Bob Dylan – New York, NY (09/xx/61)

Bob Dylan
Gaslight Café
New York City, New York
September 1961

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

1. Man On The Street
2. He Was A Friend Of Mine
3. Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
4. Song To Woody
5. Pretty Polly (trad.)
6. Car, Car (Woody Guthrie)

Bob Dylan (vocal, harmonica, acoustic guitar).
6 Dave van Ronk (guitar, backup vocal).

Note. The circulating tape is known as The First Gaslight Tape.

9 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – New York, NY (09/xx/61)

  1. I’ve had so many versions of this over the years, vinyl (Historical Archives vol 1), boot CDs, endless tape trades etc. Gonna give it one more go to see whether this is new and/or the definitive ver.

    nice pic anyhow (a little low def, but it was a heck of a long time ago!)

  2. Do you happen to have the Gaslight 2 tape from 1962? I can’t seem to find it anywhere, not even to buy (as mp3, I don’t have a CD player). Private response is fine. Thanks so much.

  3. I thought it was a Starbucks promo rel or something, but looking at my scans it actually seems to be a proper Columbia Legacy release ‘A 96016’. Have a look at Discogs site, they’ll have the full details

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