Van Morrison – Live In Ireland

Van Morrison
Belfast, Northern Ireland (02/20/79)
Dublin, Ireland (02/22/79)
Van Morrison Live in Ireland
In All Your Revelation

Download FLAC: Google Drive

It appears that this comes from an audio rip of a (no longer available) officially released video called “Van Morrison in Ireland”. I have two versions of it, one of which is called “In All Your Revelation” A listen to both versions shows that they sound just the same. So I combined the artwork/text info into one folder and deleted the extra MP3s. I have previously uploaded both versions so if you’ve been following me for awhile you probably already have this. Otherwise enjoy, its a great performance.


1 In Ireland (Intro)
2 Moondance
3 Checking Ot Out
4 Moonshine Whiskey
5 Tupelo Honey
6 Wavelength
7 Saint Dominic’s Preview
8 Don’t Look Back
9 I Been Working So Hard
10 Gloria
11 Cyprus Avenue (Credits)

Bass – Mickey Feat* (tracks: 1 to 11)
Drums – Peter Van Hooke (tracks: 1 to 11)
Engineer [Sound] – Mike Glossop* (tracks: 1 to 11)
Featuring – Van Morrison
Film Director – Michael Radford (tracks: 1 to 11)
Film Producer – Rex Pyke (tracks: 1 to 11)
Guitar – Bob Tench* (tracks: 1 to 11), Herbie Armstrong (tracks: 1 to 11)
Keyboards – Peter Bardens (tracks: 1 to 11)
Mc – Phil Coulter (tracks: 1 to 11)
Producer – Caledonian Productions
Saxophone – John Altham* (tracks: 1 to 11), Pat Kyle (tracks: 1 to 11)
Violin – Toni Marcus (tracks: 1 to 11)
Vocals – Anna Peacock (tracks: 1 to 11), Katie Kissoon (tracks: 1 to 11)

21 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Live In Ireland

  1. hi Matt,

    Could you check the file please when you get a moment. The symbol looks a part of a multiple file, it appears on my download as a blank page, None of my zips will open it. Otherwise everything is fine. Thank you.

  2. This is a great set – like a lost live album from a great period in Van’s career. Actually a composite of 2 gigs, Dublin and Belfast. For some reason this always circulates as lossy. I actually have a raw WAV transfer from my original VHS. This has never been released as DVD, and for some (inexplicable) reason all the unofficial DVD transfers of this and other material have been done with lossy sound (are you listening Mr JTT?) Simply don’t understand why the presence of pictures should require that you experience the sound in diminished and compressd form. If there are total bandwidth issues (never had a problem myself) then surely you should compress the picture qual a little. We are talking about a MUSIC DVD afterall!!!
    Sorry, rant over but this kind of nonsense just makes me so MAD!!!!
    Anyway back to the s/track in question. If you are intersted in the raw (unedited) WAV transfer just let me know sometime

    ps did you manage to grab that last Bob 78 disc?


  3. Sure i emailed the link for disc 6 but to be safe i just sent it again. File is up i just checked

    I’ll try to locate the WAV file

  4. OK, just managed to find the file – it’s a 600MB single WAV file from a transfer i did about 5 years ago – from orig vhs using my NICAM stereo AIWA vhs machine , decent audiophile cables and my SB Audigy II Pro soundcard captured as 16/44 WAV in Soundforge . I’ve never managed to raise the necessary energy levels to split the trax etc and currently my audio power pc is unavailable to me. Mat you could either split and flac etc or just post ‘as is’ on MEGA which is free of size constraints.

    I’ll ‘up’ it as soon as you have grabbed that pending disc 6 of Bob 78 and let me know of course.

    couple of points

    1. 1 hope new reupload policy wont affect the outstanding Van 2005/2006 web compl reuploads
    2. It is possible i may disappear briefly in near future due to possible change of ISP, but as somebody once said ‘I will be back’

  5. I should be able to get the 78 file tonight. Don’t know how I missed it but with the holidays and sickness it must have just slipped past me. I’ll let you know when its got.

    I haven’t split a wav file into tracks in ages and I think never on a Mac, but I’ll piddle around with it and see if I can make it work. If not yeah I’ll just post to Mega.

    Ah, thanks for the reminder on the Van requests. I had forgotten about them. Will try to get them up soon.

    Hope you aren’t gone long. Always enjoy your comments.

  6. Oh wow a very big thanks for the reminder on the Magic Moments disks. I’ve apparently only listened to the first volume. FreeMorrison posted those at a time when he was posting like mad and I was posting mad. I downloaded the but never converted them to MP3 which pretty much means they didn’t get listened to. Spent my evening doing just that and man its good stuff.

    Actually found a whole folder filled with a bunch of shows FM posted at the time that I did nothing with but download. I’ll have to repost them one of these days. But not for awhile.

    While we’re chatting Dave, anything you want reposted I’ll gladly do. You’ve given me so much and always have great comments that I’m willing to break my no reposts rule for ya.

