The Doors – Frankfurt, Germany (09/14/68)

The Doors
Frankfurt, Germany

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First Set:

Break on through (to the other side)
Alabama song (Whisky bar)
Back door man
When the music’s over
The WASP (Texas radio & the big beat)
Hello, I love you
Light my fire
The unknown soldier

Second Set:

Five to One

Notes from The Midnight Cafe:

The notes on this are confusing. There were more songs played in the second set but none of these sources seem to include them. Some of the songs have been officially released so perhaps they were originally removed for that reason. But the notes don’t say. I think I have put them together in a manner that makes sense in terms of what is actually included. If you know more information please add a comment. If you have the full show and want to share it, please send me a message.

Source 1:

Set 1 Only

low gen AUD remastered
lineage: “The night on fire” LP > CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC > remastered

Taken from Buda’s European box set, seeded at The Traders Den.
This is the remastered version. The unedited version is available in the additional folder.

Source 2:

Set 1 only

Good Audience recording
Bootleg “The Night on Fire”, Tangie Town Records TTR CD 9001, Czech 1996
Lineage: Silver > EAC (log included) > WAV > APE > FLAC (retracked & renamed)
Transfered by: kleen
Doors interview included as bonus on this release (taken on September 15, 1967 in Oswego) is not included.

Source 3:

Set II only

unknown SBD
lineage: CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Taken from Buda’s European box set, seeded at The Traders Den.
The source is probably “The Doors: Live in Europe” DVD.

Jimi Hendrix – San Francisco, Ca (10/10-12/68)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Complete Winterland Reels
(ATM 208-210/ATM 211-213)

Winterland Arena, San Francisco, October 10, 1968 (complete 1st
& 2nd show), October 11, 1968 (complete 1st show & 2nd show) and
October 12, 1968 (complete 1st & 2nd show).

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DISC 1: 1ST SHOW (October 10)

1. Intro/Tune-up (0:24)
2. Are You Experienced (7:36)
3. Voodoo Child (slight return) (7:38)
4. Red House (14:51)
5. Foxy Lady (6:12)
6. Like A Rolling Stone (9:44)
7. (This Is America) Star Spangled Banner (5:27)
8. Purple Haze / Outside Woman Blues (6:01)

Total running time: 58:00

DISC 2: 2ND SHOW (October 10)

1. Intro/Tune-up (2:28)
2. Tax Free (13:33)
3. Lover Man (4:27)
4. Sunshine Of Your Love (9:09)
5. Hear My Train A Comin’ (12:57)
6. Killing Floor (with Jack Casady on bass) (9:19)
7. Hey Joe (with Jack Casady on bass) (5:31)
8. (This Is America) Star Spangled Banner (6:32)
9. Purple Haze (5:59)

Total running time: 70:38

DISC 3: 1ST SHOW (October 11)

1. Intro (2:02)
2. Are You Experienced (with Virgil Gonsales on flute) (17:05)
3. Voodoo Child (slight return) (8:14)
4. Red House (11:50)
5. Foxy Lady (5:44)
6. (This Is America) Star Spangled Banner (6:32)
7. Purple Haze (5:59)

Total running time: 57:35

DISC 4: 2ND SHOW (October 11)

1. Intro (0:29)
2. Tax Free (Drum & Bass) (20:32)
3. Spanish Castle Magic (11:05)
4. Like A Rolling Stone (with Herbie Rich on organ) (11:32)
5. Lover Man (with Herbie Rich on organ) (5:39)
6. Hey Joe (with Herbie Rich on organ) (5:13)
7. Fire (with Herbie Rich on organ) (4:44)
8. Foxy Lady (with Herbie Rich on organ) (5:13)
9. Purple Haze (5:53)

Total running time: 64:35

DISC 5: 1ST SHOW (October 12)

1. Intro (2:29)
2. Fire (3:47)
3. Lover Man (5:37)
4. Like A Rolling Stone (12:14)
5. Foxy Lady (6:53)
6. Drum & Bass Jam (Noel Redding & Mitch Mitchell) (8:58)
7. Tax Free (8:14)
8. Hey Joe (6:50)
9. Purple Haze (3:39)
10. Wild Thing (3:28)

Total running time: 61:57

DISC 6: 2ND SHOW (October 12)

1. Intro (1:32)
2. Foxy Lady (8:22)
3. Manic Depression (5:55)
4. Sunshine Of Your Love (9:07)
5. Little Wing (4:40)
6. Spanish Castle Magic (7:06)
7. Red House (12:08)
8. Voodoo Child (slight return) (7:02)
9. (This Is America) Star Spangled Banner (4:57)
10. Purple Haze (7:02)

Total running time: 67:57


Jimi Hendrix: guitar (all tracks)
Mitch Mitchell: drums (all tracks)
Noel Redding: bass (all tracks)
Jack Casady: bass (disc 2, tracks 6, 7)
Virgil Gonzales: flute (disc 3, track 2)
Herbie Rich: organ (disc 4, tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Stereo Soundboard Digitally Restored (except October 11, tracks
5-7, 1st gen audience recording).

