Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Eugene, OR (01/10/71)

Neil Young - Eugene Oregon - 1971

Neil Young solo
Jan. 10, 1971
University Of Oregon
Eugene, Ore.

Download: FLAC/MP3

1 On the Way Home
2 Tell Me Why
3 Old Man
4 Journey Through the Past
5 Cowgirl in the Sand
6 A Man Needs a Maid > Heart of Gold
7 Don’t Let It Bring You Down
8 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
9 There’s a World
10 Bad Fog of Loneliness
11 The Needle and the Damage Done
12 Ohio
13 See the Sky About to Rain
14 Dance, Dance, Dance

CDR from trade > EAC > FLAC
Very hissy tape source. Some cuts and glitches.

Artwork is included.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Levon Helm & Rick Danko – Portland, OR (01/28/83)

Levon Helm and Rick Danko the Living Room Tapes - Portland 1983

Levon Helm and Rick Danko
28 January 1983
Starry Night
Portland, Oregon

Download: FLAC/MP3

Sbd > Nakamichi 480 > XLII-S > Nakamichi Dragon > Techtron cables > Olympus LS-10 > 24 bit/48000hz > Soundforge9 > 16 bit/44100hz flac

01 prolog 1:00
02 Caledonia 5:03
03 Evanjolene 3:14
04 Down South in New Orleans 2:19
05 It Makes no Difference 5:25
06 Wealthy Old Farmer 4:12
07 Long Black Veil 3:47
08 tuning break 1:17
09 Rag Mama Rag 5:15
10 Sick and Tired 3:12
11 A Letter to Tom 3:23
12 Milk Cow Boogie 4:17
13 Java Blues 4:47
14 Short Fat Fanny 3:49
15 encore break 1:41
16 Every Night and Every Day 3:57
17 Hand Jive 4:40
18 encore break 1:53
19 The World’s Gone Mad 4:16
20 Let’s Go Out in a Blaze of Glory 2:37

From the original uploader:
I’ve seen this recording listed on people’s internet lists for years, all, apparently, copies from an edited 60 minute listening copy of the master I made years ago. Since both Levon and Rick’s estate are trade friendly, I decided it was time to post the whole show here.

In early 1983, Helm and Danko did this tour as an acoustic duet. Rick is heard on the guitar and vocals, while Levon covers the mandolin, harmonica and vocals.

Recorded live on 28 January 1983 at Starry Night, Portland, Oregon, using a soundboard feed to a Nakamichi 480 cassette deck. Tom Robinson was at the board. The left channel held the vocals and harmonica, while the right channel held the guitar and mandolin. The tape was recorded somewhat hot, causing some distortion.

In April 2009 I transferred the master tape to 24bit/48000hz PCM. In May I remastered that transfer to cleanup tape noise and clicks, to minimize the distortion, and to remix the channels. The results bring home a steller performance by these two long-time members of The Band.

I’ve included some simple artwork for a CD label and cover. The front photo is from the show and is the work of Fred Carneau.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan & Mavis Staples – Eugene, OR (07/06/16)

bob dylan mavis staples 2016 tour poster

Bob Dylan
Eugene, Oregon
Cuthbert Amphitheater — (Tuesday)
June 7, 2016

Download: FLAC/MP3

Supporting act: Mavis Staples
Capacity: 5000
Showtime: 7:30 PM
Special offer: A CD copy of Bob Dylan’s new album, Fallen Angels (available May 20), was included with every pair of tickets purchased online.
Ticket prices: Reserved – $80.00, $70.00; General Admission – $45.00
VIP packages: $170, $205, $280
Presale tickets for American Express Cardholders went on sale on Tuesday, March 15 at 10:00 AM
Tickets went on sale to the general public on Friday, March 18 at 10:00 AM

Mavis Staples’ set

01 – If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me) (Staple Singers)
02 – Take Us Back (Benjamin Booker)
03 – Slippery People (Talking Heads)
04 – Respect Yourself (Staples Singers)
05 – Freedom Highway (Staples Singers)
06 – We’re Gonna Make It
07 – Dedicated (Justin Vernon)
08 – I’ll Take You There (Staples Singers)

Band Members:
Rick Holmstrom – electric guitar
Jeff Turmes – bass
Stephen Hodges – drums
Donny Gerrard and Vicki Randle – vocals

