session and tries it once more. ìyouíll notice its not exactly evenî- Garcia (speaking of the
polyrhythmic nature of The Eleven)

-This source is 81+ minutes. It is tracked for two shorter cdrs, but longer media, ie. 90 min cdrs or overburn can make this a
\one disc source.
-the only similar source at etree, shnid12618 is 1:14:23.960 (196860636 samples)in length, this source is 1:21:39.680 (216075888 samples)
in length. I did not deduce what was missing because upon inspection i found the tracks for that shnid range from 64 kiBs mp3 to 177kiBs
OGG, both lossy formats.
-this was confirmed, infact, to be 11 6 1968 by respectable traders.
-Thank Todd Evans for being a grate trader!

Grateful Dead – Unknown Location (09/12/68) “Clementine Rehearsal”

Grateful Dead
Unknown location (possibly Pacific High Recording, San Mateo, CA)
09/12/68 *

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Clementine Practise Session

Source: sbd > 7 inch Master Reel @ 7.5ips 1/2 track > dat(48k)

01 Clementine (many takes)
02 Clementine (several takes, a couple with vocals by Phil)
03 Space like jam with some improvised vocals

Notes from the original uploader:

– This version has been provided by an anonymous source.
– The date on the tape is 09/12/69 but it is almost certainly 1968. *

The tapers section at for the w.e. 23 September says:

Going back a few years, we are pleased to play a couple of jams from 9/21/68. This material is drawn from a very interesting tape, in that it features Phil, Jerry and Mickey, plus a couple of guest musicians, in a studio jam right in the midst of the period in which the Mickey and the Hartbeats shows were being performed without Bobby and Pigpen. From this studio session, we have a nice Clementine Jam and another very interesting Jam.

Unfortunately the link is dead so we can’t compare it at this time.

– After the jam Garcia says “Was it wierd, did you like it?”
– All files are tagged.