Billy Strings

My Twitter feed has been going crazy over Billy Strings for a while now and I finally checked him out. Gotta say I’m fast becoming a fan. I guess you’d put his genre as bluegrass or maybe newgrass, but he plays a lot of rock and roll covers (including regularly playing the good ole’ Grateful Dead). Dude is a great performer. He’s got a bunch of shows on the Archive, and I just listened to this one and I highly recommend it. Check out “Dust In a Baggy” for a taste of what he’s capable of.

3 thoughts on “Billy Strings

  1. Future of Bluegrass much like they said about Alison Krause way back in the late ’80’s (wow, THAT long ago??!) and look at her now, similar trajectory for Billy’s future. Watch This Space!

  2. I don’t know that he’s all that, but he is a very good guitar player and he seems like a cool dude. Or at least a guy who has a good understanding of the musical history he’s become a part of.

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