Bob Dylan’s set

01 – Things Have Changed (Bob center stage)
02 – She Belongs To Me (Bob center stage with harp)
03 – Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ (Bob on piano)
04 – What’ll I Do (Bob center stage)
05 – Pay In Blood (Bob center stage)
06 – Melancholy Mood (Bob center stage)
07 – Duquesne Whistle (Bob on piano)
08 – I’m A Fool To Want You (Bob center stage)
09 – Tangled Up In Blue (Bob center stage with harp then on piano)


10 – High Water (for Charley Patton) (Bob center stage)
11 – Why Try To Change Me Now (Bob center stage)
12 – Early Roman Kings (Bob on piano)
13 – I Could Have Told You
14 – Spirit On The Water (Bob on piano)
15 – Scarlet Town (Bob center stage)
16 – All Or Nothing At All (Bob center stage)
17 – Long And Wasted Years (Bob center stage)
18 – Autumn Leaves (Bob center stage)


19 – Blowin’ In The Wind (Bob on piano, Donnie on violin)
20 – Love Sick (Bob center stage)

Band Members
Bob Dylan – piano, harp
Tony Garnier – bass
George Recile – drums
Stu Kimball – rhythm guitar, maracas
Charlie Sexton on lead guitar
Donnie Herron – violin, banjo, electric mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel

LB-12493 ; 77min+68min ; 2CDR ; Rating: ?

Lineage: EdiroIR-09HR with Audia TechnicaAT8022 stereo mic> files burned to computer>output to CDs>CDs loaded onto my computer and worked on extensively with Soundforge Professional.

Poster included.

Notes from the original uploader: This is one of the more problematic recordings I’ve worked on, but I spent a few hours on it because
a) I don’t think another tape of the Eugene show has surfaced and
b) I was there, so I wanted it anyway.

First, we have to thank WG for this recording. He’s not wild about taking bows, because there were problems.
On his recorder, the volume was somehow “locked in” at a high level and he fought that through the first
three songs primarily. (And the Mavis set suffers for this too).
For whatever reasons, it’s most an issue for track 3-“Beyond Here Lies Nothin'”, which was just
essentially “bricked” and therefore distorted.

I did a lot of work to get the first three songs to some degree of listenablity, although you may just
want to skip “Beyond”. “Things..” will have mic bumping and glitches-and it’s faded in because the very
start of the recording had way too much of that and it was better to just get past it and fade up,
though you really miss little of the song.

“She Belongs To Me” actually wasn’t too hot so that turned out ok.

The “bricked” track, though, that’s distorted, there’s a lot of “skipping” sounds (that’s not your
cd player that’s the mike levels being strangled so it will sound like skips) until about 3:18 when
WG succeeds in backing off the volume and the rest of it is back to some degree of normal levels.

You will hear a bit of that “skipping sound” for about the first 20 seconds of song four, “What I’ll Do”,
and then after that, you really have a pretty listenable Bob show. I did a fair amount of eq work
throughout because even when not distorted it was kind of muddy sounding.
I applied a few tricks to deal with those mike bumps and glitches to dial those back as much as possible.

Finally, again, this is good to get because without the taper, we wouldn’t have it at all, and about 80% turned out pretty well. You had a taper with a cold, a recorder not behaving, and not a huge fan of the Sinatra material, so he could have shut it down. But he didn’t, so be grateful…if mindful of the issues I’ve documented.

My decision to include Mavis on the second disc, because I love her so much, but her set was of course
first and that one wasn’t bricked, but it was pretty loud and therefore you’ll hear some audible
“crackling” even after my sonic touches to soften the whole thing. I have included after that the
not-faded “All Or Nothing At All” so you can choose to insert that back in order and do your own
split on two cds and not include Mavis at all.

Thank you for not slinging too many arrows my direction. I haven’t uploaded anything in a long time,
but I hope someone out there likes at least most of what is offered.
bittorrent download 12/16; (did not review this)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Portland, OR (10/07/09)

bob dyla - Portlan - 2009_10_07

Bob Dylan
Memorial Coliseum
Portland, OR

Download: FLAC/MP3


Source: Schoeps MK4s > Nbox > Edirol R-09 (24/48)
Transfer: USB > Sound Studio 3.6 > xACT 1.62 > FLAC
Processing: resampled to 44.1 kHz, dithered to 16 bit
recorded by robertd

