Bob Dylan – Chicago, IL (05/03/63)

Bob Dylan
WFMT radio
Chicago, IL

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I have two sources for this show, neither have text files. One says it is LB-6930 and so I took that info from Lossless Bob’s site. The other is an untracked FLAC


A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
Bob Dylan’s Dream
Boots Of Spanish Leather
John Brown
Who Killed Davey Moore
Blowin’ In The Wind

BOOTLEG: STUDS TERKEL’S WAX MUSEUM; Yellow Dog 057 ; To commemorate the passing of veteran radio personality Studs Terkel, his Dylan show from 1963., Lineage: Yellow Dog YD 057->EAC->Flac Frontend (level 8, align on sector boundaries->torrent, Info from, STUDS TERKEL’S WAX MUSEUM, Yellow Dog 057 [T-450], WFMT-AM (Chicago, IL); April 26, 1963, DEEP: A significant upgrade. Much clearer sound, less hiss, very enjoyable disk. The interview makes for very good listening, too. Thumbs up to this one and some killer period photos to boot., Info from, Tracks:, Introduction, Farewell, Hard Rain, Bob Dylan’s Dream, Boots Of Spanish Leather, John Brown, Who Killed Davey Moore?, Blowin’ In The Wind Review:, The 1963 Terkel performance and interview is a must have for any serious collector. Bob has come into his own as a performer even at this early date. The songs are well done, and Bob’s wit shines through on the interview. This CD is the one to own. Yellow Dog has removed most of the tape hiss of what was already a very nice sounding line recording, and it now sounds better than ever. The colorized cover is gorgeous. The original black and white BBC photos are from the set of of the 1962 UK TV play Madhouse On Castle Street. The package photos and aesthetics alone would make this one worth the price., source:, WFMT radio, Chicago, IL May 01, 1963, Manufacturer / Catalog No., Yellow Dog / YD 057, On his website, Studs Terkel gives a date of May 1, 1963 for his interview with Dylan., (; bittorrent download 11/08; very close to mono; nothing above 16k but does not have lego parapets; in comparison this is more muffled and harsher than LB-1071 and LB-5970 but less muffled than bootleg “Before the Flood and after the fire”; (did not listen to all of this)

Bob Dylan – Tapes and Acetates From The Times They Are A-Changin’

Bob Dylan
Tapes And Acetates From The Times They Are A-Changin’
Studio A, Columbia Recording Studios, New York City, New York

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Label: Improved Air Remaster/ Tarantula 013

Audio Source: soundboard / acetates

Lineage: SHN – FLAC 8 (converted and tagged with xACT 1.64)
Number of Discs: 1

  1. Paths Of Victory
  1. Hero Blues
  2. Eternal Circle (incomplete)
  3. Eternal Circle (version)
  1. Moonshiner
  1. Farewell (incomplete)
  2. East Laredo Blues
  3. Bob Dylan’s New Orleans Rag (incomplete)
  4. Bob Dylan’s New Orleans Rag
  1. Lay Down Your Weary Tune
  2. Percy’s Song (version)
  1. Suze (The Cough Song)
  1. That’s All Right Mama -Sally Free And Easy
  2. The Times They Are A-Changin’ (version)
  3. Eternal Circle August 6, 1963 – tracks 7, 9 August 7, 1963 – track 3 August 12, 1963 – tracks 1, 2, 4-6, 11 October 23, 1963 – tracks 8, 10, 16, 17 October 24, 1963 – tracks 12-15, 18 In order of recording: 7, 9, 3, 1, 11, 2, 5, 4, 6, 8, 17, 10, 16, 18, 14, 13, 15, 12 Sources: tracks 1, 3-8, 13-15 are from tape #1 (‘Tarantula’ tape) tracks 9-12, 16 are from tape #2 track 2 is from acetate

Thelonious Monk – Stockholm, Sweden (03/05/63)

Thelonious Monk Quartet
Stockholm, Sweden

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Short spoken intro 1’17
Bye-ya 8’36
Monk’s dream 8’35
‘Round Midnight 9’20
Criss cross 5’19
Drum Solo 3’59
Jackie-ing 8’22
Just a Gigolo 3’23
Bright Mississippi 9’13

