Bob Dylan – Waterbury, CT (11/11/75)

Bob Dylan
Palace Theater
Waterbury, CT
Nov.11, 1975

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Source 1 & 4

Hard Rain
Romance In Durango
Blowin’ In The Wind
Water Is Wide
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
Never Let Me Go (J.C. Scott)
I Shall Be Released
One More Cup Of Coffee
Just Like A Woman
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Source 2

Good Love Is Hard To Find, Sleazy [Guam]
Werewolves Of London [T-Bone Burnett]
Don’t Blame Me [Steven Soles]
Catfish [Rob Stoner]
Life On Mars [Mick Ronson]
Alabama Dark [Ronee Blakley/Bobby Neuwirth]
Need A New Sun Rising [Ronee Blakely]
Cindy (When I Get Home) [Guam]
Mercedes Benz [Bobby Neuwirth]
Muleskinner Blues [Ramblin’ Jack Elliott]
Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
Romance In Durango
Blowin’ In The Wind
Water Is Wide
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
Never Let Me Go
I Shall Be Released [Dylan/Baez]
Diamonds And Rust
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Joe Hill
Love Song To A Stranger
Long Black Veil
Please Come To Boston [Joan Baez]
Chestnut Mare
Eight Miles High [Roger McGuinn]
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down [Joan Baez]
Simple Twist Of Fate
Oh Sister
One More Cup Of Coffee
Just Like A Woman
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door [Dylan/McGuinn]
This Land Is Your Land [ensemble]

Source 3

01. A Hard Rain,s A-Gonna Fall
02. Romance In Durango
03. Isis
04. Blowin’ In The Wind
05. The Water Is Wide
06. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
07. Never Let Me Go
08. I Shall Be Released
09. Simple Twist Of Fate
10. Oh Sister
11. Hurricane
12. One More Cup Of Coffee
13. Sara
14. Just Like A Woman
15. Knockin’ On Heavens Door
16 This Land Is Your Land

Source 1:

Tell It Like It Is
Spacematic 004

Fantastic material. It was released in 1997 with two additional tracks as ‘Satisfied Man’. Read the show review there as well. The package here is a little lame. A nice, artistic photo on the front, but it takes a true imagination to give it a Dylan link (There is one). The obscure title comes from Dylan’s introduction of the song ‘Sara’. “We want to do this one for Larry, our favorite reporter, who’s out there somewhere. He tells it like it is.”

Source 2:


My master cassettes>Direct to Microtrack using my Nak deck, azimuth adjustment>Goldwave tracking only no
processing of the files>TLH8

Dolphinsmile Master Cassettes
Exclusive Dolphinsmile Archive Item

Raw off my masters, no eq, no NR
left them as is. Didnt raise the volume
too much. 16/48.

I think I only send the master
cassettes to PL so he could put
on a Dat, so this is the first
ever direct transfer.

I circulated this many years ago. Two months later
it was remastered into a boot cd. LOL Saw it in
a store.

Source 3:


Ripped from silver disc Satisfied Man………..BER 002

Source 4:


Tell It Like It Is
(Spacematic Space 004)

Lineage: My silver Discs > My cdr’s > Wav files (using cdex) > Flacs (using Flac frontend) > here

Sound Quality: 9/10 or EX+ (Soundboard)

This is a copy of a silver disc I used to have entitled “Tell It Like It Is” (Spacematic Space 004) which I purchased
in the early 90’s at a record fair in the UK.

13 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Waterbury, CT (11/11/75)

  1. I was thinling a while back that it would be fun to provide your followers with a complete Rolling Thunder show at some point. If u r up for that idea I think this show mihjt be the best bet.
    Anyway, just an idea for chewing over at your leisure. The complete source is also an upgrade on sound and has never been blog posted to my knowledge, although i have had this Dylan set onlly boot source for many years and enjoyed it many times.

    Hope u r feeling better soon

  2. I love the idea DylanDave. I’m always up for more Dylan and a full Rolling Thunder show would be awesome.

    I’m doing alright. Every year around this time I get my butt kicked with allergies.

  3. OK, lets do it, i’ll drop ’em a disc at a time into the regular drop box dir (ie not the linked ‘boots’) and you can grab ’em when you have the bandwidth/time. i’ll email when first disc is ready.
    Don’t forget there are still 4 discs to go in the 78 anthology, and the next 2 are from the ex Paris tapes. I am assuming the Americanarama sharing is now done, ‘ve been holding back while you completed your odyssey

  4. I’ll get on it asap – trouble is last 2 days my internet has been ‘dropping out’ endlessly. Obviously this is making a mess of dl’ing etc. It’s usually ok so i’m hoping it’s just maintenance or a temp adsl fault at the exchange

  5. Hey Mat. Just an FYI – Source 2 seems to be the Bangor, ME show from 11-27 or at least that’s what the files say.

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