4 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Merl Saunders – Council Bluffs, IA (02/20/02)

  1. Sorry for the lack of setlist. Merl doesn’t have a big presence online and nobody seems to have his setlists. I haven’t had time to listen to this in a very long time and so I’ve not been able to fill in any of the gaps. I’m quite sure some of the songs will be familiar to Deadheads. Others not so much. If you do listen and can give me some song titles I’d appreciate it.

    I’ve got some really sweet Jerry shows with Merl coming up so this is a nice little taste of that.

  2. Here’s the set list I put together. I won’t promise they’re all right, but it’s a start.
    Merl’s Tune (?) 13:10
    Tore Up Over You 9:38
    Dear Prudence 11:01
    Fire On The Mountain 13:22
    ? Blues (?) 7:52
    Use Me 8:47
    Sugaree 9:12
    M.S. 7:57
    19, 20, 21 (?) 5:25
    Wondering Why 8:33
    Boogie On Reggee Woman 8:53
    My Problems Got Problems 11:47
    Deal 8:48
    Band Intros > I Feel Like Dynamite
    I’d Like To Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again 4:40

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