Grateful Dead – Plays Country and Western

The Grateful Dead
Play Country/Western/Folk

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

From Multiple SBD Sources (including Berthas where available)

Bill Graham Intro (5-15-70) from Acoustic Set 1
Don’t East Me In (05-15-70)
You Win Again (05-04-72)
Mama Tried(5-8-77)
I Know You Rider (5-15-70)
Cold Jordan (5-15-70)
Dire Wolf (10-19-74)
Sing Me Back Home (8-27-72) Bertha Source
Me and My Uncle > Cumbeland Blues (07-17-89)
High Time (05-18-77)
The Race Is On (05-06-89)
Big River – (10-19-74)

The Other Disk

Jack-a-Roe (5-17-77)
Tomorrow is Forever (9-26-72)
Friend of the Devil (9-27-72)
Ramble On Rose (3-29-90)
Mexicali Blues (09-26-91)
New Speedway Boggie (05-15-70) Acoustic
Beat it on Down the Line (3-22-90) Bertha
Tennesee Jed (10-6-77)
Me and My Uncle (6-7-70) Acoustic
The Stranger (5-11-72)
Deep Elem Blues (10-11-80)
Monkey and the Engineer (10-11-80)
Ripple (10-11-80)

Track cuts done using CD WAV
Normalization and Cross Fades done using Cool Edit 2000
No DAE was used in process. All original sources came from Archive, Tol, or personal SHN/FLAC sources

Long Live Tol, Latvala and the Archive!

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