Lineage: 1st Generation Stereo Soundboard Recording (RAW unedited version)
Silver CD > EAC > FLAC FrontEnd (L-8) rburly 11-06-2004
Artwork included

This is an upgrade of ATM 011-016 “Three Nights of Winter”, which
was used for the “official” release “3 Nights At Winterland”. The
sound of this compared to the 2nd Gen used for ATM 011-016 is
somewhat different. This version has more bass and it’s also
“dryer” in sound (less reverb) than the 2nd Gen version. An
earlier flawed version of this Set is also in circulation. That
Set, sometimes also known as “Winterland Raw Source” and “A Raw
Winter”, suffers from index clicks, DAT clicks and buzzes all
throughout, and was “leaked” to the general public by a mistake.
The Clean version (this) has 9 tracks on Disc 4 (11.10.68/2nd
Show), while the flawed version only has 8 (same amount of music,
just one less index mark).

The more than six hours of live music assembled here gives
Hendrix fans the first opportunity to compare The Experienceís
live performances. 2-performances per night for 3-days recorded
during the bandís temporary residence at San Franciscoís Winter-
land arena. Given that these recordings have been assembled from
a variety of different sources, the sound quality, with exception
of the last 3 tracks on Disc 3, which, as the soundboard tape had
mysteriously stopped running, have been taken from a less-than
perfect audience recording is excellent, and as usual, Jimiís
virtuoso delivery is as varied and unpredictable as ever, as are
the technical problems which were invariably the sub-text of the
majority of Hendrix concerts.

Extraordinary Archives Traded Material series of the highest
quality Hendrix recordings available in traders’ circuits. All
recordings in the ATM series are taken from the lowest generation
masters available, and they have all been digitally restored
unless otherwise indicated.

All relevant informations on ATM series and Hendrix bootlegs,
including detailed tracklists, on Hans-Peter Johnsen’s In From
The Storm site:

Quicksilver Messenger Service – San Francisco, CA (04/06/68)

Quicksilver Messenger Service
San Francisco, CA
Date Apr 6, 1968 (Early)

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Total Length 42:28

1 The Fool 13:26
2 Pride Of Man 03:46
3 Walkin’ Blues 04:15
4 Light Your Window 02:58
5 Who Do You Love 13:02
6 Smokestack Lightning 05:01

The WAV file I was sent was labeled 07/10/68, but after examine setlist it appears it is actually from Apr 6, 1968. Below is the set info I have from that show.

QMS Winterland 1968-04-06

Quicksilver Messenger Service
Winterland, San Francisco, CA

fm sbd (KSAN)
sq: A / A+

__early show__
01 The Fool
02 Pride of Man
03 Walkin’ Blues
04 Light Your Windows
05 Who Do You Love
06 Smokestack Lightning (fades out)

__late show__
07 The Fool
08 Who Do You Love
09 Gold and Silver *
10 Too Long *
11 Back Door Man

tt: 1:21:53

John Cipollina – Guitar
Gary Duncan – Guitar
David Freiberg – Bass
Greg Elmore – Drums
Steve Schuster – Saxophone *

Sent to me as one WAV file from Mauro’s tape collection. Split into separate tracks by DLT using Roxio. I converted and tagged the tracks using xACT.

Mickey & The Hartbeats – San Francisco, CA – xx/xx/68

Mickey and Hartbeats
(Garcia, Lesh, Hart, & Kreutzmann)
San Fran, CA
Undated / 1968

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This is a tagged version of shnid: 28077
sbd / lineage unknown*

Disk 1 (total time: 47:13)

1. jam // 13:18
2. jam // ^ 33:54

Notes from the original uploader:

I asked Michael Parrish for a copy of the mystery fragment reviewed in the taping compendium. This tape also included another fragment not reviewed in the compendium and was labeled 11 1 68, which is most likely incorrect.

