John Prine – New Paltz, NY (04/11/73)

John Prine
State University of New York
New Paltz NY
1973-04-11 (?)

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01 Spanish Pipedream
02 Illegal Smile
03 Donald and Lydia
04 Sam Stone
05 Rocky Mountain Time
06 Pretty Good
07 Hello in There
08 Grandpa Was a Carpenter
09 Intro to Paradise
10 Paradise
11 Clocks and Spoons
12 Often Is a Word I Seldom Use
13 Intro to Dear Abby
14 Dear Abby
15 Sweet Revenge
16 Intro to Everybody
17 Everybody
18 Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore

Lineage: 93XRT Radio Chicago > ??? > WAV > Track Splitting > FLAC Level 8

— Original uploader’s notes:
I received this concert as “1972-04-11 Chicago, IL”, but it turns out to be from New Paltz, NY, 1973. I’m not sure if the date is correct – if anyone knows when Prine went to Rome, it would probably answer the question. It’s really nice to hear such a concert recording, just him and his guitar.
The version of “Dear Abby” from Sweet Revenge album and this concert sound identical, with the same stage banter – “about three months ago I was in Rome, Italy”, but has some interesting stage banter that was not included on the album: “Lyndon Johnson died; Edward G. Robinson died; J. Carrol Naish died…”
For setlists from this show and a bunch of other John Prine shows, please visit my John Prine setlist page at The setlists of all John Prine live recordings I know will all be posted there, along with a 90-second sample for each recording.

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Jerry Garcia Band – Brockport, NY (11/01/81)

Jerry Garcia Band
November 1, 1981
Tuttle North Gymnasium
State University of New York
Brockport, NY

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disc 1:
Set 1
01. The Way You Do The Things You Do
02. They Love Each Other
03 Mississippi Moon
04. I Second That Emotion
05. Mystery Train
Tangled Up In Blue *

disc 2:
Set 2
01. Harder They Come
02. Mission In The Rain+
Russian Lullaby *+
03. Night They Drove Old Dixie Down//+
Dear Prudence *+
Midnight Moonlight *+

*Missing from Source 1
+Missing Fro Source 2

Source 1:

This is a tagged version of shnid: 91112

Recorded by Bob Gates; Nak 100 (with either a CP-4 shotgun or a CP-1 Omni)> Superscope 320
Lineage: Master cassette audience> cassette> CD> EAC> HD
Transfer and FLAC encoding by David Minches:
Extracted tracks processed in Adobe Audition 2.0> FLAC encoding

Editing Notes:

There are several cuts and volume changes which have been edited.
Thanks Bob for providing the source material.

Source 2:

shnid: 138848

Source: Unknown AUD kindly provided by wk &

Transfer: Maxell XLII > Nakamichi CR-5A > Edirol FA-66 > Wavelab 2448 >
R8Brain > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC 1644 tagged. Transfer by Andrew F. 07/2017

Note: Doesn’t match ID-91112. We’re getting closer to completing this show.

Source 3:

This is a tagged version of shnid: 141363

This is a 16/44 fileset. 24 bit > 16 bit via dBpoweramp

Source Info:
Pete & Joel’s Master Audience Cassettes; most likely Nakamichi CM300 mics (possibly CM100’s)

Transfer Info:
Master Cassettes (Kyocera D-811)> Sony PCM-2600 Dat (16-bit/48k)transferred in 1998
Dat (Tascam DA-30 mkII)(16-bit/48k)> M-Audio Microtrack II (.wav 24-bit/48k)transferred around 2015 > Adobe Audition 3.0 (24/48) > TLH 24/48

– Thanks to Pete & Joel for the master cassettes
– Thanks to Ray Ackerman for the transfers
– Thanks to Charlie Miller for coordinating this effort
– Missing “The Way You Do The Things You Do”
– “They Love Each Other” cuts in
– “Midnight Moonlight” clipped
– Level fluctuations smoothed
– Abrupt transitions smoothed as best as possible
– A couple of what sound like mic bumps minimized (Missisippi Moon)
– Upgrade to what is in circulation (2/18)

Mastered by Scott Clugston
February 10, 2018

Source 4:

