Grateful Dead – Vancouver, Canada (07/29/66)

Grateful Dead
Garden Auditorium
Vancouver, B.C.

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The Dead played two sets on this date and some more music at the same venue on the next day. I have two sources purporting to be from this day but with different setlists. As far as I can tell nobody is really sure which date either of these two shows is from or which sets. It is all a bit of a jumble and I’m not archeologist enough to figure it out. If you have some definitive info please let me know. As it is I’m putting all the source info into this post and letting you sort it out.

Disk 1 [54:38]
Set 1

  1. [00:35] Introduction
  2. [03:08] Standin’ On The Corner
  3. [03:15] I Know You Rider
  4. [03:55] Next Time You See Me
  5. [04:22] Sittin’ On Top Of The World
  6. [05:15] You Don’t Have To Ask
  7. [04:33] Big Boss Man
  8. [03:03] Stealin’
  9. [03:55] Cardboard Cowboy
  10. [05:01] It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
  11. [07:44] Cream Puff War

Set II

  1. [09:47] Viola Lee Blues
    [Missing] BIODTL
    [Missing] Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 9051

Conversion: CDR > EAC(secure) > mkwact(seekable)

The Grateful Dead
P.N.E. Garden Auditorium

Dancin’ In The Street
Cold Rain and Snow
King Bee
One Kind Favor
You Don’t Have To Ask
Hey Little One
Beat It On Down The Line
New, New Minglewood Blues

This is an upgrade over previously circulated copies of this show.
The dates and song lists for 7/29 & 7/30 come directly from the
boxes that the master reels are stored in.

A GEMS production -+-+- -+-+- September 2008

This is a tagged version of shnid: 94633

SBD>10″ 1/2 track 15ips MR>DAT>3x>Delta DiO 2496>Soundforge 7.0>WAV>cdwave>Flac

2 thoughts on “Grateful Dead – Vancouver, Canada (07/29/66)

  1. This post is a perfect example of why I’m so pleased you are posting the setlists and tape descriptions again. When I read this description I saw that your set list for the second show on 7/29 includes 9 songs where the version I have contains just 6 songs. What a gift for a Sunday morning – 25 minutes of 1966 soundboard Dead I’ve never heard before. That just doesn’t happen very often. If I’d just seen this show listed in a group of other posts I would have never paid it any attention. So thank you so much for the extra effort you are putting in. I’m gonna go out for a run now and enjoy a nearly 55 year old “brand new” Dead show!

  2. I’m happy to be doing it too. I much prefer things this way. I stopped mainly because WordPress changed how they do things and it was very counter-intuitive to me. Posting became a huge headache and so I stopped. But I think I’ve figured it out, at least enough to copy/paste text files and add in a link so we should be good to go.

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