* Here?s what Parrish supplied for source / lineage info: ?Both of these pieces came in a cassette that Dwork sent me near the beginning of the compendium project. As I noted, track #2 corresponds to the first track of your “Mystery Disc” and I have never heard the other piece anywhere other than on the Dwork tape. It rang no bells with Dick L. either.?

^ ?The fragment I sent you as ?11/1/68? is the same as the first track on your Mystery Show CD. I wouldn’t necessarily bet that either is 11/1/68 though:)?

Review by Michael Parrish: ?This mysterious fragment consists of another version of the jam that opens 10/30/68. It is notable for Garcia?s inspired and frenetic soloing, which has a rather unusual Latin feel.?

first Jam has some Cold Rain & Snow & GDTRFB flavor to it
second jam starts with Dark Star flavor

track 02 is 12/16/68

Jerry Garcia & The Harvey Mandel Band – San Francisco, CA (12/24/68)

Jerry Garcia & The Harvey Mandel Band
December 24, 1968
The Matrix
San Francisco, California

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Source 1 Tracklist
Disc 1
1. // Jam
2. // Feel It
3. Three O’Clock

Disc 2
1. Mojo Worker > Jam
2. You’re Gonna Need Me
3. Raise Your Hand

Source Two Tracklist

Disk 1
Jam cont.
We got the Feeling Jesus
Thinkin’ bout You
She’s a Motor Worker
* Tracks 1 & 2 are actually 1 track broken into two parts so as not to have to post a 200+meg file.

Source 1:
This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 82321

1. Song names are best guesses
2. d2t2 and d2t3 might not be from this show
3. Commonly circulates as “Mickey & The Hartbeats.” However, it has been alleged that the vault reels are labelled “Jerry Garcia & The Harvey Mandel Band.”

**admin note: info file updated 12/1/2007; thanks to fxexpress for identifying song names of d2t02 and d2t03**soundboard 4-track reel master > 2-track reel > CDR/0 > CDR/1 > CDR/2 > iMac > SHN

reel > CDR conversion via unknown hardware

editing by Jeff Tiedrich via Sound Studio for Macintosh, 24 April 2002
compressed via Shorten for Macintosh by Jeff Tiedrich, 28 April 2002

SBD>unknown generation cass>wav>shn

Wave &Shn conversion 11-24-02 by Tommy McKeown (Smilin’ Sam)

COMMENTS Not listed in DeadBase XI. The tapes circulating with this date are Jerry Garcia with Harvey Mandel (guitarist who played with Charlie Musselwhite and in Canned Heat), Stephen Miller (keyboards player from Linn County, Harvey Mandel’s Band, Elvin Bishop’s band, and The Allman Brothers Band).

Some tapes list this as also with Elvin Bishop on guitar. Unknown drummer(s). Miller may be the person singing on Feel It (title song for Elvin Bishop’s second album), Three O’Clock In The Morning, and Mojo Woker. The jam after Mojo Worker or one of the unknown songs may be “Wade In The Water”. The newspaper ads mention Jack Casady (bass player in Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna) so perhaps he is the bass player, but some tapes list George Chambers (bass player for The Chamber Brothers).

This jam has previously circulated as “Set 3” of 12/16/68, but Bill Gadsden says that it’s “with Harvey Mandel from 12/24/68”. From the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper of Monday December 23, 1968 pg 35: “At the Matrix
tonight and tomorrow night: Jerry Garcia, Jack Casady, open end jam, no door charge” and elsewhere on the same page under the heading “OPENING TODAY”: “ROCK CLUB – Jam Session with Jerry Garcia, Jack Cassady and others, from 9:30 p.m., the Matrix, 3138 Fillmore. Free.” On page 26 of issue #34 (Summer 1996) of Dupree’s Diamond News, Dick Latvala stated in an interview “There are tapes of 12/16/68 marked Hartbeats at the Matrix, but I don’t know if that’s really accurate. You know [David] Crosby was playing with them quite a lot that month.”

He makes no other mention of 12/68 Matrix tapes in that article, but he has
stated on another occasion that the tapes in the vault of 12/24/68 are labeled as Jerry Garcia and the Harvey Mandel Band.

RECORDING SB 80 mins. Most circulating recordings of the 1968 Matrix shows
trace back to Bill Gadsden’s reels. Bill and Peter Kafer made copies of Peter
Abram’s (owner of the Matrix) two track 7″ Scotch reels in the summer of 1974. Peter Abram’s reels were either Masters or 1st gens. Recently (5/02) circulating CDRs are reportedly MSR(vault)>1R>CDR.

