Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Steve Earle – Byron Bay, Australia (04/10/98)

steve earle - byron bay 1998

Steve Earle (feat Buddy Miller)
April 10th 1998
Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival
Byron Bay, Australia

Download: FLAC/MP3
Pre-FM (multis?)>CDR>EAC wav>TLH FLAC 8

disc one
101. Here I Am
102. Taney Town
103. Last of the Hardcore Troubadors
104. My Old Friend the Blues
105. Someday
106. If You Fall In Love
107. Mystery Train Pt 2
108. You Know The Rest
109. Copperhead Road
110. Telephone Road
111. More Than You Can Do
112. Fort Worth Blues
113. I Feel Alright

disc two
201. The Other Side Of Town
202. Somewhere Out There
203. Billy Austin
204. Devils Right Hand
205. Goodbye
206. NYC
207. Someones Got To Do It
208. Guitar Town

From the original uploader:

Loud, Live Raw and Rockin’

I upped this on Dime a long time ago, and now on the eve of the 25th Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival, it’s time to share it again. This show was recorded for broadcast by ABC National FM, and a truncated performance was aired soon after.

This version, however, is the full set in glorious pre-FM sound. It was copied from the masters (multis?) onto CDR by a well known Melbourne guitarist (who shall remain nameless, although I will say he’s a real Beast) during a session at the ABC studios. In this version Buddy Miller is loud and in-your-face in the left channel, much more prominent than on the broadcast set, so I suspect that The Beast tweaked the levels before making his CDR.

This is a copy of those CDR’s and it is a great show. Enjoy!

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