Pat Metheny & Bruce Hornsby – Vienna, VA (08/06/14)

Pat Metheny Unity Group and Bruce Hornsby w/Sonny Emory
August 6, 2014
Filene Center
Wolf Trap National Park
For The Performing Arts
Vienna, VA

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Lostbrook 2.0 Volume 64

Source: CA-14(cards)>CA-9200>Sony M10(24/48)
Transfer: Micro SDHC>PC>WAV>CQ Mastering>FLAC(16/44.1)
Location: 29th row, dead center

Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ
Setlist/Tracking/Covers: ethiessen1

Bruce Hornsby w/Sonny Emory:

01 M.I.A. In MIA* (4:56)
02 The Valley Road* (7:24)
03 Preacher In The Ring Pt 1** (9:28)
04 Life In The Psychotropics** (6:27)
05 Talk Of The Town** (7:25)
06 Lost In The Snow** (4:32)
07 Adonis** (4:52)
08 Tipping*** (3:51)
09 So Much Youíll Never Understand** (4:44)
10 King Of The Hill >There Is A Mountain**** (6:15)

* Bruce (dulcimer), Pat (guitar), Sonny (Frottoir)
** Bruce (piano), Sonny (drums)
*** Bruce (dulcimer), Sonny (Frottoir)
**** Bruce (piano), Sonny (Cajon)

Bruce Hornsby: Dulcimer, Piano, Vocals
Sonny Emory: Frottoir, Drums, Cajon

Special Guest:
Pat Metheny: Guitar (tracks 1 and 2)

Pat Metheny Unity Group

Disc 1:

11 Bruce Introduces Pat (0:45)
12 Pikasso Intro (6:00) (Pat solo)
13 Come and See (9:41) (add PMUG)
14 Police People (7:02)
15 Kin (11:03) (add Carmassi)
16 Rise Up (12:48)
17 Born (7:56)
18 Genealogy (2:13)
19 On Day One (15:51)

Disc 2

20 Bright Size Life (4:57) (Pat w/Ben duet)
21 Tune Up (4:53) (Pat w/Chris duet)
22 The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (4:58) (Bruce piano, vocals)
23 (Go) Get It (4:14) (Pat w/Antonio duet)>Band Intros
24 Have You Heard? (8:17) (add PMUG)
25 Are You Going With Me? (9:30)
26 Acoustic Guitar Medley* (9:39) (Pat solo)
27 The Way It Is** (7:52) (add PMUG, Bruce and Sonny)

* Includes: Phase Dance, Minuano (6/8), Praise, Midwestern Nightís Dream, As It Is, The Sun in Montreal, Antonia, This Is Not America, Last Train Home

**features drum duet between Sonny and Antonio

Pat Metheny: Guitars, 42 String Pikasso, Orchestrionics, Roland Guitar Synth
Antonio Sanchez: Drums
Ben Williams: Upright and Electric Basses
Chris Potter: Saxophones, Flutes, Bb Clarinet
Giulio Carmassi: Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals

Special Guests:
Bruce Hornsby: piano, vocals (tracks 22 and 27)
Sonny Emory: drums (track 27)

From the original uploader

It was the perfect evening for a double-dose of adventurous music, especially challenging for me since I haven’t followed the careers of Bruce or Pat for decades. I was impressed with both sets, and thought that the selections from Kin were brilliant. My only complaint is that the volume of the music was rather low at the Filene Center. You’ll hear crickets in the background at various times, and not just during the soft parts. (I think they add to the atmosphere.) I was shocked when the guy in front of me put in ear plugs. I also had an aisle seat and was forced to stand multiple times to let people in and out, resulting in some occasional phasing and mic rustling. We decided to offer this as a single torrent since there was some cross-pollination of musicians and no intermission. I like it best as one seamless performance but you may download what you wish of course. And the best part of the entire evening? Meeting ethiessen1 for the first time and hanging out with him and J before and after the show.

7 thoughts on “Pat Metheny & Bruce Hornsby – Vienna, VA (08/06/14)

  1. Good post,

    fascinating mixture of the familiar and the unknown. Just read the notes and gonna have to find some time to listen to this one.

    Lostbrook recs are usually very good, so all the omens are positive

    cheers Mat

  2. I’ve not yet had a chance to really sit with this one either. I used to really love Hornsby. I still dig him, but I don’t listen to him nearly like I once did.

    For those who know him only through “The Way It Is” and his other hits in the late 80s/early 90s I highly recommend checking his other stuff out. Most here probably know he played with the Dead for a couple of years and in concert he’s a great improviser and has influences reaching back to jazz, folk, bluegrass, classical, etc. Very cool artist.

    I don’t really know Metheny well but guys whose opinions matter to me really love him and from what I’ve heard of him is really good.

  3. Mat,

    I remember you posing lots of Bruce’s stuff a while back, never really found a route into discovering his stuff yet. I discovered Pat through his work with Joni. Maybe this, or some of the stuff with the Dead will do the same for Bruce’s stuff.

    I have a fairly decent knowledge of Jazz but must confess that many of the names here mean little to me.

    Instinct suggests this is one for a sunny sunday

    Thanks again

  4. I have to say — just by way of conversation ( certainly
    not complaint ! ) — that I really struggle with Metheny’s
    guitar playing…. Obviously he’s very good, but he just
    leaves me cold…

    I remember the LP he made with Ornette Coleman called
    Song X (I think)… that seemed to nudge him into a
    slightly less comfortable zone — I kind of liked it, but even
    in that context his playing seemed to border on
    emotionless and expressionless

    Mind you, much as I love jazz, and much as I love guitar,
    I can’t really think of any jazz guitarists that I do like.

    Mind you — what do I know? I can barely play Three Blind
    Mice on the recorder !!

  5. I can see that. I’m really not knowledgeable enough on Metheny to make an argument one way or another, but from what I’ve heard I can see how one might admire the technical aspects but not hear enough soul.

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