Queen – Zurich, Switzerland (11/23/80)

Zurich, Switzerland
November 23, 1980

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Originally shared by The Real Wizard on QZ. Here are his notes:

This is a great copy of the Zurich audience tape. Thanks to Leo for the tape, kindly supplied by Davide Traversi, head of the Italian Queen fan club “We Will Rock You.”

This tape runs through Sheer Heart Attack. This show often circulated without the second encore, as in this case. The last three tracks are patched in from another version (certainly the same audience source), and sound almost identical to the rest of the show.

AUD > ? > Cassette > Technics RS-B66W > Edirol R-09 > 16 bit/48 kHz > xAct > WAV (16/44, GoldWave speed correction) > FLAC level 8

  • AUD > ? > Cassette > WAV > FLAC level 8 1) overture
    2) Jailhouse Rock
    3) We Will Rock You (fast)
    4) Let Me Entertain You
    5) Play The Game
    6) Mustapha
    7) Death On Two Legs
    8) Killer Queen
    9) I’m In Love With My Car
    10) Get Down Make Love
    11) Need Your Loving Tonight
    12) Save Me
    13) Now I’m Here
    14) Dragon Attack
    15) Now I’m Here (reprise) 1) Fat Bottomed Girls
    2) Love Of My Life
    3) Keep Yourself Alive
    4) tympani solo
    5) guitar solo
    6) Battle Theme
    7) Brighton Rock (ending)
    8) Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    9) Bohemian Rhapsody
    10) Tie Your Mother Down
    11) Another One Bites The Dust
    12) Sheer Heart Attack
    13) We Will Rock You *
    14) We Are The Champions *
    15) God Save The Queen *

Enjoy, and keep it lossless !

My notes:
This is the best (to my knowledge) version of the recording of the first show from the 1980 European tour, which is absolutely an astonishing tour.
The band is on fire.
This first night is a great show too even though they’re not yet in the shape they’d be in by the time they’d hit Birmingham, London, Brussels,…
That said, if someone has a copy of the Strassbourg December 16, 1980 show or a decent copy from the last night (Munich December 18, 1980)…;-)

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