Thelonious Monk – Piano
Charlie Rouse – Tenor saxophone
John ore – Bass
Frankie Dunlop – Drums

lineage is pre-fm > ? > cd-r or something like that. I tried and find a more precise lineage, butit’s always just described as a”pre-fm” record and that’s it…


Miles Davis – Antibes, France (07/26/63)

Miles Davis Quintet
La Pinède, Antibes, France

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Miles Davis: trumpet
George Coleman: tenor saxophone
Herbie Hancock: piano
Ron Carter: bass
Tony Williams: drums

Festival Mondial du Jazz Antibes,
La PinËde, Juan les Pins, France
July 26, 1963

1 So What 9’54
2 Stella by Starlight 14’16
3 Seven Steps to Heaven 10’54
4 Walkin’ 10’38

same personnel and location
July 28, 1963

5 If I Were a Bell 12’44
6 So What 12’38

Total time: 71’04

ORTF radio broadcasts.
Issued as a bootleg: Cote Blues (JMY 1010-2)
The date given on JMY 1010-2 as July 26, 1963 only. The dates shown here are from Pete Losin’s Miles Ahead site.
The first ‘So What’ was incorrectly issued as ‘All Blues’;
‘Seven Steps to Heaven’ and ‘Walkin” were issued as a single track under the title ‘Seven Steps to Heaven’

FM> ?> CD> Sound Forge (rebanding of tracks)> WAV> dBpowerAMP converter> FLAC (level 6)> DIME> Your ears

John Coltrane – Copenhagen, Denmark (10/26/63)

John Coltrane Quartet
26 oct 1963
Tivoli Koncertsal, Copenhagen

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Magnetic 137
MAG SILVers > xAct-Flac > World

Recorded for Denmark Radio. this is pre-FM source. Excellent quality!

Mr. P.C.
Impressions (inc.)

The Promise
Afro Blue
My Favorite Things

M Tyner – Piano
J Garrison – Bass
E Jones _ drums

Duke Ellington – Stuttgart, Germany (02/12/63)

Stuttgart, Germany

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Speed Corrected and level Adjusted
with Sound Forge(Sbe’s was aligned with TLH)

Thanks to Professor Goody for the correct speed information( the correct time is 97,25% of
the old torrent)

SOURCE: FM>unknown recording equipment>Tape>CD TRANSFER>trade>CD>
EAC Secure Modus>Flac Frontend Level 6>Flac


Cootie Williams, Cat Anderson, Roy Burrowes -tp;
Ray Nance -tp,v; Lawrence Brown, Buster Cooper, Chuck Connors -tb;
Jimmy Hamilton -cl,ts; Russell Procope -as,cl; Johnny Hodges-as;
Paul Gonsalves -ts; Harry Carney -bs,bcl,cl; Duke Ellington -p;
Ernie Shepard -b; Sam Woodyard -d;

1 TAKE THE ‘A’- TRAIN 0.51
7 PYRAMID 4.03
10 DO NOTHIN’ TILL YOU HEAR FROM ME [Milt Grayson -vo;] 5.22

Thaks again to Ricola to seed this great DE show



Dave Brubeck – Basel, Switzerland (09/28/63)

Dave Brubeck Quartet
Grand Casino
Basel, Switzerland

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fm, 79:50. A-

SRG Radio FM radio broadcast

FM > ? > CDR > WAV > WAV TRIM > Trader’s Little Helper (FLAC 8, align on sector boundaries)
add. lineage: DIME > wav > edits > flac(lvl8)

Dave Brubeck, Piano
Paul Desmond, Alto Saxophone
Eugene Wright, Bass
Joe Morello, Drums

01 Take the “A” Train 2:06
02 Audrey 10:26
03 Cable Car 7:50
04 You Go to My Head 10:19
05 Take Five 10:58
06 Koto Song 6:44
07 Pennies from Heaven ^ 10:19
08 Shim Wa 14:07
09 Thank You 6:41
10 radio announcement 0:16

^ pitch fluctuations and crossstalk 5:40-6:20

  • glitches begin near end of track 8 and continue until last 3rd of track 9


  • trimmed silences
  • gain normalized and retracked
  • repaired or removed drop outs
  • repaired clicks, pops and glitches
  • declicked and decrackled
  • lightly denoised using noise print from start of recording
  • declipped
  • slight EQ to bring out highs
  • retracked