CONTRIBUTORS David Sorochty , Bill Gadsden, Dick Latvala, Michael Parrish>, Gregg Bucci , Dave Litfin at>, Jeff Teidrich , David Minches at>
ReSeeded 8/2006 by Teddy “GoodBear” Selby

Source 2:
This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 25136

SBD>Master reel>PCM>wav>shn

Transferred from PCM via SEK’D Prodif96Pro & Samplitude, split via CDWav
Uploaded by

Jerry Garcia, Jack Casady & Mickey Hart – Marin County, CA (07/28/68)

Jerry Garcia, Jack Casady, Mickey Hart
Rancho Olompali
Marin County, CA

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This is a tagged version of shnid: 27968

SBD > ? > CD

Single Disc (1) 29:50
01. 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds Jam

– static @ 0:53, 17:28, 17:55, 18:24, 19:48
– tick @ 12:32 fixed using SoundForge Studio 6.0.
– digi-chirp @ 29:39

David Gans originally broadcast this material on the KPFA
Marathon on February 7th, 2004, and recently and very
graciously supplied a set of CDs for circulation. Thanks,

Jerry Garcia & Friends – San Francisco, CA (05/21/68)

Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady, Elvin Bishop, Steve Miller
Tuesday Night Jam
Carousel Ballroom
San Francisco, CA

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 22727
Recording Info:
SBD -> Master Reel -> Dat (48k)

Transfer Info:
Dat (Sony R500) -> Behringer UltraMatch SRC 2000 -> SEK’D Prodif Plus ->
Samplitude v7.02 Professional -> Cool Edit Pro v.20 -> SHN
(2 Discs Audio / 1 Disc SHN)

Transferred and Edited By Charlie Miller

The mix is all over the place. I did clean up some pops and fixed the reel flips,
but the levels have not been adjusted

d1t01 – Jam
d1t02 – Good Shepherd ->
d1t03 – Jam
d2t01 – My Babe ->
d2t02 – My Baby Told Me
d2t03 – Key To The Highway

This circulates as “Tuesday Night Jam” with: Jerry Garcia, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady, Elvin Bishop, Steve Miller, Mickey Hart, and Will Scarlett. All those names except Will Scarlet are listed on the poster, which says it was a benefit ($1 admission) – but doesn’t say what the benefit was for! The poster calls this a “Rock Jam” and says it will be “Heavy”. This used to circulate as “Unknown ’67 from the Matrix”. Jorma was asked and he does remember this.

Sly & The Family Stone – New York, NY (10/05/68)

Sly & The Family Stone
“Thee Encyclopedia of Ecstacy”
live at the Fillmore East
October 5, 1968

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Label : Big Fro Discs
Catalog No. : BF-013/014
Release Date: 2003
exclent soundboard quality

linenage : cdr trade -> easy CD-DA Extractor -> Flac level 8 -> DIME -> You

Disc 1 is early show live at the Fillmore East, New York, Oct. 5 (or 4?) 1968.
Disc 2 is from their late show on the same date.


Disc 1 : (40:46)
101. Life (3:11)
102. Color Me True (6:02)
103. It Won’t Be Long (7:11)
104. Are You Ready (6:28)
105. Dance to the Music (12:03)
106. M’Lady (5:49)

Disc 2 : (54:06)
201. M’ Lady (4:55)
202. Color Me True (3:03)
203. Are You Ready? (7:59)
204. It Won’t Be Long (7:46)
205. Color Me True (6:22)
206. Dance to the Music (11:17)
207. Love City (5:34)
208. Turn Me Loose (5:10)
209. Outro (1:56)

Artworks included.

Enjoy the show~!! 🙂

Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison – New York, NY (03/07/68)

Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison
New York, NY
Bootleg –> EAC Secure Mode –> Flac

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Buddy Miles and other musicians all find themselves at New York
City’s Scene Club in 1968. What do you they do? They jam! Morrison is clearly wasted and sings some interesting
lyrics (“Morrison’s Lament”). This is the kind of bootleg they’ll never release. Its historical, funny, and cool to put
on at parties – no one else has heard it.

Here’s the setlist according to the artwork:

1. Red House
2. Wake Up This Morning And You Find Yourself Dead
3. Bleeding Heart
4. Morrison’s Lament
5. Tomorrow Never Knows
6. Uranus Rock
7. Outside Woman Blues
8. Sunshine of Your Love
These two sites have more info on it.

