Phil Lesh & Ned Lagin – Encinatas, CA (11/22/75)

Ned Lagin and Phil Lesh
Marquee read “Lesh & Lagin
Electronic Space Music”
La Paloma Theatre, Encinitas, CA
11-22-1975 Early show

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Total time: 73:23

1st set:

  1. Jam 1 29:52
  2. Jam 2 20:42

2nd set:

  1. Jam 3 22:49

Word has it that this was the very last night Lesh and Lagin performed together publicly, and over the years no tape has appeared of the late show, so this may be the very last of their performances on record.

Written documentation does not exist for genealogy, but is remembered as:

Sony ECM280 individually hand-held at each end of the center row of seats, about 3/4 of the way back from the stage > Sony TC-152SD with Dolby (B) and limiter on.
Cassette type not known.

MAC playback on Sony TC-152SD with Dolby (B) decoding > Tandberg T9000 R2R at 3.75 ips on Scotch 207 (very soon after show) > Technics RS1506US with pitch adjustment > Korg MR-1000 @ DSD 5.6MHz

Phil hits some nice “A” notes at beginning, used for pitch reference.

MR-1000 > Audiogate > WAV16/44 with Korg AQUA dither > tracks > TLH (SBEfix, FLAC)

Jerry Garcia, David Crosby, & John Cipollina – Mill Valley, CA (03/17/75)

KPFA Tree Round 2
Ned Lagin’s birthday
Recorded at Bob Weir’s studio (aka Ace’s).

Download SHN: Amazon Drive

You can read a transcript of David and Ned’s talk here.

KPFA Grateful Dead Marathon 2/3/01
Host: David Gans
KPFA 94.1 fm Berkeley CA
SBD>Cm>Sonic Solutions>CD

Ned Lagin, acoustic and electric piano
Jerry Garcia, electric guitar
David Crosby, electric 12-string guitar
Phil Lesh, bass
Billy Kreutzmann, drums
John Cipollina, electric guitar (#2 only)

Disc 1
1. Talk 7:27
2. Ned’s #1 5:25
3. Talk 9:22
4. Ned’s #2 :42
5. Ned’s #3 23:45
6. Talk 17:55
7. Ned’s #4 8:25
8. Talk :46
Total time 73:51

Disc 2
1. Talk 18:31
2. Eyes of the World->
Wharf Rat 43:00
Grateful Dead 9/11/74 Alexandra Palace, London
3. Talk 6:57
4. Ned’s #1 5:25
Total time 73:58