This is a tagged version of shnid: 143443

16bit/44.1kHz file-set

AUD recording by BFOQ:
Sony ECM-990F stereo mic > Sony TC-D5M > TDK SA-90’s,
with no Dolby, hand-held mic FOB

MAC > Nakamichi CR-5A (Dolby off) > Edirol FA-66 >
Wavelab 2448 > CD-Wave (24bit output) > R8Brain > TLH > FLAC
1644 tagged.
Transferred by Andrew F. 10/2018

Note: This does not match any of the current sources. ID-141362
covers both tape-flips; TUIB 1:35 > 1:45 & TNTDODD 8:00 > 8:09.

Grateful Dead – Cortland, NY (04/18/71)

Grateful Dead
Lusk Field House, State University Of New York,
Cortland, NY

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This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 7112

SBD : MR > RR > DAT > CD
From: John Valter
(Extraction and .shn encoding by “Alan J. Fink, MCP” )

–Set 1–
101-d1t01 – Cold Rain & Snow [6:44]
102-d1t02 – “Fred Burns, come up here to the stage…” [0:20]
103-d1t03 – Me & My Uncle [3:28]
104-d1t04 – Bertha [5:51]
105-d1t05 – Me & Bobby McGee [7:41]
106-d1t06 – “You want the lights off, is that it…?” [1:24]
107-d1t07 – Next Time You See Me [5:02]
108-d1t08 – “I see you’re creepin’ back up with the lights…” [1:24]
109-d1t09 – China Cat Sunflower -> [5:30]
110-d1t10 – I Know You Rider- > [4:58]
111-d1t11 – Casey Jones [5:36]
112-d1t12 – “We’re gonna take a five minute break…” [0:26]

–Set 2–
201-d1t13 – / Sugar Magnolia [6:17]
202-d2t01 – I Second That Emotion [5:54]
203-d2t02 – Truckin’ [9:15]
204-d2t03 – Hard to Handle [8:18]
205-d2t04 – Loser [7:44]
206-d2t05 – Playing in the Band [4:50]
207-d2t06 – Around & Around [4:34]
208-d2t07 – Good Lovin’ [24:32]
209-d2t08 – Uncle John’s Band [6:32]

d1t11 Casey Jones splice at 4:20, missing a couple seconds
d1t13 Sugar Magnolia missing the opening notes
d2t8 Uncle John’s Band 3:20 – 6:32
patched using Cool Edit 96 from higher gen cassette and
increased 86 hz by 14.9
increased 172 hz by 8.5
increased 344 hz by 6.1
increased 689 hz by 4.1
increased 1.3 K by 6.1
increased 2.9 K by 8
increased 7.3 K by 10.5
increased 22K by 12.9
by “Alan J. Fink, MCP”

Pink Floyd – Long Island, NY (04/11/70)

Pink Floyd
11. Apr. 1970
State University of New York, Stony Brook
Long Island, New York, USA

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1. Astronomy Domine
2. Careful with that Axe, Eugene
3. Cymbaline
4. Atom Heart Mother
5. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
6. A Saucerful of Secrets

Source 1:
Genuine New York 1970
Label: Monkey Records
Catalogue number: 002
‘A Saucerful Of Secrets’ as recorded at this concert is incomplete, with a convincing edit into the version commercially avaliable on the ‘Ummagumma’ LP.

Source 2:
Trademark Moo
Highland – HL630
(P) 2003 Made in Italy


Sounds much better than the other versions available from this recording and is much
longer, including more tune-ups and announcements too (not only the intro to
Astronomy Domine actually, but more!)

Again, the recording itself would not deserve more than a VG/VG+ and the taper and the
lady talk really a lot (all it is clearly audible here, from this would be possible to pull out
an accurate transcription maybe, if you’ll be ever interested in knowing what they were
talking about) but this is a real low gen.

Sourced version, once you get this you’ll trash the rest!

A Saucerful of Secrets is obviously cut.

