The Office: Season 3, Episode 1 – “Gay Witch Hunt”

You’ll notice tonight that I’m covering some TV shows step by step. For awhile I’ve been thinking about doing TV coverage episode by episode.  In time it could be a really cool database.

I have been watching the first season of the Sopranos and have hand written plots lines for each of them, yet haven’t gotten around to blog them out. Tonight I decided to scribble notes for The Office and My Name is Earl. As you can see I have managed to get them here. It was a little difficult determining how much I wanted to say. A simple plot line synopsis seems a little boring, but an actual review of each episode likewise seems boring and monotonous.

Fans of a show know what works. There is not a good reason to continually point out which actor does a good job, or what is annoying about a program. That leaves the plot, and the best jokes. So that is what I’ll attempt to do. Give a run down of exactly what happened adding my little thought here and there. We’ll see if it works, or if I manage to continue with it.

I started watching the Office last season. Trouble was I never could remember when it came on, so I only caught it sporadically. Over the summer I managed to figure out the time slot and catch most of the season’s episodes. Before the season had ended I did see the season finale ending with Jim finally telling Pam of his love and kissing her as the credits rolled. All summer I’ve waited for tonight to see exactly what Pam is going to do.

And here we are.

Jim transferred to Stamford and we get a few quick looks into how things work in another office. Jim has been promoted, but we quickly see that none of the employees like him. They certainly don’t take to his practical jokes (he puts Ed Helms calculator in some Jello, and Helms promptly has a total freak out), or his mugging for the cameras.

I’m not sure how Stamford is going to work out. Ed Helms is a brilliant edition and could create some wonderful comic moments, and the rest of the cast seem ok. They at least seem somewhat more normal than the Scranton bunch, and watching Jim try to find acceptance there could be very funny indeed. However, the overall cast is already almost too large, and adding an entirely new office may prove to be way too much for the series to hold. It seems highly difficult to handle plot lines for both offices which may mean Jim get regulated to quick gags, which would ruin the show.

Who knows though, maybe he’ll work something out with Pam and move back to Scranton.

Which brings us to that relationship. Part of what made The Office work was the relationship between Pam and Jim. They have a great deal of chemistry, and the awkwardness between their obvious feelings for each other and their inability to do anything about it brought a nice bit of drama to the otherwise outrageousness.

Pam broke off the marriage and the relationship with Roy, though they had to keep all the food, now frozen. Roy doles it out at lunch time. He seems to have had a rough go with it but promises he’ll get her back.

So now Pam and Jim could feasibly get back together. But as everybody knows, putting the couple together when it so much fun that their apart is never a good idea. Just as Sam and Diane or David and Maddie. I hope they don’t ever get together. I hope Pam feels to hurt over the break up and doles out many more seasons of will they-or won’t they.

The bulk of the show dealt with Michael offending and then outing Oscar. Michael some how felt that calling everyone “faggie” was appropriate. Oscar complained of this and confided in Toby that he is gay. Toby chastised Michael to be more sensitive.

Michael immediately blabs to everyone in the office about Oscar’s homosexuality, and gets mixed reactions.

Kevin thinks it is hilarious, Angela that it is disgusting (she says she tried to watch Will and Grace but was repulsed by it), Dwight doesn’t believe it (he’s not wearing women’s clothes) and Michael remains as obnoxious as ever.

Michael and Dwight form a mission to find out who else is gay, but have no idea how to do it. Dwight searches gay porn for possible clues and calls up Jim about purchasing that gay-dar he talked about previously.

As tensions rise Michael calls an office meeting where he manages to enrage Oscar even more by raising more homophobic gossip. Ever endearing Michael attempts to smooth it out by embracing Oscar and even gives him a quick kiss on the lips (Ever the follower, Dwight then jumps up for a kiss on the cheek.)

Hilariously, the episode ends with Dwight receiving his very own gay-dar from Jim (it is a portable metal detector in reality.) He quickly finds Oscar and runs it over is body, pleased when it beeps at Oscar’s crotchal reagion (in reality the belt buckle), but shocked to discover when it beeps at his own.

The show is back and in fine form. There were many laugh out loud moments and a few of the awkward, I can’t believe Michael just did that moments as well. The two offices could create more moments of hilarity, or could cause the plots to be diluted. The Jim/Pam relationship is in flux once again and I’m crossing my fingers it will remain as such.

5 thoughts on “The Office: Season 3, Episode 1 – “Gay Witch Hunt”

  1. i hope jim comes back to our office. i love him and i miss not seeing pam and jim together. i thought it was hilarious though. ed helms was funny.

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