Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Dublin, Ireland (12/03/94)


Van Morrison
The Point Theatre
Dublin, Ireland
December 3, 1994

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: Unknown audience recording. Lineage info is unknown.

CD 1:
01. Did Ye Get Healed?
02. It’s All In The Game > Make It Real One More Time
03. I Believe To My Soul
04. Whenever God Shines His Light
05. Hungry For Your Love
06. You Make Me Feel So Free
07. Raincheck
08. Days Like This
09. See Me Through > Soldier of Fortune > Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin
10. Ain’t That Loving You Baby?
11. Don’t Cry No More
12. Stormy Monday > Baby What You Want Me To Do?

CD 2:
01. Help Me
02. Tupelo Honey
03. Moondance > My Funny Valentine
04. It’s Hustle Time > It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
05. Vanlose Stairway > 4 O’Clock In The Morning > Trans-Euro Train

CD 3:
01. Lonely Avenue > Be Bop a Lula > Lonely Avenue > Family Affair > Down The Line > You Give Me Nothing But The Blues
02. In The Garden > Daring Night > Real Real G
03. Madame George (Marianne Faithfull)
04. Melancholia
05. Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
06. Irish Heartbeat
07. Shakin’ All Over

Total time = 164:33

12 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Dublin, Ireland (12/03/94)

  1. Ditto,

    Looks like another epic!

    Can’t beat the early/mid 80s sets in my humble opinion, but this 93/94 tour is also somrthing else!

    Grant – did you catch the link to the Van Milan 83 lossless in the Dylan post below?

  2. Scrub that, better here anyway

    Van Morrison – 1983-06-11 – Milano, IT – The JTT transfer has been posted in lossless – here –


    Thanks for the original post Mat, been enjoying it in the sunshine on my mp3 player, however this is a lovely recording/transfer of a great tour, so worth adding in lossless IMHO. Also some of the arrangements are interesting and different to the fab Grand Opera House live album from same tour.

  3. Yeah, Van must have been getting lovestruck with his then soon to be, and current Mrs Morrison around this time, a true Cailin (Colleen) by all accounts and a former ‘Miss Ireland’ too. Surely this explains the awesome ‘loved up’ setlist. I mean ‘hungry For Your Love’ into ‘..Make Me Feel So Free’ . (I can relate as I’ve lost my heart to an Irish girl or two over the years!) Fantastic stuff, and also further evidence of the London/Dublin/Belfast/San Fran ‘Magic’ axis!

    I really should have been in Dublin for this gig. I’m always happy when I’m in Dublin (even in December), or anywhere in Ireland really.

    Cheers Mat, think I’m gonna grab the mp3s too, this one needs to come to the park and see the sun!

  4. Tony,

    limitations of mics are exposed in places on this one – good listen but there are more dynamic recordings from this tour, probably aren’t any better setlists though.
    enjoyable listen, SQ VG-/VG IMHO

  5. Good to have a new post from Van The Man and Mat The Man … welcome back!
    Thank you DylanDave … always appreciate your perspective/review/viewpoint…

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