– repaired clicks and pops

  • global speed correction: -50cts (thanks Goody)
  • updated docs and such

Bob Dylan – Chicago, IL (05/01/63)

Bob Dylan
WFMT radio
Chicago, IL
May 01, 1963
Interview with Studs Turkel and songs

Also includes Bob’s performance on Cynthia Gooding’s Radio Show

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Hard Rain
Bob Dylan’s Dream
Boots Of Spanish Leather
John Brown
Who Killed Davey Moore?
Blowin’ In The Wind

Bob Dylan – Newport Folk Festival (1963-1965)

Bob Dylan
Newport Folk Festival
Label: Johanna (2) – JPCD-001
Release Country: Japan
Released: 2016

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No source info comes with this boot. I got the track listings of of discogs.



1 North Country Blues [7/26 Afternoon Workshop]
2 With God On Our Side With Joan Baez [7/26 Afternoon Workshop & 7/28 Night Performance]
3 Talkin’ World War III Blues [7/26 Night Performance]
4 Who Killed Davey Moore? [7/26 Night Performance]
5 Only A Pawn In Their Game [7/26 Night Performance]
6 Blowin’ In The Wind With Joan Baez Ppm And Etc [7/26 Night Performance]


7 Mr. Tambourine Man [7/24 Afternoon Workshop]
8 It Ain’t Me Babe With Joan Baez [7/24 Night Performance]
9 With God On Our Side With Joan Baez [7/26 Night Performance]
10 Chimes Of Freedom [7/26 Night Performance]


11 Introduction
12 All I Really Want To Do [7/24 Afternoon Workshop]
13 If You Gotta Go, Go Now [7/24 Afternoon Workshop]
14 Love Minus Zero / No Limit [7/24 Afternoon Workshop]
15 Maggie’s Farm [7/25 Night Performance]
16 Like A Rolling Stone [7/25 Night Performance]
17 Booing [7/25 Night Performance]
18 E-Harmonica [7/25 Night Performance]
19 Mr Tambourine Man [7/25 Night Performance]
20 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue [7/25 Night Performance]

Bob Dylan – London, England – Madhouse on Castle Street (1962-1963)

Bob Dylan
30 December 1962 to 4 January 1963
“Madhouse on Castle St.” shooting,
BBC Studios
London, England, UK

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SOURCE of this Torrent: Download February 2006 (all notes and content are as downloaded apart from new md5 & ffp)

This Torrent: JTT 2008

5 source compilation

Collected, transfered, compiled & poorly annotated by Arturo El Duderino
21 Jan 2006

CD 15:13.68

SOURCE ONE – “recording a” – the oldest circulating version

  1. Blowin’ in the Wind [1:45.21]
  2. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan [0:47.07]

SOURCE TWO – “recording a” – a new transfer from the oldest circulating version source tape – more natural than the previous one, but also showing some bad ageing of the master tape. Received Aug 2005, done possibly with relation to the ongoing BBC research.

  1. Blowin’ in the Wind [1:46.15]
  2. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan [0:42.69]

SOURCE THREE – “recording a” (well remastered, or “recording b”) – BBC4 “Dylan in the Madhouse” 2005

  1. Blowin’ in the Wind (harp) [0:13.43]
  2. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan [0:19.33]
  3. Blowin’ in the Wind (harp) [0:14.00]
  4. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan (echoed) [0:12.57]

SOURCE FOUR – “recording b” – a 4-song tape – BBC4 “Dylan in the Madhouse” 2005

  1. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan [0:51.06]
  2. Blowin’ in the Wind (harp) [0:12.44]
  3. The Coo Coo Song [0:30.07]
  4. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan (w/voiceover + lyrics read out) [2:35.73]
  5. I Been All Around the World (Hang Me Oh Hang Me) [0:28.15]
  6. Blowin’ in the Wind [0:50.47]
  7. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan (complete w/voiceover) [2:16.30]
  8. Blowin’ in the Wind (harp) [0:14.40]

SOURCE FIVE – “recording c” – this (reportedly 4-song tape) was admitted too late to be included within the BBC4 main program, but the following fragments are used while credits roll. Best available quality so far – BBC4 “Dylan in the Madhouse” 2005

  1. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan [0:58.73]
  2. Blowin’ in the Wind [0:14.13]

Recordings as complete as known to circulate.
(if you know otherwise, don’t hesitate to prove it. Thank you)