Bob Dylan – keyboard, guitar, harp
Tony Garnier – bass
Donnie Herron – violin, banjo, mandolin, steel guitar, trumpet
Stu Kimball – rhythm guitar
George Receli – drums
Charlie Sexton – lead guitar

Disc 1
01 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
02 Lay, Lady, Lay
03 Things Have Changed
04 Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
05 Sugar Baby
06 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)
07 My Wife’s Home Town
08 Spirit On The Water

Disc 2
01 Cold Irons Bound
02 Workingman’s Blues #2
03 Highway 61 Revisited
04 Ain’t Talkin’
05 Thunder On The Mountain
06 Ballad Of A Thin Man
07 Like A Rolling Stone
08 Jolene
09 All Along The Watchtower

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Portland, OR (12/03/80) – LB3670

bob dylan 1981-keith-baugh-redferns-getty-images

Bob Dylan
Portland, Oregon

Download: FLAC/MP3

LB-3670, (68min+66min)
from lk fall 80 set; in comparison to LB-483 this one has less hiss, is less muffled and has a fuller better sound; however this has an occasional shakiness to its sound on some vocals such as d1t4 0:25 and other places ; very good to excellent sound [B+]

I previously posted this show, LB9015 “A Musical Retrospective” here.

1 Its Gonna Rain
2 Come On In this House
3 Saved By the Grace of Your Love
4 Serve Somebody
5 I Believe In You
6 A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
7 Till I Get it Right
8 Man Gave Names To All The Animals
9 Simple Twist Of Fate
10 We Just Disagree 11 AllAlong The Watchtower 12 Ain’t Gonna Go To Hell 13 Girl From The North Country
14 To Ramona
15 Slow Train
16 Walk Around Heaven All Day

1 Abraham, Martin And John
2 Rise Again
3 Let’s Keep It Between Us
4 Mary From The Wild Moor
5 Solid Rock
6 Just Like A Woman
7 Senor(Tales Of Yankee Power)
8 A Couple More Years
9 What Can I Do For You?
10 WhenYou Gonna Wake Up
11 In The Garden
12 Blowin’ In The Wind
13 City Of Gold
14 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (acoustic)
15 It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)(acoustic)


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Portland, OR (10/26/78)

>jerry garcia photo

Jerry Garcia Band
Paramount Theatre
Portland, OR
Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc One (7 tracks, 58:57)
–Set I–
d1t001. Crowd & Tuning
d1t002. The Harder They Come
d1t003. Mission in the Rain
d1t004. Simple Twist of Fate
d1t005. They Love Each Other
d1t006. Itís No Use
d1t007. Mystery Train

Disc Two (7 tracks, 60:59)
–Set II–
d2t001. Crowd & Tuning [0:44]
d2t002. Love in the Afternoon
d2t003. Reuben and Cherise
d2t004. Tore Up Over You
d2t005. Gomorrah
d2t006. //Iíll Be With Thee
d2t007. Lonesome and a Long Way From Home

Source 1: shnid: 89962

Recorded by Pat Lee
Sony 152 SD cassette deck w/ Sony ECM 18n’s-Front row balcony w/ mics on railing.

Master played back on Nak Dragon> ART DI/O> Egosys Waverterminal 2496;
Edited and tracked in Cool Edit 2000; boundary verification with Shntool;
shn encoding; shn > flac in shntool, using shntool conv -o flac *.shn.

Source 2: shnid: 16805

Source: MAC>CD>EAC>WAV>CE2k (retracking, glitch removal)>SHN
Thanks to Chuck Gannon for the great sounding discs!
EAC/SHN by jim@juddcreek.com 4/03


: High end boost to help somewhat muddy sound
: D/O’s & glitches removed from the middle of Mystery Train and Long Way From Home; resulting splices aren’t ideal, but are a good deal less shocking than the
crack of the original glitches
: I’ll Be With Thee cut by a few seconds at the beginning
: Between-track audience chatter cut down between songs in an earlier generation (master?)
: All digital audio editing done with Cool Edit 2000

Source 3: shnid: 13199 (only includes the last three songs of the second set.

