Jerry Garcia & Friends – San Francisco, CA (10/21/70)

John Cipollina, Jerry Garcia, David Freiberg, Papa John Creach, Jack Casady, Jorma Kaukonen, Nicky Hopkins
The Matrix
San Francisco, California
October 21st 1970

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1. Jam 1
2. Jam 2
3. Jam 3
4. Jam 4

Source 2 notes that the date for this is unknown, but source 1, which claims to have come directly from John Cipollina notes the date as 10/21/70. A quick listen indicates they are the same songs so I’m going with the 10/21 date. I have left the second source files labeled as unknown. – Mat

Source 1:
shnid 84321

SBD, from 1st gen. reel to reel.

Notes from the original uploader:

Pretty good recording, awesome stuffs. Almost all the songs are not complete, some fades in,
some fades out, some are cut, but it’s just an super jam !

1st generation reel to reel > revox > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Recorded, transfered, & uploaded by 38f on Dime, March 2007.

This comes straight from the John Cipollina’s collection, i personally made a copy of his reel
and his notes….I did not touch the sound or edited anything in the trasfer, you get what
i got in first place.

Source 2:

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 16143

Eac >cool edit > shntool > cdwav >shnv3
Eac >shn (secure with proper offsets) by Ernie Dodd

ctual date unknown. Jerry Garcia, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Cassady,
John Cipollina, David Freiberg, Nicky Hopkins, Papa John Creech.

Another installment of The Music Never Stops Project!!
Thanks to Paul B. for the show and Jerry’s Kids for the discs!!

8 thoughts on “Jerry Garcia & Friends – San Francisco, CA (10/21/70)

  1. The famous bird gesture. If you were around in the Sixties you probably encountered the bird gesture more than the Peace hand gesture. Cool.

  2. Thanks everybody. The songs in each set are definitely the same ones. Not sure if the 10/21 date is correct but I’m going with it. Have updated this post to reflect it being the same show. I appreciate the help.

  3. Blimey the Matrix must have been some place to hang out in that 67-70 period. The Dead, David Crosby, Jorma and Jack, The Doors, and Heaven only knows what else went unrecorded!

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