Bob Dylan – Albany, NY (04/18/97)

Bob Dylan
State University Of New York
Albany, New York

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(62min+55min), JT series, Transferred from a DAT master tape; excellent sound, background talking d1t9


missing begin of d1t1

1. Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood) (start of song cut)
2. Pretty Peggy-O
3. All Along The Watchtower
4. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
5. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)
6. Silvio
7. Friend Of The Devil (acoustic w band)
8. Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic w band)
9. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (acoustic w band),

1. Tombstone Blues
2. Band intro
3. Shooting Star
4. Ballad Of A Thin Man
5. Encore
6. Encore
7. Encore
8. Highway 61 Revisited
9. Forever Young (acoustic w band)
10. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35

Jerry Garcia Band – Oswego, NY (12/11/83)

Jerry Garcia Band
Laker Hall, State Univeristy of New York – Oswego, NY

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This is a tagged version of shnid: 30622

Disc Time 73:49

01 That’s What Love Will Make You Do (9:47)
02 When I Paint My Masterpiece (9:08)
03 Run For The Roses (4:48)
04 Deal (10:21)
— Set Break —
05 Cats Under The Stars (11:04)
06 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (14:06)
07 Rhapsody In Red (14:31)

Shure handheld mic > Sony TC-D6
Taped by Ray Ackerman, 10th row center
MAC > CD by Ray Ackerman, transfer equipment unknown
CDR > EAC > TLH (Checksums & verify SBE-OK) > FLAC Frontend

— Missing the first song of the show, How Sweet It Is
— Level changes and brief distortion near start of TWLWMYD
— Small cut at 01:52 in TWLWMYD, aprx a minute or two missing
— Some minor bumping of the mic in various spots throughout
— Seeded August 2005, with thanks to Ray & Jake F! ENJOY !!

Jerry Garcia Band – Stony Brook, NY (12/04/83)

Jerry Garcia Band
Gymnasium (State University of New York)
Stony Brook, NY

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 20735
Set 1 Source:  SBD > CM > PCM >DAT >WAV>SHNv3.
Set 2 Source:  Sennheiser MD-421 mics > D-5 > D-5 (patch) > Nakamichi DR-3 (playback) > Sony Super Bit Mapping >EGOSYS 2496 (soundcard) >SF 4.5 > CD Wave > MKWACT>SHN.

Disc 1 – Set 1
01  I’ll Take A Melody  [14:17]
02  The Way You Do The Things You Do  [08:06]
03  Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door  [13:13]
04  Run For The Roses  [05:20]
05  Cats Under The Stars  [08:35]

Disc 2 – Set 2
1.  //Mission In The Rain  [08:39]
2.  Rhapsody In Red  [12:30]
3.  Don’t Let Go >  [20:48]
4.  Deal >  [07:04]
5.  Tangled Up In Blue  [12:50]

Comments:  Beginning of Mission is clipped.

Jerry Garcia Band – Stony Brook, NY (12/09/77)

Jerry Garcia Band
Gymnasium, State University of New York
Stony Brook, NY

Download FLAC: Google Drive

I have two sources for this show, you can read the info here.

Set 1:
Harder They Come
Catfish John
That’s What Love Will Make You Do
They Love Each Other
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
The Way You Do The Things You Do

Set 2:
1. Midnight Moonlight
2. Gomorrah
3. Tore Up Over You
4. Simple Twist Of Fate
5. Reuben And Cherise
6. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
7. Lonesome And A Long Way From Home

Line Up:
Jerry Garcia – guitar, vocals
John Kahn – bass
Keith Godchaux – keyboards
Donna Godchaux – vocals
Maria Muldaur – vocals
Buzz Buchanan – drums

AUD, Second Set only.
Note: This is a pitch-corrected version of Shnid-4444.

Here are the original notes from Shnid-4444:
Source: FOB Nakamichi CM-300 Mics, MAC > DAT > Digi001 > SHN. Transfer:
DAT @48 > Digidedesign 001 Optical S/PDIF > HD as Sound Designer 2 @48 >
Pro Tools LE (tracked, downsampled to 44.1, and converted to Wave) > SHN >
xACT (sector boundary errors fixed) -> SHN. Special Thanks to Ryan Shriver
of The Jerry Site for providing the DAT. Transfer by D. Metz.