Bootleg Bonanza: Liz Phair – New York, NY (08/01/05)


Liz Phair
Joe’s Pub
New York, NY

Download MP3@256


Little Digger
Never Said
Table For One

Table For One
Polyester Bride
Never Said
If I Ever Pay You Back
Baby Got Going
Uncle Alvarez
Somebody’s Miracle
Closer To You
Everything To Me
Divorce Song
Fuck and Run

I’m familiar with only one Liz Phair album, her brilliant debut Exile in Guyville, which was supposed to be some sort of song-for-song response to the Rolling Stones Exile on Mainstreet, though with the exception of the number of songs and the general raunchiness of the songs, I can’t for the life of me see the resemblance. Not that it matters for the album is full of brilliance in its own right. Why I haven’t tried her other albums is beyond me.

This bootleg is phenomenal. The sound is excellent and the playing is superb. Included is the sound check where you get to hear Liz singing and chatting and trying to get things just exactly perfect.

7 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Liz Phair – New York, NY (08/01/05)

  1. I would LOVE to have this file.
    Unfortunaely,your link,rather than beng to the common .zip or .rar file of all other music links,is to a file ending in “.Pu”.
    I cannnot for the life of me open or access the contents of such a file.
    Li’l Help?
    Is there any way you can post this in a standard format accessible to all?

  2. Hey, the link is no longer up and I was wondering if there wasn’t any chance you could reupload it again.


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