The Grateful Dead – Europe 1972

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Grateful Dead’s storied tour of Europe in 1972. It was their first real tour abroad and they made the most of it. They spent six weeks there doing 22 gigs in England, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, France, and Luxembourg. Their adventures there were e legendary, and the music was sublime.

I thought it would be fun to follow the tour, posting each show 50 years to the day after they happened. Some shows I’ve already posted, but a surprisingly large number of them have never made it to pages of The Midnight Cafe. I’ll put links up here as each day comes.

The entire tour has been officially released, some shows more than once (which is probably why I’ve never posted most of them). It is my duty to suggest you lay your money down and buy them, they are very much worth the money. Ever the completist I like having all the sources. I don’t actually have all the sources yet, I was a little late in remembering this anniversary, but I’ll post what I do have.

I had really hoped to pre-listen to everything so I could write a little something about each performance, but that doesn’t seem likely now. Please do feel free to leave comments on each show discussing the performances, or sound quality or any old thing.

If you get confused, listen to the music play.

Show #1: London, England (04/07/72)
Show #2: London, England (04/08/72)
Show #3: Newcastle, England (04/11/72)
Show #4: Copenhagen, Denmark (04/14/72)
Show #5: Aarhus, Denmark (04/16/72)
Show #6: Copenhagen, Denmark (04/17/72)
Show #7: Bremen, Germany (04/21/72)
Show #8: Dusseldorf, Germany (04/24/72)
Show #9: Frankfurt, Germany (04/26/72)
Show #10: Hamburg, Germany (04/29/72)
Show #11: Paris, France (05/03/72)
Show #12: Paris, France (05/04/72)
Show #13: Wigan, England (05/07/72)
Show #14: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (05/10/72)
Show #15: Rotterdam, The Netherlands (05/11/72)
Show #16: Lille, France (05/13/72)
Show #17: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg (05/16/72)
Show #18: Munich, Germany (05/18/72)
Show #19: London, England (05/23/72)
Show #20: London, England (05/24/72)
Show #21: London, England (05/25/72)
Show #22: London, England (05/26/72)

5 thoughts on “The Grateful Dead – Europe 1972

  1. that is kinda how I curate for myself what I would like to listen to for each and every day of the year. from 1994-2019, I would listen to music while working. it began with tapes, CD’s players hooked up to a pair of computer speakers. finally when digital in 2006 with the ipod. the amount of music I could carry with me would fill each 8hr each working day as well as the 1hr commute to and fro. due to a change in where my work assignment is located I can not have my personal stereo setup and now how to rely on streaming over the internet. the best is listening to a recording of a show you attended on that day of the year. truly enjoyed listening last month to 16 shows of ABB March Madness at the Beacon that I attended 1996-2007. forgotten I had seen Dr John sit in one night.

    as always, Mat, your time and effort in spreading the music far and wide is highly appreciated
    Much Mahalo

    • I love that idea. Sometimes I try to do similar things in my listening habits. But I get really distracted and lose track of what I’m “supposed” to be listening to.

      I have the Relisten app on my phone which lets you stream all the shows on They will show you every show by a band that was played on a certain day. So I like queuing up the Grateful Dead in my truck when I’m riding around and play a show from whatever day it is. Unfortunately, I’m never in my truck long enough to listen to an entire show. So I get a lot of great first sets, but rarely hear the second sets.

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