Joni Mitchell – Unknown Location (xx/xx/68)

Joni Mitchell
1968-xx-xx, Germany
Joni Loves Germany

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

01 Marcie
02 Nathan La Franeer
03 Dr. Junk (intro)
04 Dr. Junk
05 Roses Blue
06 The Circle Game > Little Green
07 I Don’t Know Where I Stand
08 Go Tell The Drummer Man
09 Michael From Mountains

From the original uploader

Joni Mitchell
Live – Germany probably 1968 but possibly 1969. Its also not sure if this was recorded in Germany as there is no other indication Joni played Germany in 1968

“I got this as a CDR in a trade a few years back. It is supposed to have been recorded in Germany in 1968 or 1969 but I’ve never been able to confirm the details. If anyone could positively identify it I would be grateful.”

Now the first uploader of this show listed in Dimebot (from 2006), docruper writes:

“This is a mysterious but very high-quality recording of Joni in 1967, 1968, or 1969. Early Joni, featuring her beautiful 1960s voice and a recording that is astoundingly good–crisp, clear, no static, very little hiss.”

However, the size of docruper torrent file does not match puckoon’s.

Puckoon’s folder size matches up exactly with that of a file of a remaster by briggY added to DIME in late 2006 — and judging by the description, it sounds like it — but some of the briggY track times listed differ slightly (a further remaster?).

But just for the halibut, let’s get briggY with it…

Dec 24, 2006
A new torrent has been uploaded to DIME.
Torrent: 127105
Title: Joni Mitchell – ”Germany 1968” – WONDERFUL SBD (remaster)
Size: 195.94 MB
Category: Singer/Songwriter
Uploaded by: briggY

Joni Mitchell
Unknown Venue, supposedly (West) Germany (?) 1968 (?)

total time 38:58

[Removed: Nov 12, 2010]
Days on tracker: 1,419
Last status: 905 times snatched

I noticed that this amazingly high-quality recording of an absolutely stunning solo performance had dropped off the tracker, so I decided to put it back — this is DEFINITELY one that everyone should have. Its origins are completely mysterious, though — it circulates as “Germany 1968”, but Joni didn’t play in Germany in 1968. During the intro to “Dr. Junk” she talks about her visit to Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, and since she first played Fayetteville on January 3rd, 1967 and again in May of that year, her remark that the visit was “about 2 years ago” suggests that this performance took place in 1969. I think the presence of “Dr Junk” in the setlist would argue against the show being far into that year, since it’s a throwaway song that didn’t stay in her repertoire for very long. The best guess, then, would be very early 1969, but where is more of problem — although perhaps it COULD be Germany (did she play there in 1969? the chronology has no record of any European dates between London Sep 1968 & London Jan 1970 — which can’t be right, surely?) — her phrase “my country’s capitol” in the “Roses Blue” preamble seems to refer to Washington DC rather than Ottawa, which places the performance outside of North America (and that song itself, though not an easy one to decipher, was probably written after the darker events of 1968 — the King & RFK assassinations, Chicago and the election of Nixon).

I was going to seed the show exactly as received via the JMDL hub — the same version upped here previously — but when I took a close look at the wav files I found SBEs — tiny ones, but they were there (as the lineage claims alignment was done, I imagine they’re historical). I went through and got rid of these manually, then decided to up the levels and shift the tracking just a little whilst I was in there. I also fixed a nasty little glitch right at the beginning and faked a less abrupt fade at the very end. There was no temptation to use any nr or eq as the sound quality is great. It’s an exercise in gilding the lily, but this particular lily was worth it.

lineage: SBD > ? > acousticharmonies Vine CDR > Wav (EAC secure mode) > Flac frontend (level 8, aligned & verified)
remaster: > WAV (SBEs manually fixed, tracking & levels adjusted, flaws at start & end fixed with ACL10) > WAV (fixed SBEs with TLH) > FLAC level 8

I have a theory – a theory that is mine. This is my theory… That this show took place before her first album, my favorite “Song To A Seagull,” was released in March of 1968.

For one, Joni never mentions that she has an album out at all. And the audience does not seem to get extra excited about the songs she plays off it.

Plus one, the only song she introduces that comes from that album, “Michael From Mountains…” Joni pauses a moment before starting up, but no one in the audience makes a single sound that resembles recognition.

Maybe the folkies there were just being cool. Maybe they were just jealous she had an album out and they didn’t. But then that is not cool.

I know for one if I knew, this here Mike, his heart would have at least just jumped for crying out loud for joy for just one mountainous moment.