Mark Knopfler – Bristol, England (05/19/96)

Mark Knopfler
Colston City Hall
Bristol, England

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Source: soundboard (FM)

Chet Atkins Intro
Walk Of Life
I’m The Fool
Last Exit To Brooklyn
Romeo And Juliet
Done With Bonaparte
A Night In Summer Long Ago
Father And Son
Golden Heart
Brothers In Arms
Money For Nothing
Going Home
Chet Atkins Outro

This is one of the radio braodcasts from the Golden Heart tour. There were two different broadcasts of this concert, one in UK and one in Norway. This is a mix of these two different broadcasts. The tracks with (UK) after them are as you understand taken from the UK broadcast. The rest from the Norwegian broadcast. Includes also the intro and outro which Chet Atkins did.

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