Wildwood Boys – Palo Alto, CA (xx/xx/64)

Wildwood Boys
Palo Alto, CA

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This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 17838
intros, tuning
Jerry’s Breakdown
Standing in the Need of Prayer
Muleskinner Blues
‘unenjoyment’ banter
Satisfied with My Gal
intro ‘Pig Pen’
The Rub[1]

Jerry Garcia – Banjo
David Nelson – Guitar
Norman ? – Bass
[1] with Pig Pen

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01-06 is Wildwood Boys 2/23/63
07-10 is Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions 7/64

Wildwood Boys – Palo Alto, CA (02/23/63)

Wildwood Boys
Top of The Tangent Palo Alto, CA

Link removed, officially released.

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 4501
audience master reel->reel->FM->cassette->DAT->CD

Jarry Garcia – guitar, banjo, vocals
David Nelson – guitar
Robert Hunter – bass, guitar
Norm Van Mastricht – bass, guitar, dobro

1. Introductions [0:47]
2. Rollin’ In My Sweet Babys Arms [4:05]
3. Jerry’s Breakdown [2:25]
4. Standing In The Need Of Prayer [3:06]
5. Muleskinner Blues [3:50]
6. Guitar Instrumental [3:25]
7. Pike County Breakdown [2:53]
8. Come All Ye Fair And Tender Maidens [4:13]
9. We Shall Not Be Moved [3:17]

DAT->CD and wav.->.shn conversions by Scott Mogol
upped by Gary King and his mighty DSL 🙂