  7. Cheers Mat, not confirmed that i’ll be changing ISP but a definite possibility – service was so overloaded at times over xmas I had to just give up on all internet thoughts. Same every sat and sunday afternoon – drives me bonkers!!
    I wouldn’t worry too much about splitting the Van, it has a few brief chatty interludes but runs thru well if you know what i mean. Also being a prof rec doesn’t need a vol boost or anything.
    I listened to that Hammersmith 79 transfer of mine – it is complete show in average qual (poss 2 source composite) but being raw from tape levels are low. I used to take great care with my tape transfers, I chose my Akai deck as, unusually, it has variable output level and then monitoring on the amp tape loop with headphones there is a definite and very noticable ‘sweet spot’ on the output level. Below it and no amount of dig trickery can save it. above it and hiss/noise levels can never be properly dealt with.
    Anyway this utimately limits the level of the final WAV file and trad volume boost tools degrade the sound qual by compressing it (little known fact!) the lossless normalization tool for soundforge is part of a v expensive restoration toolkit i’ve never had access to.
    If anybody is interested or a better compl source fails to turn up then maybe we can do something with it or just post it ‘as is’ for the completisis out there!

  8. For anyone who has trouble opening the file, change the name to “filename”.rar or .zip

    Mr. DylanDave, i’d love to hear the wav transfer. Great gig!

  9. Anything you want to do DylanDave is good with me. I never attempt any sort of mastering of anything. I neither have the equipment or the ears for that sort of thing. Splitting tracks is about the extent of what I can and want to do. But share away anything you like in any form you want and I’ll pass it on.

    Also did grab part 6 last night so you can kill it.

  10. Thanks Mat and Dave for sharing the lossless rip here as well. Much obliged! We’ll manage to split the file ourselves 😉
    I personally use Audacity for audio editing, it’s free and very good for home use.

  11. Yeah sorry folks, I usually use soundforge to split into trax, it works well but i only have it installed on my power pc which is currently in storage, a bit sick and not very accessible. I wouldn’t worry too much i find a quick click on play and a glass or two of something triple distilled works fine for me.
    Hope you enjoy anyway
    Maybe i’ll get around to installing it (or audacity) on this cheap ‘n’ nasty chinese dl box someday, if only to split files like this.
    Anyway don’t worry, all my transfers were done a few years back using the serious kit.

  12. sorry just noticed Mat hadn’t included the lineage

    Original VHS > Aiwa nicam st VCR > AUDIOPHILE INTERCONNECTS >Audigy 2 Pro soundcard on power pc > WAV capture at 16/44 in Soundforge

  13. Comments from a deleted repost:

    Grant says:
    January 29, 2017 at 7:25 pm Edit

    Classic! Thank you Mat!
    Ludwig says:
    January 29, 2017 at 8:57 pm Edit

    Excellent thank you
    DylanDave says:
    January 29, 2017 at 9:43 pm Edit

    This is the same thing that i upped as my lossless WAV file for you a while back. This may be more polished and edited however, though lossy of course. I’ve downloaded a few of these over the years myself. Not sure why they always get posted in lossy – maybe they are audio rips from lossy DVDs

    Mat Brewster says:
    January 29, 2017 at 10:10 pm Edit

    I saw in the comments of one of the previous posts where you had sent me the WAV files but I can’t find them. I know I got them so don’t worry about sending them again. I probably put them somewhere I figured I’d be able to find them quickly and now have forgotten where that place is.

    DylanDave says:
    January 29, 2017 at 10:50 pm Edit

    I think that I might have FLAC’d it before uppimg it, definitely didn’t split the tracks out however. It will have a sensible filename – Ah you’re in luck, have the drive connected – search for ‘1979-00-00 – Van Morrison in Ireland’.

    Had a thought re the lossy postings of this. Just got a feeling it might have been on WG’s Vault at some stage. which would explain it, if true. I will send it up for you at some stage if it doesn’t turn up.
    Gerbrand says:
    March 21, 2019 at 1:04 pm Edit

    Unfortunately the last track, Cyprus Avenue, is missing from both the FLAC and MP3 files ?
    DylanDave says:
    March 22, 2019 at 9:29 am Edit

    Sure it’s not missing from mine, it’s just my complete unedited WAV (16-44) capture of the VHS

    Gerbrand says:
    March 22, 2019 at 12:50 pm Edit

    I don’t understand your comment or how it helps me. The download contains 10 separate named tracks/songs, the 11th Cyprus Avenue missing.

    DylanDave says:
    March 22, 2019 at 4:23 pm Edit

    The comment was intended for Mat, just a reminder that he has an alt complete version from me in his archive somewhere

    Mat Brewster says:
    March 25, 2019 at 8:15 am Edit

    Sorry about that Gerbrand and thanks Dave. I’ll try to dig around my archives and see if I can find the complete version.
    Gerbrand says:
    March 25, 2019 at 9:08 am Edit

    No apologies needed, Mat, thanks for all your uploads. Just thought I’d mention it. And if you do find it ;-). Sounds like a good show.

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