I’m Back

grand tetons

The break I took to be with my family was actually a vacation to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks. I’m always a little hesitant to announce that I’m not going to be at my house for long period of times which is why I was so vague. Anyways we had a grand time and saw some beautiful scenerary such as the photo I took above. I’m back now and I’ll have some new posts in a few moments. Thanks for all the kind words, now lets hear some music!

A Little Slow Down


A friend of the site just sent me an incredible gift – 4 Terabytes worth of shows! That’s a whole lot of music to sort through. Instead of pouring through his lists of shows and comparing them to mine and coming up with a list of things I didn’t have I just asked him to send me all his Dylan, Van, Neil shows. It seemed easier to sort it out here rather than spend a month looking at lists (or maybe I just wanted the shows now!)  He also sent a lovely assortment of other artists as well.

I have them now and am trying to sort them. I’ll be unloading the hard drive he sent me and putting them on one of mine so that I can load his back up and send it to him. Call that the grand-daddy of all trades! Then I’ll be sorting through it all and trying to organize all my files over several hard drives.

As such I’m going to take a break from uploading shows for a little while. I still have a pretty big backlog of stuff that’s on Amazon but has yet been posted on the blog. What I’ve decided to do is slow the number of posts down to about one a day so that I don’t burn through that log too quickly.

It shouldn’t take too terribly long to get things sorted reasonably well. I’m thinking a couple of weeks, tops. After that I’ll get back to my regular speed. I now have a lifetimes worth of music to share. Enjoy.

A Slight Change In The Bootleg Process

I have been pretty consistently posting bootlegs for several months now.  I thoroughly and completely enjoy the process.  I have been collecting bootlegs for a very long time, and it is a lot of fun getting to spread the music around.  Since I have started the Bootleg Bonanza I have found many other blogs that make a wide variety of bootlegs available to the public.  I have download countless shows from these sites, and many of the bootlegs I have posted here have originally come from them.

In the beginning I was scared that some of these sites would get mad at me for reposting their shows, and I was also stingy in the sense that I didn’t want my readers to know about other places to get bootlegs. The thought being that if you knew you could get the shows elsewhere, you wouldn’t come back here. As to the first part, well they might get upset, but the truth is they are getting the bootlegs from somewhere themselves and reposting. That’s the bootleg community. No one is able to tape all of these bands, or get recording from the original source. We all collect them from all over the place and then post them to our own sites as a way to spread the music some more. Thus I see no reason for anyone to get upset. It should be all about the music, not who is posting what.

So, now instead of downloading their shows, unzipping them, sometimes relabeling them, zipping them back up and uploading them again, I am simply going to be linking directly to the original uploads. I’m not sure exactly what format I’m going to use at the moment. Probably I will continue to post a setlist, a picture and a link, but I may eventually create a master post with links to the various shows. In each case I do plan to link to my original source.

As to the second thought, I don’t think doing any of this is going to cause me to lose readers. The main reason I went to the trouble of re-uploading the shows, was so that my readers wouldn’t know where they came from and thus would keep coming back to me. At this point I’m willing to take that risk. When I post a show that I got from somewhere else, I am now going to link to where I got it from. This should provide my readers with additional resources to obtaining even more shows. If that causes my readers to leave me and go for the other sites so be it.

I still do get shows from sources other than bootleg blogs. I get CDs in the mail through various trades and vines. I am still heavily involved in downloading lossless torrents from a host of sites. I will continue to post these when I can. In fact I hope that the time saved in not downloading/uploading shows from the other blogs will give me more time to upload lossless shows I get from these sources.

All of this being said, I still have a large number of shows I’ve downloaded from the blogs on my hard drive. In most instances I no longer know where I got them, and thus I will continue to post them without links to the sources. Which means the process I’ve just pointed out will be slow in fading out the old process. What it also means is that my readers should likely get access to a lot more music. Which is the point, after all.

If you are the owner of one of the music blogs that I am now linking to, and you do not want me to do so please let me know.