MSC > Cassette > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Portland, OR (05/29/95)


Grateful Dead
Portland, Oregon
Portland Meadows

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: Audience FOB: Schoeps CMC6 & MK21 > DAT(48kHz) >ZA2 > Samplitude 2496

This is a tagged version of shnid: 34270

Converted by Chris Larson (exploregon@gmail.com) 1/23/2001 from my dat

Set 1
Disc 1

1. Let The Good Times Roll
2. Jack-A-Roe
3. Walkin’ Blues
4. Dire Wolf
5. Black Throated Wind
6. Tennessee Jed
7. Tom Thumb Blues
8. The Music Never Stopped

Set 2
Disc 2

1. Shakedown Street
2. Looks Like Rain
3. Samba In The Rain
4. Terrapin Station
5. Drums

Disc 3

1. Space
2. The Last Time
3. The Days Between
4. Sugar Magnolia
5. Crowd

6. Liberty

– SBE’s fixed 2/9/2006
– This is the same source that this show circulates in currently, however, the show in db.etree is not from the original flacs. I traded this show out which was then burnt on a standalone, then traded away to get eac’d. Not only that, but back in 2001 I had no idea what an SBE was, therefore causing sbe’s on this show (along with a TON of other shows I was converting then).

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Portland, OR (05/28/95)


Grateful Dead
Portland Meadows
Portland, OR

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 28467
Source: Sbd > C (x?) > CD > EAC > SHN

Originally Torrented @ TMNSP 03/01/2005

Disc 1 – Set 1
d101 Jack Straw
d102 Peggy-O
d103 Wang Dang Doodle
d104 Row Jimmy
d105 When I Paint My Masterpiece
d106 Brown Eyed Women
d107 Let It Grow
Set 2
d108 Samson And Delilah
d109 Way To Go Home

Disc 2 – Set 2 continued…
d201 Crazy Fingers >
d202 Corrina >
d203 Drums >
d204 Space >
d205 more space >
d206 All Along The Watchtower >
d207 Black Peter >
d208 Around And Around
d209 Box Of Rain

Comments from the original uploader:
I didn’t edit this show. There is a fade at the end of d2t04. I guess this covered a tape flip? Space continues through d2t05.
I felt no need to use wavmerge to retrack the original wavs.
There are unknown cassette generations – but my guess would be one generation.
DAE (EAC) > SHN (mkwact) > FTP via TMNSP.NET 3/2005.

This show was seeded through the great folks at the The Music Never Stopped Project!

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Portland, OR (08/20/93)


Bob Dylan
Memorial Coliseum
Portland, Oregon
20 August 1993

Download: FLAC/MP3

1 Hard Times (Stephen Foster)
2 Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
3 All Along The Watchtower
4 Just Like A Woman
5 Tangled Up In Blue
6 Emotionally Yours
7 Silvio (Bob Dylan & Robert Hunter)
8 Little Moses (Bert A. Williams/Earle C. Jones)
9 Boots Of Spanish Leather
10 Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

1 God Knows
2 I And I
3 Maggie’s Farm

Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric slide guitar)
John Jackson (guitar)
Tony Garnier (bass)
Winston Watson (drums & percussion)

further info http://www.bjorner.com


local taper NW: A

?? -> portable DATrecorder – clone -> (digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496
-> Wavelab, levels raised -> cdwave for tracking -> tlh

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Portland, OR (12/04/80)


7463Paramount Theatre
Portland, Oregon
4 December 1980

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. Let It Ride (McCoy/Dennis)
2. It’s Gonna Rain (C Johnson)
3. Come On In This House (?)
4. Saved By The Grace Of Your Love (Willie Smith/David Palmer)

5. Gotta Serve Somebody
6. I Believe In You
7. Like A Rolling Stone
8. Regina McCreary Havis: Till I Get It Right (Red Lane/Larry Henley)
9. Man Gave Names To All The Animals
10. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
11. We Just Disagree (Jim Krueger)
12. Ain’t Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody
13. Girl From The North Country
14. Slow Train
15. Carolyn Dennis: Walk Around Heaven All Day (Rev. James Cleveland/Cassietta George)
16. Abraham, Martin And John (Dick Holler)
17. Rise Again (Dallas Holm)

1. Let’s Keep It Between Us
2. Mary From The Wild Moor (trad.)
3. Solid Rock
4. Just Like A Woman
5. SeÒor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
6. What Can I Do For You?
7. When You Gonna Wake Up
8. To Ramona
9. In The Garden
10. Blowin’ In The Wind
11. City Of Gold
12. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
13. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)

LB-7463, (80min+57min), from lk fall 80 set; bittorrent download 04/09, this is a close eac match on d1t1 to LB-1910; that has discontinuities between tracks mot on this one; (did not listen to all of this)