Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Mill Valley, CA (02/28/75)


Grateful Dead
Bob Weir’s Studio – Recorded by Dan Healy
Mill Valley, Ca

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SBD MR > R > R > CD * > EAC > WAV > FLAC
This is a tagged version of shnid: 93779

SBD MR (Vault Reel) > R
(Jerry Garcia’s copy given to him by Kidd Candelario) ** > R (Will Boswell) > CD

— R dubbed at 3 3/4 ips using an Akai GX625
— mastered to CD by Matt Smith
— R > Apogee Mini Me (24/96) > Apogee Mini DAC (monitoring) > Wavelab 5.0
(dithered to 20/4 4) > CD > EAC > WAV (shntool confirms no sbes) > FLAC (TLH)


Disc 1 of 2 (55:40)

1. (x) distorto (crazy fingers) jam – ends with drum roll (0:38)

2. (x) distorto (crazy fingers) jam (8:06) – Officially Released on Beyond Description

3. (x) bouncey jam (11:36)

4. (x) Weir chording “bouncey jam” while band talks about
how to play “…you’re playing fours in there, it sounds
like, Bobby…” [about 1:39]
(fade in) studio talk > stronger than dirt jam [about 2:03] > (4:08)

5. talk about chording while keyboard noodling >
drum noodling and talk [about 1:09] >
stronger than dirt jam > studio talking [about 10:46] (11:18)

6. (fade in) “girl from ipanema jam > “…ah ha-ah…” [about 1:59]
spacey noodling jam (x) [about 0:41]
(x) more spacey noodling jam (fade out) [about 1:44] (4:19)

7. (fade in) “tleother-ish” jam > slow “nfaway-ish” jam > [about 1:11]
“oh, yeah, i almost had it there…” >
“tleother-ish” jam > slow “nfaway-ish” jam >
noodling > studio talk & g t;
“…can you play that back for us, please?” [about 14:24] (15:30)


Disc 2 of 2 ( 77:12 )

8. (fade in) “shakedown streetish” funky jam [about 10:14] >
noodling >
“hey, dan, turn the snare drum up in my ears, please.” >
noodling and short jam [about 2:01] > (12:13)

9. tom-tom drum rolls > talk about mics > noodling >
“…there’s something ringing out here, ned…” >
“don’t worry about it” [about 1:33] >
show tune one jam > drum kit rolls and noodling [about 2:11] >
fast show tune two jam [about 5:31] >
jgarcia plays slow show tune >
“…hey, record every precious moment of this.” >
jgarcia jam and drum rolls [about 2:05] > (10:56)

10. “…you know what they are? they’re slow triplet
synchopations,man…” >
killer groove jam [about 3:36] >
studio talk [about 1:57] >
“jungle music” jam > “…i’m playing threes and you should play a four-four
line against that…” [about 2:43] > (8:21)

11. studio talk and noodling > “…and, healy, the name of
that tune is pock-a-way…” [about 1:25] >
“slipknot” noodling [about 1:17] >
“the music never stopped” jam [about 11:59] (14:14)

12. (x) five or more “the music never stopped” theme jams > (10:14)

13. “the music never stopped” jam > “”…oh, gawd…” >
several yelps (x) (21:11)

notes from th eoriginal uploader:

incredible jams! outstanding sound quality!!
new to general circulation (Aug 1 2008)
what more could you want?

once again, I can’t give enough thanks to the cast of characters responsible for bringing us this joy: Will Boswell, Taper Pat, Matt Smith, and Ihor W Slabicky (sorry if I left anyone out, this really seems to be a community contribution). Still, special thanks to my direct connection: Taper Pat and Matt Smith. I’m not only forever grateful for this wonderful music you keep sending my way to share with others, but I’m also forever grateful for your friendship, guidance, and kindness. I feel truly blessed to know you and have you in my life.

* track notes by Ihor W Slabicky (thanks Ihor!!!)

please forgive the tracking and timing issues. studio sessions could be tracked any number of ways and I did the best I could to adapt Ihor’s wonderful notes for a differently tracked version

** as Taper Pat observes:

“The source for this set of music is from a stash of reels and cassettes of unknown lineage made for JG by Kidd Candelario for listening purposes in the early and mid ’70’s (how did we play, what did we play, etc..). Kidd did not use archival material in the transfers (equipment, methodology or media) so the sound quality of the stash is variable. However, as time passes and analog sources decay or are MIA, some of the stash is proving to be great interest to the GD community. The stash is most likely copies of the master source, but in
some cases (O&ITW 6/6/73 Passaic), most likely is the master.”

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Elvis Costello, Jerry Garcia & Friends – Mill Valley, CA (04/24/89)


Elvis Costello, Jerry Garcia & Friends
Mill Valley, CA
(Music Store Birthday) — That’s what the label on my tape says.

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage: SBD?>Dat>my computer (minor edit)>Wav>CD (minor edit)>EAC>FLAC
This is a tagged version of shnid: 78006

//Entire SBD performance exist prior to Jerry Garcia but not included in this seed
You Win Again (1) ~ 3:38
Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down (1) ~ 2:55
Why Don’t You Love Me Like You Used To (1) ~ 2:33
Riot In Cellblock #9 (1,2,3,4,5,6) ~ 3:49
Going Down (1,3,6-son) ~ 3:57#

Total ~ 16:55#

Not included in this seed but played after “Going Down”:
C.C. Rider (1,7)
Turn On Your Lovelight (1,7)
Let The Good Times Roll (1,7)

(1) Jerry Garcia (guitar)
(2) Commander Cody (vocals)
(3) Sammy Hagar (guitar, vocals)
(4) Mitch Woods (piano)
(5) Andy Simpson (harmony vocals)
(6) James Burton (son is Jeff Burton)
(7) Bob Weir (guitar, vocals)

Other musicians mentioned include:
Pete Sears, Charles Brown (piano, vocals) and Jerry Seiger.

Recordings this seed:
The Garcia segment for the 5 songs is [16:55#], “I’m Going Down” cuts at end.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia & David Grisman – Mill Valley, CA (12/17/90)

jerry garcia david grisman

Garcia & Grisman
The Sweetwater
Mill Valley, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

The Thrill Is Gone
When First Unto This Country
Grateful Dawg
Spring In California
Off To Sea Once More
So What?
Two Soldiers
Dawg’s Waltz
Russian Lullaby

Garcia & Grisman. This is a complete show and was the first Garcia/Grisman show